Why Do Bloggers Blog


January 25, 2010

This is a topic i have contemplated for a very long time and now i will share this with you so as to get your input and believe it or not i haven’t come up with a straight forward answer, so i asked myself the question why do i blog? this i think i can answer two reasons the first is for money and the second i enjoy writing and expressing myself.

We all blog for different reasons some blog for fun, some blog for profit and others blog because of their writing skills and need some where to showcase their talent so the world will be able to see and at the same time promote their skill. Blogging for profit should be one of the main reason why we blog. Lets face it the truth is that the hosting bills have to be paid unless you are using one of the free services like Blogger or WordPress  then you don’t have those over head cost.

Making money from your blog is great having a blog with lots of readers can make your blogs more popular and the more popular your blog gets the more traffic then that will leads to your blog been profitable.

The first blog created was an online journal where the author kept his entries in a reverse chronological  order meaning that the latest entries were seen first but over the years blogs have evolved and still continue to do so.

Whatever the reason why we blog the are always the opportunity for potential earnings and when we are about to create our blogs we should bear that in mind, what ever method you choose to monetize your blog the choice is yours, it could be Google ad sense or direct advertising by this i meant selling ad space directly to advertisers.

when i started Blogging i did not think munch about making money from my website i was more interesting in the design of my site and the amount of visitors i could attract as time goes by i realize that i could get some money from it so i sign up as a publisher with sites like Adbrite ,text-link-ads and others this is the point when i started to enjoy my Blogging.

Now what are the reasons why we blog share your ideas with us the number one reason for me is making money and some of you may agree with me and some may not what ever your thoughts are feel free to express it tell us your Blogging success,


14 thoughts on “Why Do Bloggers Blog”
  1. I enjoy blogging , making new friends and sharing ideas 🙂 . There is nothing wrong in making money while blogging. I haven’t yet made much money while blogging Have made some money through Adsense and sponsorship. I will continue blogging till its passion for me I just wish that this passion continues ……..

  2. Most of bloggers are blogging only for getting more and more visits ,I’m blogging for learning something new almost everiday about SEO,Link Building…

  3. I think bloggers who blog for the sole purpose of making money usually don’t last longer than a few months. The majority of bloggers only blog because they want money, which is also why they don’t succeed.

  4. Many people start a blog for money then when they find out it’s not as easy as they thought, they give up quite quickly. I think it’s more important to blog about something you’re passionate about, then afterwards, if you can monetise your blog, then do so. Otherwise your enthusiasm will quickly fizzle out and your blog with it.

  5. For me, blogging is all about release – I love having an outlet to get my thoughts out into the world. And to have people offer their own personal insight helps me deal with problems I encounter in life.

  6. Sharing, get friends and making money. Some bloggers have their own goal but nothing wrong with it as long as their provide good and useful contents. May be one of them just want to be famous bro, lol!

  7. When I first started blogging, my primary goal was to make money. As time went on, I found that interacting and helping others became my primary focus. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to make money but it’s not as important as the relationships I’ve made and the people I’ve helped. I’m also enjoying it so I’ll keep on going until it’s no longer fun.

  8. There is nothing wrong with blogging for money. I would be lying if I said that was the primary reason why I blog as well. I must add that I also do it as a way to keep productive and keep bust. Idle time is not good for me as I tend to get into to much trouble..

  9. I don’t thin I will blog only for dun, I like to have fun and making money at the same time, good post Lawmacs!

  10. Interesting. Well, I would put myself in the second category where you have said about being interested in writings. I really enjoy it. There was a growing desire inside me to make it happen one day. And I found blogging as the best medium to do it. Also, I would like to say that I was never ever aware of this blogging thing till I came to know about it from some of my friends who kept on insisting that blogging is the easiest way to make money online. This was another reason why I thought about giving it a try. I have tried almost everything till date to make some money online from blogging but sadly apart from Google adsense and few paid reviews, nothing has worked out for me. Google Adsense, I had to remove it recently because of some issues related to adsense account verification. I am still waiting for the solution. I have stopped doing paid reviews too. So, money making online has really become tough for me. I am still trying many affiliate programs plus some pay per click programs but it is not paying me either. I have almost hopeless now. Only blogging because yes, I love to express myself. I really enjoy it.

  11. You right – everyone’s main purpose of blogging for 2 reasons either earning or just fun. But my goal is to enjoy as much as possible & if I earn some from blogging its bonus

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