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May 15, 2010 , ,

We all love our and love blogging but there comes a time we need to ask our selves the question is blogging working for me?, you might simple say yes it is . There are reasons why it might not be working for you which might need some  simple fixes and others might need changing or stop doing whatever the reasons are we need to evaluate them address them and put them right don’t just sit there and fool your self it is your blog your investment. Putting it right can be simple than just sit there and hoping that it will get where you want it to be.

Now lets look at three simple reasons why my blog is not working there could be countless reasons but we will take a few analyse these three ,but before we do that we need to be sure of what is it we want from our blog not what we think.

1 – Choosing the right Niche for your Blog

This is one of our single biggest failure you decide to start blogging but because everyone is writing about Search Engine Optimization you choose to do the same but this is not your topic of strength you are not doing yourself any favour. Choose the topic you are good at and you are more knowledgeable at. In doing so it will be easier for you to write those killer content for you website.

2-Putting Your blog First

you may think this is strange but this is very important for the success of your blog Putting it first what are you talking about ? you may asked, well just think of how many times you spend blog walking when you should have been writing your post ,don’t get me wrong here blog walking is great but you need to get your priority right with you blog. Another distraction is writing guest post this has huge benefits but if you have nothing much to offer on your blog then you should think about doing this first. just read this well written piece by Hesham of famous bloggers titled “Why Guest Blogging is NOT Working for my Awesome Blog”

3-Using Your Inner Strength And Passion

You are not strong  enough for Blogging, blogging is an art it is like a skill that you acquire you need to be passionate about it to get it right having a blog is easy keeping up to date is the other side of it. Like everything else in life we do blogging takes time commitment,passion and determination to get it going if you don’t have that then it is time to ask yourself this question Am I right for blogging? this time it is not the blogging that’s not working you are not working for your blog.

Now have said that do you have the drive to continue blogging ,what are your strengths and weaknesses? have you choose the right Niche to blog about .Have you ever asked yourself what can i do for my blog. share your thoughts and ideas here. The Floor is yours.


9 thoughts on “Blogging is it Working For You”
  1. Well written post bro 🙂 here i would like to add my point about blogging platform – WordPress is the best blogging platform. Blogspot is a free platform( no offence against it ) i started my blogging career with blogspot blog only but it lacks flexibility and control.

    If one is serious about blogging should shift to WordPress.

  2. Thanks Shabnam if you are serious about blogging you need to have control over your platform having a free web host is not bad however you need to be able to change whatever you need to change.

  3. Another excellent and informative post.

    In response to your questions, I’m pretty certain I’ve chose the right niche for me:) Since I’ve spent my entire life in sales, marketing and advertising, it only made sense to blog about a marketing related niche. I’ve always found sales and marketing a challenge and it’s no different blogging about it.

    With regard to strengths and weaknesses, my strength comes from many years off offline experience in related careers. My weakness is constantly coming up with fresh content that I feel my readers will be interested in.

    And finally, I enjoy what I do and I’ll keep on doing it until I feel it’s no longer rewarding and have nothing of value to offer my readers.

  4. Yes Robert i come to realize that you are very experience marketer i enjoy yor post and find them very detailed to the extend that a dummy can learned from them as for your strengh keep doing what you do best. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  5. To be very honest, Yes…it has been working for me. Now, it may work in a different way for different people. Some may say that they are making money from it and so its working for them. Others may still feel ok without involving the money part. It depends upon people perception. Though, I haven’t been making money online, I still feel it has helped me a lot. I have got so many visitors till date and some 400 feed subscribers. So, I cannot say that it hasn’t worked out for me. Though I may have failed badly at the conversion. Anyways, not an issue for me.

    I love the points mentioned by you in this post on how to make your blogging work. Must follow tips. Keep it up 🙂

  6. Glad to know that your blog is working out for Aswani good luck with your blog and trust me the conversion will be happening soon now that your subscriber base is growing this will help. keep on doing what you are doing. thanks for your input.

  7. Heya :)… Nice topic you have posted…. Short and sweet.. and very helpful for New Bloggers lik me.. Keep moving with such a Blogging style.. Happy Blogging! 🙂

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