Technology also seeks to make the Future Bleak


September 10, 2012 , ,

The future is quite promising for all with the advancements and technological know-how that researchers have been able to promise the vast populations. Within all the varied platforms that rely on technology, inventors have been able to come up with the unimaginable just to ensure that most of the ventures involved are made ease to the literal essence of the word.

This however does not imply that there are no challenges to be realized with such fast paced realizations. The law enforcements agencies globally are experiencing quite a rough time as the inventors keep making life even easier for the many. The likes of the varied terrorism units internationally have also been caught up with the latest in technology though at even life threatening levels that pose as threats to even the inventors themselves.

  1. Hacking

This has been associated with breaching of varied vital information by online scammers up to no good. Through this practice they have been able to access even the most discreet of information and be able to use them to their benefit. Black mailing has even been referred to as having gone high-tech courtesy of the varied methods that scammers have resorted to have it their way.

  1. Proxy Services

There is the major advantage of proxies and that is they are able not disclose ones presence online though they might be. The many vulnerable of victims to varied circumstances have been able to make use of proxies to be able to venture online without having to be traced even in the slightest of bits. There are however the few that have also been able to make use of the proxies in another level all together within platforms such as breaching of security systems.

This has therefore proven to be quite an uphill task for law enforcers as they would not be able to know just what it is that the motives of the scammers might be. It would only be through most desperate of measures should such institutions be able to curb such scenarios even though they would not have acted within the niche of time.

It would therefore be mere speculation should the many think that the future is set to be brightest thanks to technology. It has its pros which in real sense are quite promising and the majority is aware. The cons too are however rapidly gaining ground alongside every step realized by the innovators to be able to remain relevant even as measures are sought to contain them.

These are not grounds on which we may pin down reliance on technology but it would be wise for vigilance to be observed should it be considered worth while and reliable.

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0 thoughts on “Technology also seeks to make the Future Bleak”
  1. Hi John,

    Yes – With all the wonderful advantages technology and the new development thereof brings to humanity all around the world , There are also some equally scary disadvantages that follows as well. Taking the good with the bad is an important part of developing technology and driving trends.

  2. Everything which has some advantage will surely have the disadvantage.Sometimes even the advantage of a new coming technology or the present one treats as an disadvantage itself.One cannot move away with the fact that whether the technology has buit up a secure product or software to work upon one day or the other it will surely have some security breach.

  3. Well everything has its pros and cons…its upto the user how he/she uses it for exapmle guns were made to secure the country and fight against enemy but evil persons use it in negative ways by threatning or damaging someone’s physical/mental life.

  4. I don not agree with any person who use hacking. 6 months ago, some information to show one’s face. So i think need way to stop hacking
    Thanks so much for your post

  5. Hi John,
    Technology can have many benefits for us, but used in a bad way it is quite destructive and troublesome. Hacking and the use of proxy websites are some of the most common instances wherein technology can do harm than good. However, it is not the fault of technology, the blame should be on the humans who do such activities to inflict damage or harm to others.

  6. Your article has proven useful to me. It’s very informative and you are obviously very knowledgeable in this area. You have opened my eyes to varying views on this topic
    with interesting and solid content.

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