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Blogging moving on in 2021 and beyond

Blogging is something that has turned into quite a lucrative activity for all those who have a passion for writing. The advantages that come with this activity are increasing with every passing day and why not? The Coronavirus pandemic has proved that anything can happen at any point in time, and the only medium unaffected by such disasters is the online platform.

With more and more business finding their solace on the online platform, one can say that website traffic is going to be greater than ever. As it is unscathed, 2021 is going to see a lot of people venturing into it with greater enthusiasm.

Apart from this, companies need blogging platforms to make their marketing campaigns successful. It gives a great outreach to the business, and offers a deeper customer reach.’

Blogging interests of 2021:

The World is moving at a very fast pace. People sitting on the internet don’t have the time to go through every blog posted on various websites. Based on the most number of views that the websites get, we have listed down the blogging interests of the viewers in the year 2021.

  • Listicals:

These kinds of posts are the easiest to read and are preferred by the readers. They include a list of the recommendations that the viewers are looking for.


Graphical representation of information makes it easy for the reader to understand facts and figures. Though these kinds of posts are tough to make, they get the most views on them.

  • Informational:

Now, who doesn’t like to gather new and thrilling pieces of information? Internet is a hub of information and a lot of people prefer it as the main source of information that they get.

  • Pillar Page:

These kinds of blogs are getting a lot of attention from the readers. Bloggers create topic clusters, which contain all the information that the readers are seeking. This gives the readers the required information in an organized manner, making its absorption easier.

Tricks that can make you a successful blogger in 2021:

If you are new to venture into this trend and a novice to catch the bandwagon, you don’t need to worry. There are a few tricks that you need to be aware of and they will make you a successful blogger in 2021.

  1. Know your audience:

As the platform of blogging is quite saturated, you need to find something that would set you apart. In 2021, staying general is not an option. You need to go specific and exclusive. For that matter, you need to understand who your audience is and which niche are you going to cater to. Putting your eggs in too many baskets is not a wise idea. Rather, you should select your audience and stick to serving its requirements only.

For example: If you have a good experience of motherhood, start a parenting website for new parents.

  1. Don’t be cliché:

Be careful! There is no place for anything cliché in the year 2021. With a lot of people venturing into the online platforms post-2020 pandemic, you need to give something different to the audience. Make your blog posts worthy of the clicks. After all, the entire game is of the click, anyway!

  1. Stay updated:

Your research into things you are involved with is of great importance. Being a blogger, you have to stay updated with all the happenings around the globe. Redundancy will kill blogging instantly.

  1. Add humor:

Do you have the ability to write one-liners that can make the reader chuckle? Congratulations, you can earn one permanent viewer with every chuckle. Making your audience laugh by writing something humorous while staying connected with the topic, is a skill that you need to learn.

  1. Know the needs:

The needs of the readers keep changing with time. The newest one is the added glamour. No matter what you are writing about, you need to add some images to it. This will keep the interest of the reader intact. Apart from images, adding relevant gifs and videos is a great way to keep the reader hooked.


2021 is all about blogging and bloggers. If you are already running a successful blog, you are on the right track. If not, now is the time to move towards it and earn lucrative deals.

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