Can Email List Be Beneficial For Gaining More Traffic for Your Blog?

Email listThe email list has no doubt, great importance for the blogs, websites and overall online business. it leads o increase the traffic for your blog. there are many examples of this told by  number of bloggers who say that when they mail to their list which notifies that a new blog has been post, within no times, they get a feedback and comments and of course the reading eyes and clicks on that blog will be countless in that way. The arrivers at the blog also share it on other social networking sites, which is an additional benefit to the bloggers.

Sharing of the content ultimately makes increase in additional people who join the email list and become part of it.  Therefore, it is a small example of how the traffic increases for a blog through the use of email list. There are a number of strategies through which the email list can be beneficial for gaining more traffic for your blog. These are mentioned as follow:

 Reliable content writing

The most important strategy is to create a content that is reliable, of high quality and valid. This will eventually takes the readers’ attention and they can search for the opt-in form which is necessary to get in the email list of the blogger. The validated content has its proper starting, middle and an end. It tells the whole purpose and objective of the site or blog. If people have the serious approach to the blog, they will focus on the content and hunt for the email list of the blogger afterwards.

Offering a reinforcement

It is a strategy to gain the people’s interest if you offer a bonus or a free of cost thing for the sake of email address; you can get a good number of positive responses. The attraction of getting something in return may get the blogger a bulk of people and increase the email list which in return is responsible for traffic increase on that blog.

Humble Request

The normal way to encourage the readers to join the email list is simple to mention at the end of your blog. The gentle encouragement with a humble attitude can change a readers mind and he may hunt for the opt-in form to subscribe and enter in the email list.

Creating reports

As a blogger if you make some effort and prepare some particular reports on the topics of your blog, you can gain more traffic for your blog. The people can read the reports as they may sound interesting to them and may search for the email list to get them add into it.

Making use of posts

The posts that gain most attention must be considered.  And on which most visitor have commented or liked should be focused on. The blogger should take the address of them and add them in the email list. This will ultimately lead to the gain in the traffic for the blog.

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15 thoughts on “Can Email List Be Beneficial For Gaining More Traffic for Your Blog?”
  1. Email list is really important for seo works.Email to customer after each blog post can be helped in improvement of traffic.

  2. i think a well planned and useful mailing system could help keep a blog on the mind of its readers and keep them coming back since they’re always reminded of the blog and good intervals.

  3. E-mail list is really important to get more traffic to our blogs. Whenever they open their emails and they will come back to your blogs, it helps to increase traffic.

  4. Making an email list is definitely beneficial. When your starting off your sending emails to everyone, most people of which won’t even respond to you. Making a list makes it more efficient when having to send out emails to people so your not wasting time on people you know wont’t respond/ searching for emails.

  5. We have done a very good job at collecting optin email lists from our customers and prospects over the years. We believe in nurturing our lists and giving customers great tips to help them. We also believe in story telling and not always pitching them to buy.

  6. Yes it is beneficial, consider that email list is one tool to generate traffic to your blog. I used this kind of strategy on my blog before.

  7. You can easily make a newsletter system on your wordpress sites with the site rss and feedburner.

    You submit your rss to feedburner, and add a subscription code on your site given by feedburner. Those who subscribe they will get daily news from your site.

    Its pretty nice.

  8. brilliant!! What a geat idea, if you can give some free tips or advice in the e-mails then people will benefit and youll be more prominent in their minds…thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Mailchimp (represented in your post’s image) is a good email marketing system, and it’s free!
    I tried also aweber and getresponse, that’s are commercial products, and fantastic.
    I can confirm that email marketing can grow a blog, because my own got many users.
    But you have to mantain email lists and this is not very easy…

  10. If you have a forum you can use that one as mailing list sender. Most of the forums have a newsletter system where you can send an email to all members so when you have some fresh and cool content you can let your users know about it.

  11. Hi,I like your point about content reliability i completely agree with you.Email list is really important for seo work.Email to customer after each blog post can be helpful in improving the traffic.

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