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February 27, 2010

There comes  the time when writing a post felt really difficult and seems very challenging and you just want to give up but giving up is not the answer. If you are a true blogger then you must find inspiration and find it from somewhere Giving up should be excluded from a true bloggers’ life. I wrote a post a while back titled Blogging Inspiration For The Bloggers this was a guest post on www.Aksindiblog.com a professional blogger and a very good friend.

What to do

if you can find away around the writers block then that is great what i do may not work for you lets get to the real stuff a few weeks back i felt really down dehydrated and just could not write any post i started the year brilliantly having post an average twice weekly this was my aim. Well i decided to stop blogging for a couple of days so i started a new design for my blog i change about three different templates could not decide the one i like until finally i choose the one i am using right now. Then one day i checked my emails and had a message from a very good friend of mine jenny from NEWRU and i realize that they are friends out there wants you to be writing and  that i can inspire people.

This then inspire me to be up and running again although during my time away from blogging i was doing things having fun with my little girl i even made this video when i took her to the transport museum i was pretending to be a bus driver quite funny and entertaining but it was worth it. This was quite amazing to think that after spending the day at the museum that changes me and give me the courage to move on and start posting again. The moral of the story here is that inspiration can come from any where even in places where you would not believe so whenever you get that negative feelings as a blogger go jogging find something to occupy your time. Thanks to all of my friends and fellow bloggers for your support without you guys blogging just don’t worth it or can never be the same so go on tweet my post and as usual leave me your valuable comments.


17 thoughts on “Looking for inspiration”
  1. That is the idea here getting inspired can be very difficult sometimes you are surprise to see where it comes from thanks for your comments and continued support

  2. I can make it out bro..it can be very difficult at times but definitely not impossible. The reason I feel why you maybe facing this problem is because you maybe short of ideas. Just a guess 😉 The best solution for you would be to brainstorm for ideas. Once you are done with it then hopefully you will find the much needed inspiration for this blogging thing.

    Even I am facing the same problem nowadays. But since I don’t have any niche as such in this blogging, I find it quite easier and better than the others. I can post on varied topics. For me, the inspiration comes from inside..the will to blog, that is the most important thing for me. I feel..we need to be self-motivated for the same otherwise nothing works. Need to relax a bit and keep thinking on what’s next. That would help a lot..I think so.

  3. Hello My Friend,

    You are not alone with this dilemma. I think we all go through those dry spells where it’s difficult to come up with new topics to write about. Just when you think you’ve exhausted every possibility, something or someone comes along and gives you the inspiration and motivation for a new article.

    Most of the time, my inspiration comes from my readers and followers. Sometimes my best ideas come from comments made on my blog. I also get some great ideas from reading other blogs.

    What I’m trying to say is; never, ever, give up!! Even if it takes a little longer between posts, that’s perfectly okay. As I said, something or someone will always give you the inspiration you need.

  4. There are many source brother. Anything can be an inspiration but to make the inspiration become an article, there is a big different 🙂
    Thanks for inspiring article Gary.

  5. You are right there robert the strangest thing is to think that this just happen without you even realizing it i guess its fear to say we are all humans. thanks for your valued input.

  6. Thanks latief turning inspiration into a post is the hard part write the first paragraph then you are on your way but this "Writers’ Block" seems very common in the bloggers life.

  7. Thanks bro you are one of my inspiration i always read your blog and find your topic quite interesting and your writing style unique keep it up i think i am back again with even greater will power.Thanks for your valid support.

  8. Yes, bro i know at times it gets difficult to find inspiration for blogging :(.I think every blogger goes through this phase at some time .I blog on niche astronomy and sometimes find it difficult ……. no inspiration to blog.
    Aswani has said well that we need to be self motivated for blogging.
    Great to know that you found inspiration to blog.Looking forward to your posts.

  9. That is when the difficulty comes in when you blog to a specific niche you always want to stick to your topic and not stray away too much but the courage will come thanks sister.

  10. Giving up is not what i am Khalid i believe that the only time you loose a fight is when you stop fighting i too believe that i will suceed thanks for your input.

  11. in my latest post i do write how stay off from computer could help in blogging, it talk about same principle.. to be good in blogging you need to do what human always do go out socialize so that you can keep you blogging more lively.

  12. Inspiration is hard to find sometimes. Whenever I need something to write about, nothing works better than doing something extraordinary. The last time I had writers block I set up a challenge for myself to wake up at 3am. It worked well and I”m still doing it.

    I think writing posts about those experiences help too.

    Thanks for sharing

  13. I have that same problem with writers block but then there’s always someone or something that inspires me. Thanks for sharing your feelings regarding this.

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