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Guest posting is a very valued method of link building. Search engines put power to your links as they come from quality content in my earlier post i write about back links and how to get.

Guest posting is when you write an article for another site and put your back links at the end. You get a powerful back links  with little effort. Other sites may also link to your article, so your link has the potential of becoming even more powerful. Guest posting is a good method of link development and optimizing for search engines.

How to start guest posting:

Write an article! Most blogs have a minimum of 150-250 words, but try to make your article as long as possible. This will increase the chances of it being linked to. You should also learn how to link bait before doing this. To summarize, link baiting is the process of convincing the user to link to your article without telling them outright, or in other words, “attracting links”. Link baiting is an important part of both guest posting and article writing.

The next step is to contact a popular blog that you want to make a post on the terms that you get to link to your websites at the end. Just make sure your website is related the the topic of the guest post, or the link won’t help you as much.

Some blogs will want you to guest post, others won’t. Some blogs will require you to contact them, others have a guest posting program to make the process much more smooth. Either way, there is almost always a way to get your guest post in there.

How effective is guest posting?

Major search engines consider blogs as good resources of information. Therefore, in general blogs are ranked high. When you get a link from a highly-ranked site, you can get your own site to be ranked higher. This means that guest posting is very effective.

In conclusion, it’s pretty easy to start guest posting, and usually, it’s worth your time. Guest posting is a very effective method of building links. All you have to do is write and article and submit it to the website you want a link from. You may have to edit the article a little bit, or your article may even be rejected altogether, but you can always submit your article to another website for approval. The main thing we must never forget is that writing guest post not only build back links but it also builds authority and let other bloggers and also your readers trust you.

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23 thoughts on “Guest Posting”

  1. Avatar of Shabnam Sultan

    Another great post from you bro 🙂 . Guest posting is a great way to increase your blog popularity and getting backlinks. I have just started guest post in one of a blog ……… hoping that it does good for my blog. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 .

  2. Avatar of Jenny

    Great post Gary, since I started guest posting I have noticed my traffic going up. Another thing to be noted is the fulfillment one can get out of guest posting. When someone thanks you or has more questions on the information you provided, you know you actually helped someone:)

  3. Avatar of Robert

    I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the effectiveness of guest posting.

    I wish I had the time and the creativity to do it more often, The couple of times that I did, resulted in increased traffic to my site, great backlinks and additional followers on my own site. I would highly recommend it to anyone who blogs.

  4. Avatar of admin

    There will be benifit for you and your blog from gues posting it really did help me and i try my best to keep it up it can build you a community and some great backlinks

  5. Avatar of Ricky

    Guest posting helped me to get some good traffic and friends. I love guest posting but due to limited time I rarely do the guest posts.

  6. Avatar of Aswani

    The thing which I have always appreciated. As a blogger, I think we should be practicing it more often. Must say, I I’ve been quite successful with it. Inviting others for the same. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get more readers for your blog. Thus, it can solve your traffic problems to a great extent.Also, I think Guest Posting makes you more popular as a blogger as more and more people come to know about you. And one more thing to add. Guest Posting should be reciprocated just like a link exchange. It should be done from both sides.Hope you are always ready to write a guest post for me . Thanks bro 😉

  7. Avatar of admin

    Thats right jenny i have seen it too and i even had some big bloggers commenting on my post guest posting can be seen as a way of promoting oneself and building authority

  8. Avatar of admin

    Thats right robert this can be very time consuming especially if the blog is of a different nature to yours then you have to change your whole writing style to fit

  9. Avatar of Keith

    Great article, I finally wrote two guest posts this week and am opening up my site for others to guest post this week.

    I think it is a great way to get more readers.

  10. Avatar of dana

    Guest posting surely the best way to get both back link and traffic. And if our guest posting is great, it surely can boost our reputation.

  11. Avatar of admin

    Thanks dana it is great to have you here your visit and input is much appreciated thanks for stopping by

  12. Avatar of admin

    You are absolutely right keith guest posting really drives traffic to your website i have seen a difference since i started doing it

  13. Avatar of Latief

    Nice tips bro. I just receive two interview and two guest posting. Your article come out at the right time. Really helpful.
    Thanks Gary.

  14. Avatar of Kai Lo

    The backlink from the guest post would be useless if it has no link juice. If nobody links to that post, there will be no link juice to pass on to the guest poster’s blog. The post can’t just be good, but it must be exceptional if you want people to link to it.

    If nobody links to it, it will get buried in the archive, which again has 0 PR to link juice.


  15. Avatar of admin

    Kai Lo thanks for your input backlinks are useful wether there is link juice or not the idea here is to get traffic back to your website not about page rank your comment are always welcome thanks for your visit and comment

  16. Avatar of admin

    It is always good to see some prove that these tips really works keep on doing what you have been doing it is great hearing from you

  17. Avatar of admin

    Well done latief you have come a long way just keep on doing what you are doing your blog look great and you are moving in the right directions

  18. Avatar of Ching Ya

    I can’t agree more with this. I’ve had some great experiences with guest posting and so far it never ceased to amazed me with the results. I’ll say it’s a strategy that worth investing in. It’s my wish to increase my guest post frequency this year as well, but only if I manage to cope with it. Quality is still my priority. Keep up the good work always!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  19. Avatar of Connie

    Guest posting also brings new readers to your blog that may have otherwise not known about it. By being seen on another blog that has brand new readers, you are opening up a new readership of your own too. Great post

  20. Avatar of Kai Lo

    I agree only if the traffic converts to subscribers, money, etc. If those people just come once and leave, the more traffic doesn’t mean anything.

    -Kai Lo
    Twitter @lomak1985

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