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February 16, 2010

Blogging regular is a great way to increase your website ranking and this will ultimately increase your blog popularity and as we all know that the more popular your website gets the more more traffic you will receive and this will ultimately increase your blog revenue. Blogging works best with SEO as blogging is one of the most effective way to get better ranking. It is said that posting regular gets your website ranked better with the major search engines because of the fresh content.

Keeping Your Blog Alive

Posting regularly will encourages regular visits both from your loyal readers and even search engines and that is the reason why search engines loves blog because there are always fresh content to index, the key here is to always use your primary keywords in your post. lets look at posting regular the big question you might asked is How often should you post? ,well there are no right or wrong answer and this is just my opinion there or should i say i have not seen any scientific proof on this my experience with this is that you decide how often you can write your post it doesn’t make sense posting everyday just for the sake of posting.

Look After Your Readers

Engage your readers post for them if your readers’ base is large like those of most popular blogs then i would advice you to post most often as i have said earlier how often you post should be your decision or based upon your readers if your subscribers are in the thousand then post daily if it is in the twenties of thirties then i believe you should post every other day these are just my personal guidelines .

Driving traffic to your blog is very important and this should be a priority and something you monitor and evaluate you can add a link directory to your blog and trade links this will increase your blog popularity. Another simple and effective way to drive traffic to your new blog post is to comment and blogs just after releasing your new post this works well with blogs that uses the commentLUV plugins this will showcase your latest post and attracts readers and you might just win over some new subscribers.

These are some popular ways to drive traffic to your blog follow these tips if you haven’t been doing them but don’t limit yourself to these use other tips like tagging your website like delicious and technoratic so go on and be creative. Please leave your comments and suggestion about what works best for share your knowledge and as always your comments are welcome.


24 thoughts on “Driving Traffic To Your Blog”
  1. Great to see your post after some time 🙂 . I agree with you that it is not necessary to post every day …….as one should not post for the heck of posting. Your posts should have value for your readers.

    Blog commenting works fine for me for driving traffic and i also get some quality traffic from Blogcatalog and Facebook.

  2. Firstly let me apoligize for not posting for such a long time i guess i was a bit busy and could not find the inspiration to post and you are right shabnam we should not post for the sake of posting but to give our readers but give our readers good stuff to read.

  3. Hi lawmacs,

    Enjoyed reading your article.

    I agree that there is no set rule for how many posts one should write on a regular basis. However, I do think that writing "quality" articles that are relevant is more important. Giving your readers what they are looking for and building relationships with them will give you a pathway to a successful blog.

  4. Thank you bro for this detailed post. very useful and informative. Blogging on a regular basis is very important. I agree with you on this completely. I have done the same thing for the last two years and I have seen this traffic go up like anything. But its also true that if you don’t do it the same, you are most likely to see the opposite, a drastic drop in the traffic. As a blogger, my advice will be – post at least thrice a week, post original content, put keywords at the right places, submit your post on social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, digg, twitter, facebook, etc.. And yes, as you said..commenting can also be one of the best mediums to gain traffic. We must make sure that we are leaving our comments on the blogs we visit. This is a must do activity for any blogger. Plus there can be many more but these are basics and very easy to follow..

  5. with new post you can talk about something new, we can’t just hoping for oldie to do the goodie..
    and communicate with reader sure important.

  6. Very informative post and i am glad to know about it. I really feel good to know about SEO tips. Online marketing helps us lot to grow business. Here i like to share about demellows.com that is very helpful E-Commerce website that works for web design and development with advanced features to create an attractive site adding a bit of flash in your presentation so that you can warm up your crowd and bring in the WOW factor. It also Increase your revenue and exposure globally with SEO, SEM, SMS and email marketing. I took service from it and find it very helpful.

  7. Quality over quantity. It’s better to not to post for posting’s sake, it might help your search engine rankings but your readers will prefer quality posts.

  8. I don’t have much to say about gaining traffic etc..because until now I am still learning all the stuffs here in blogging. But I agree that when you post,. it should make sense and people can learn something by reading it. 🙂

  9. Good way to discuss about driving traffic. I believe regular posting is better for both raking & regular readers

  10. I am glad to see you are back posting. I agree with quality information for your readers, I was on a bit of a involuntary break myself. During that time I could find little to add to my blog that would please my readers or myself.

    In regards to the " How often should you post, I agree, I have not found any good answers for that. However, from what I had just gone through I would not recommend more then a month:)

  11. Engage with your readers 😉 so sweet dear Gary. I know now why you hiding for a while. You’ve been busy with the new look of your blog aren’t you?

  12. Hi lateif thanks for stopping by this theme upgrade was long overdue and sometimes we have to break from blogging and do some assessment glad you like the new theme.

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  14. Yes, be creative. I think it’s important for bloggers to go out and try out new things that work for themselves. Also, as you’ve mentioned, commenting and blog visiting — best way to keep the networking going with fellow blogger buddies. I can’t help but noticing you’ve changed your blog layout, wow! 🙂 Good move.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  15. thanks for the compliment wanted to change this layout long time ago sometimes a little freshen up is good i always wanted to use less image on this site to help speed up the load time. Thanks for stopping by.

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  17. Easily, the post is really the greatest on this laudable topic. I concur with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your future updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the fantastic lucidity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay privy of any updates. Solid work and much success in your business enterprise!

  18. We should get in touch. Are you an active user on top social networking sites like Digg, Facebook, or Stumble Upon? If so, what is your username so we can get in touch to share ideas.

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