Important points to keep in mind while hiring a php developer:

PHP is the acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, which is one of most popular open source programming languages today. Being an open source, server side scripting language, it has become particularly popular as it is also very easy to use with some great, flexible features. It is extensively used by web developers for developing useful web portals and applications. Besides, it is very easy for the developers to master as most of its syntax is taken from C/C++. With the fast development and popularity of the E-commerce websites as well as business applications, its popularity has also increased leaps and bounds. Considering its countless benefits and future, many companies today are looking to hire PHP developers in order to build custom PHP based business websites.


If you happen to be based in any of the developed nations, you would be aware of the minimum cost of a less experienced in-house PHP developer. If you look for a very talented, experienced PHP developer, the cost would go even higher. But now that internet is not just one nation’s domain, there are numerous other countries around the world which provide PHP website development and it is increasing at a rapid pace especially in India and other developing nations. The services they offer and the expertise they possess is simply matchless and it comes at very competitive rates as well. But, even if you go for a professional PHP website development India, it is difficult to always hire the best PHP developer. But, the following points should be kept in mind before hiring a PHP website programmer:

  • Experience:

Experience is the key which helps you determine the developer’s knowledge and technical skill. It is always sensible to ensure before hiring a PHP developer to see the touchstone of the developer.

  • Portfolio:

Most of the professional PHP web developers and website designers in India and other developing nations keep a portfolio of their previous and ongoing projects which usually display their skill level and originality in completing the projects. This sums up the skill of the PHP developer and gives you a rough idea of their capabilities which will help you determine whether the developer can do the work efficiently or not as per your requirements.

  • Technologies Used:

It is not sufficient to hire a PHP programmer who understands your business requirements. Should you hire PHP developers, it is essential that they know all about the latest technologies and features used in the business and that they are well-versed with it. It is advisable as the owner of a business that you do a little research on the latest technology front yourself before hiring a PHP programmer and look into their coding example and ensure that their codes are well prepared, well written, orderly and well commented. You should also make sure that they make use of the latest edition of PHP and follow the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concept. It is important that they adapt to the varying technology and make out how to control and edit the website to the advantage of the business.

  • Technical Expertise:

It is only imperative for a developer to possess all kinds of technical expertise of the tools and programming languages like XHTML, AJAX, PHP, etc. It is only sensible to verify this before hiring the PHP developer.

  • Communication Skills:

Before hiring a PHP developer, try to communicate directly with the project manager or the developer over an IM or through a phone to judge their communication skills for yourself. Without properly understanding the level of their communication skills, you may not be able to work properly and tune up with the developer. It is absolutely necessary for a professional web developer to have ability to communicate well with the clients so that the clients do not face any problems.

  • Graphic Designing Support:
    If you are planning to hire the PHP developer to work upon a project, then you will also require support for the small graphics and user interface elements like buttons, banners, etc. It is always helps if the developer is himself well-versed with that, otherwise you will need an continuous support for those elements. So, this also is a good point to take into consideration before hiring a PHP developer.


About The Author:

Kristina says that there are many good companies offering PHP development packages. Just do search in google for PHP development India or hire PHP developer and you will come across a lot of companies offering the said services. Just consider the points shared above and determine your choice!


37 thoughts on “Important points to keep in mind while hiring a php developer:”
  1. PHP developer should have skill for website development but they also needed communication skill.

  2. I think experience is important but it’s not a must. There are a lot of young but promising programmers.

  3. Since I am working in Romania’s IT industry, I can tell you that here you could hire PHP developers with good English skills at about a quarter of payments asked for UK or the States for the same project.

  4. Hello Lawmac,

    This is really a wonderful post where people has to remind thees points before hiring and I hope HR’s also need to read this article then they will know what exactly the technical points will be.

    I really like this article. Pls keep posting on Web Designing & SEO if possible. I am awaiting for the next article.

    Thank you once again.

  5. Sometimes we forget to keep all these points in our mind. I am running a web site development company and i have 6 website developers. All are very experienced. But now i need some more developers for my company so your tips will help me a lot to justified that who is the best developer for my company. Thank you so much for this informative post. Keep posting.

  6. PHP developers should have technical and practical knowledge of development. They must have work experience on live projects. They should have communication skills. Also know some graphics to work on buttons, picture editing etc. Well! These steps are helpful to hire good PHP developer.

  7. Hi,
    I have understand the important points and this article is amazing very well suggestion for hire a php developer thanks .

  8. i completely agree with this blog. A PHP developer must have experience on PHP app development. He must worked on live projects.

  9. Check out that PHP developer is well acquaint with the codes and makes a good coding manner.

  10. I agree that PHP is a good language and what I love about PHP is that it is a open source, also what I like PHP is that I connect it to MySql database.

    Being a PHP developer you also need to know HTML and Css

  11. It’s really important to pick the right developer you, not only just the right php developer. Being able to communicate is very important especially because if you can’t talk to your developer how are you going to be able to get your own idea across. You should also try and make the developer go over one of their codes to make sure they actually understand what they are doing and aren’t using someone elses code

  12. And it’s really important to find a developer that understands technical specifications about a prolem. And that’s able to find solutions, to solve questions.

  13. Yes, just because you have a website does not mean that you are a technical guru. In fact, many webmasters really just come up with the overall idea and concept. Then they hire others who have particular technical skills and get out of the way while those folks do the design work.

    As the author points out, PHP is a very popular and widespread programming language. Your site probably makes extensive use of this language. This article gives some interesting pointers about what to look for when hiring an outside PHP developer.

    I think the most important point made here is that you, as the boss, need to at least understand a bit about the latest technologies. In other words, know enough so that the person you hire is not able to con you out of your money. Watch their level of experience, the technologies they know and use and most importantly, examine their portfolio of work. I would personally never hire someone without looking at their portfolio.

  14. Hiring people in any field is not an easy task. Experience, knowledge about latest technology and communication skills are most important points to keep in mind when hiring a developer.

  15. Hire php developers and web programmers is not an easy task. They should have been updated on the latest technologies and do the task on time.

  16. PHP developers has very bright future because if you do small thing then you need a PHP developer while working on mobile applications or other platforms. If you want to hire PHP developer then you should know some basic skills. Do they know above skill which you mentioned in your post?

  17. Fantastic post! I totally agree with the points mentioned about. Before you hire PHP developer, you must take few perquisites. I must say, you have covered all the necessary aspect in your post which is helpful for me as well any novice who is going to hire first time.

  18. PHP is the most common name in the web development world. It is open source server side scripting language and supports HTML. Best feature of PHP is that it is easy to code and enables easy dynamic web page creation. Lot many things can be done using this server side scripting language, however its most common use can be found in ecommerce web development.

  19. You should know the person you hire. That’s true. But now a php developer means the person who knows HTML, CSS, php, administrating functions, javascript and etc… If you hire the php developer it means that he knows only back-end architecture and coding.

  20. Every time it is not necessary that only one person can handle the project some time if the project is complicated, then it need more person to solve the issue or to complete the project, it also depends on how many technologies has been used in the project, from that it is depends that do you need the team or a single person is enough to handle the project. we have the dedicated team on all the technology so you can hire the employee from us at a very affordable price

  21. Actually if you are having your IT business in USA or in the European Countries, you know how much you should pay for a PHP developer with minimal knowledge, and if you look for very talented one, it wages go very high.

  22. Now days PHP become popular because it is easy rather than other programming language and less expensive..

  23. PHP is the most common name in the Web development world. It is an open source server side scripting language and support for HTML.

  24. Yes i agree with you that PHP developer should have a good communication skill in addition to his/her Technical skill.

  25. I really appreciate your post. It’s covering all the aspects which one should not forget before going to hire dedicated PHP developers, because once you hire them after that you cannot do anything if you found them technically not sound. So after checking these points, then only hire PHP programmers, so that it will become a worth deal for you as they represent your business.

  26. Surely a PHP developer should have these above skills but also he needs to be well aware of SEO techniques, then only he can develop search engine friendly websites. One must check if that IT company is capable in that or not. Thanks

  27. I agree with John Harrison. In Romania we have many good PHP developers even if they are very young. We learn English and IT at school and we love them.

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