How Technology Joining the Green Movement with Green Kiosks


September 17, 2012 , ,

Green TechnologyThe green kiosks, also known as eco friendly kiosks are an ingenious kiosk that is primarily engaged in the utilization of eco-friendly resources and materials. These kiosks can be utilized by the business houses for various purposes and it is extremely energy efficient. These ingenious kiosks utilizes solar power and are provided with 100% energy back up whereby it functions efficiently at night as well. Thus the name green kiosk aptly suits it as there is no question of carbon emission. Furthermore, the other applications that are an integral part of the kiosk also extremely energy efficient. The entire kiosks are built with materials that are recyclable. Thus name Green Kiosk perfectly goes along with the features of the kiosk.
There is growing trend among leading corporate houses as well as the small and medium business houses to open up small green kiosks for conducting their business. This step has been taken up by the enterprise as a part of their corporate responsibility, which would thereby lead to the growth of sustainable environment. A kiosk can be any type ranging from mobile kiosks, kiosk selling precious things or even fashionable items. Moreover, the expense for setting up the kiosks is minimal and so is the maintenance cost. Furthermore, it is the most energy efficient option that is available to all the modern business houses.
Along with the creation of a sustainable environment there are many other reasons because of which the leading business houses are opting for these ingenious sales counters. Firstly, it brings down the cost of investment for building a sales counter. Therefore along with its utility, the investment on it is also minimal. This is the second most important reason for the increasing popularity of the green kiosk.
Moreover, the use of this kiosk also helps in raising awareness among the common people about the green ways of living life. This also helps the clients to know that the corporate house is actively contributing to the process of developing a sustainable environment. Clients always have an inclination towards those brands that are offers as well as uses unique services. Thereby by opting for these eco friendly options the business houses are creating a niche for themselves in the market.
Thus all around the world a movement has been started whereby the different designers and institutions who are involved in creating a sustainable environment are pondering on ingenious ways to design the kiosks which would not only have a great visual appeal but along with it, they are made out of recyclable objects and are extremely energy efficient. There starting from the spare parts of cars and license plates, unused parts of plants as well as recyclable shopping bags are used by the architects for designing kiosks that have an extremely attractive look. The leading business houses like IBM, Apple has joined hands in this movement toward creating a better world for us.
You will be amazed to know that most of the mobile charging kiosks on the public places are run on solar power. It is really appreciable how the entire human race is making an active contribution towards the creation of a sustainable environment and everyone is responding to it.
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  1. @Lawmacs,

    What a inovative human you are,i was doing a resaerch work on green eco and came to your blog through the search engine…Impressed with your creation..Great work.. keep writing such inovative article..i will follow you!!

    All the best Bro!!!

  2. I love the idea of having a green kiosks at home.It can help our environment for it is made from recycled materials and energy efficient.Thank you for sharing this!I’m a follower of your post also..

  3. solar technology nowadays are doing the same. Hopefully the world will be free of pollution one day and be more peaceful too. Value our planet value each life in it.

    1. I hope and pray for that also Justin!If we can’t free earth from pollution at-least we can minimize it by using Eco-friendly things.

  4. Really great idea to ensure that we are actively trying to look after our environment. These green kiosks seem ideally located at the business and homes (eventually) as these spaces can be the most environmentally unfriendly. Great idea.

  5. Making full use of solar energy today can make a huge saving in terms of energy.At present the developed countries are using energy resources at a much higher rate than anybody else.I hope everybody will understand the need of Eco friendly gadgets and lend a helping hand to save this planet.

  6. Eco-friendly solutions for your business, home, vehicles. It just has to be this way. We have to think hard before buying a product or service. Does this product or service is environmentally responsible?

  7. Kiosks on public places using solar energy are really appreciable as they neither consume alternate resource of energy such as electricity nor damage the atmosphere and what a human needs most to live on this earth is neat, clean and healthy enviornment.

  8. Using solar energy itself is a great idea. My dream is that people use it everywhere so our children could breathe fresh air and run on the green grass.

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