Are you a blogger or a Writer?


March 14, 2011 , ,

For some time now this topic has been hanging around my head so I finally decided to write about it. Are you a blogger or a writer? Yeah I can hear you saying another one of lawmacs thought proving question. Yes I love to be thought provoking at times and sometimes even a bit controversial but does that makes a blogger? No, it just my style. Now back to that question I asked earlier. In my views and this are just my views a blogger and a writer are two different characteristic some may disagree with me on this but I will try and explain.

We all know what a blog is some I am not going to explain that here. A blogger is a person who keeps and updates a blog or simple put an Author of a blog that simplifies it a blogger must have a blog or is an author of a blog. Although both a blogger and a writer write we must not confuse the two because in some case you can own and update a blog but never write of produce any written literature. As a blogger you could have some one that writes for you for free or paid.

Now this brings me to the other part of the question who is a writer? According to one definition found on Wikipedia A writer is anyone who creates a written work, though the word usually designates those who write creatively or professionally, as well as those who have written in many different forms. By now we established the difference of both but there are similarities but different characteristics by this I mean as bloggers we all write but the main point to remember here is that a blogger needs to have a blog or a at least be an author of a blog.

A writer is someone who writes in any form whether it may be in the form of a book news print of even online but they are not required by definition to own or update a blog. However, a write can still write articles for a blog but ultimately it is the blogger who updates the blog.

To recap Are you a blogger or a Writer?  You could be both. To be a blogger you must update or own a blog but been a writer you could write for a blog but does not update or keep/own one. There still not satisfied with my explanation feel free to add your voice to the debate. Now really who are you a Blogger or a Write let me hear your views. Thanks for reading and feel free to subscribe to my blog.


32 thoughts on “Are you a blogger or a Writer?”
  1. Interesting! Well, my answer to your question is – I am a blogger who can do a bit of writing too. To me, blogging is all about writing and I also believe that I don’t need to be a great writer to be a good blogger. Even if I am not that good at writing, I can make a blogger out of me if and only if I know to express myself, my ideas, my thoughts. Yes right, blogger needs to have a blog but it is not mandatory for any writer to have any blog as such. Also, blogging is more or less like an online dairy entry but writing can be in any form including blogging..

    1. Well said Aswani you have explained it perfectly the two can be mixed however a blog can also write but not neccessary be a writer Thanks for adding your voice to the debate. Much appreciated.

  2. The best is to be both, then you can write and post your own articles. Bloggers do not necessarily to be writers, because they can outsource writing to writers and update their blog with the writer’s article.

    1. I agree with you Andrea it is a good idea to be both that can only be of an advantage to you the blogger having the best of both world brilliant.

  3. I think the words can be loaded with personal opinion. By technical definitions I fill both. I own and operate two blogs and went 1 year on SSS posting daily. I have written 5 eBooks in two separate niches as well as dozens of free reports for my various niches.

    I make 100% of my living from writing, yet I don’t particularly consider myself a “writer.” I think a lot of that word has to do with passion. I have trained myself to be ‘good’ at writing but I am not sure I have it in me to be great.

    I can do some “how to” do this and that and believe i can describe it very well, but not necessarily have the spark of creativity to tell a story.

    I am sure by many standards I AM a writer, but to me those words also mean something subjective rather than the simple definiation. Just my 2 cents.

    1. I realize that Steve your writing ability is brilliant and now that you remind me about your Ebooks then i think it is safe to say that you are a “Writer” and a blogger or for want of better words an entrepenuer that writes. Just a thought.

  4. Interesting read and and much debated topic.
    I agree with Aswani and Steve as i am a blogger who can do a bit of writing too.

    However, to be a good blogger you don’t necessarily be a good writer

    1. They said very well Shabnam you write as a blogger and also owns or update a blog but a writer doesn’t have to have a blog but they can also write for blogs.

  5. I am a Blogger and not a Writer. I agree these two are very different fields as a Photographer, Cartoonist and a Painter are different from each other.

    1. Thanks nazimwarriach for making it a bit clearer i would also consider myself as a blogger who writes the fact that i did a journalism course could also allow me to call myself a writer. thanks for your input.

  6. Hey Gary,
    I would call myself “experience narrator”. I am not a writer because I find writing long stories/ non-fiction difficult and I am not a blogger because i am not expressing exactly my opinions. I am just narrating things as they are from my experience. I think you too are of the same kind , putting out your earned knowledge for others to share.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Ashvini for your concise explanation i agree with but because you own and update a blogger would that makes you blogger according to the definition but maybe not. Food for thought.

  7. Y’know, I’ve never really thought about blogger vs writer, although I can see this one. I think that it’s confusing a category term and an umbrella term, thinking that they are comparable. It’s like the “fruit” vs “apple” thing; all apples are fruits, but not all fruits are apples. All bloggers are writers, but not all writers are bloggers.

    I consider myself a writer who blogs. I blog, but I also write other things. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do that: they blog, but they write ebooks, and newsletters, and articles, etc. Some writers also start blogs. But they’re not mutually inclusive or exclusive.


    1. Delena Wow what i have learnt from your comment is that as a person who blogs i now can define readers by their comment and i would ask you for a guest post for my blog. Thanks Delena love your response.

  8. Every blogger is a writer, but a blogger is something more than a writer, he should promote his content, properly maintain his blog and do various other tasks related to running a blog. Just my thoughts about the subject

    1. That is a great way to put it bloggers really does lots of things as you rightly said we write and as market our blogs. Now your comment has just given me another idea. Thanks for your input and for taking the time to add your voice to the debate.

  9. Interesting topic to bring up. I definitely think there is a difference, because you are right. Just because someone owns/runs a blog doesn’t mean they write the content. I am definitely both, as I own and write for my own blog, but I also write for others and for myself. And just because you are one, doesn’t mean you can’t be the other. In fact, it should be easier if you are already good at one. Nice debate!

    1. Thanks Sarah i am very happy to know the other side of you this deabte really take the direction i was looking for and yes you are right it is good to be great at one and i guess it is fair to safe one compliment the other.

  10. That’s a great question to ask, especially to those who’re new to blogging.

    As for me, I think I am both, since I’ve tried both. And if new comers intend to be serious with this business, it’s best learn how to do both (well the main difference in my point of view is blogging = expressing yourself, whereas writing = conveying a particular message in a manner in which everyone can understand it).

    1. I totally agree with you jason as a Seo expert i would say it is best to be both as in your field Content is key and writing is required there. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Great article… Come to think of it i’ve never given this a thought And you’ve got a point there… Thanks for the good definitions. I definitely am a blogger 🙂

    1. Firstly welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment i would hope that you visit here is not short lived and glad that you found the article useful.

  12. I have never think like this before. You already said in your post there is a difference between a writer & a blogger. Writer writes for himself or for other sites but most of bloggers work for ownself. Blogger works with enjoyment. On the other hand, writer writes to earn money

    1. That is a great way to put it Ashan we now accept the fact that the two are different as with a blogger they owns and up keep a blog but writer writes but sometimes own a blog. That said we can be both.

  13. I think I definitely span both the writer and blogger monikers. I’ve updated and written for all manner of blogs since my sophomore year of high school. I’ve also spent hours and hours writing my own short fiction. I think there are probably stylistic similarities between the two, but in the end my blog is more or less my speaking voice. I like to think that my writing is more thought out than that.

    1. It is always great when we can class ourselves as both bloggers and writers this can only be of great benefit to the blog we own and ultimately of readers will benefit from this. Good to know the other side of you bro.

  14. Hi, Gary. I would like to believe that I am both. But, the main thing for me really is not knowing whether I am really a writer or a blogger, but knowing that when I write I give out information to people who are interested in what I do. It does not matter which of this they label me with, as long as they get the information I put forward, I am cool with that.

    1. A very straight forward way to look at the question Wes from your comment we could simple come to the conclusion that if you are a writer or a blogger the main concern should be the end result the finished product and that is the information. Thanks Wes that simplifies it.

  15. Interesting take on the question. In addition it could be said that bloggers are writers that write in a particular form. For instance bloggers tend to write a conversational style and offer tips to readers. It’s about interaction and community. On the other hand writers don’t necessarily need to keep the audience in mind. Just some thoughts!


  16. your question is – I am a blogger who can do a bit of writing too. To me, blogging is all about writing and I also believe that

  17. I consider myself as a blogger who loves keeping an online journal and a writer who aims to express his thoughts and ideas. But I strongly disagree that “every blogger is a writer” because there are bloggers who just update their blogs with photo, share documents, or share stuffs that they did not wrote, etc. Maybe it is safe to say that SOME bloggers are writers and some are not. While SOME writers are bloggers but not all writers are bloggers.

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