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June 21, 2012 , ,

Social media iconsOne of the best ways to promote your company’s social media presence and outreach efforts is on your business’s website. No matter what line of business you are in, if you have a website and social media presence, the two should be strategically integrated for maximum contact and interactions with new potential customers. This way, your website can drive people to connect with your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any other social sites. Social media icons are one of the most popular ways to create this traffic. These icons can be placed on your homepage, internal pages, and more. However, it is important to put some thought into the location and design of the icons to increase your chances of recruiting some new “fans” and “followers”.

Promote whatcould be Shared – Certain things on your website are more likely to be shared than others. For examples, photos, videos, and products are popularly posted on social websites while the “about us” and “faqs” concerning your company are most likely not going to be shared. Unless you have added a considerable amount of voice, humor, or unexpected personality into the web copy of your website, these pages won’t be shared on social sites. Therefore, be sure your social media icons are situated closest to the aspects of your website which make visitors sit up and think “I would share that with my friends”.

Give Snippets – If social media is a big part of your company’s online marketing and presence, then you can design your website’s landing page to include a side bar or footer which records your company’s latest tweet or Facebook post. There are also plug-ins available for some platforms like WordPress. This will engage website visitors and give them opportunity to see exactly what they can expect if they choose to become a fan of your Facebook page or a Twitter follower.

Personalize your Icons – One great way to catch a website visitor’s eye is by personalizing your social media icons to fit your brand. For example, everyone is pretty much familiar with the blue Twitter bird, but your company can make this icon its own by adding a little beret if you sell hats or a cup of coffee if you are a café. There are countless examples of uniquely designed social icons online, some of which go viral simply because people think they are so cute or interesting. Your best bet is to get inspiration from other people’s work online and then design or commission a professional to design social media icons which completely encompass your company’s brand.

This is a Guest post by Roy K who works for  Design Pax. The company provides web site design services in high quality all over the world.

16 thoughts on “Social Media Icons and your Website”
  1. Today, social media is the great source of traffic. To get more traffic to blog or website, we need to promote them. Social media is the best way to increase visitors. Social media icons plays a major role to get visitors. We can place social media icons anywhere in our website or blogs.

  2. Social Media promotion is quite important to reach out your potential audience. However it does take lot of time and consistent efforts, but once you build your brand on social networking site then result would be fruitful.

  3. Rightly said, Now a days social media are biggest platform to reach the people at right time. Social media icons can even drive more traffic to the website.

  4. Organizing a website today is as tricky as can be. You can never be sure what may click with the online users and you need to have amazing features and functionalities in the website, in order to attract more and more users. Now we are going to introduce you content management system (CMS) that enable to design amazing web site with powerful online web application development.

  5. Social media is a really important way to advertise your blog and business. I definitely would recommend starting a Facebook page to advertise. If you are able to get more than 30 likes, then you can use Facebook Insights to track user interaction and reaction.

  6. Social media websites are the best and easiest way to bring visitors to your website. Today’s web standards say that if one website does not integrate links to the social media sites, the site is doomed.

  7. Wow….Great post about the social media. I think this is the best way to your web page can generate people to hook up with your Facebook or MySpace, Tweets, LinkedIn, or any other individuals. Public networking symbols are one of the most well known ways to make this visitors…Thank you very much for the sharing..

  8. Yes – When it comes to Social Media and Business in today’s fast online life – it’s not only important to listen online and engage with people on social media channels but also allow people the opportunity to share their experiences on Social Media Channels by having a simple Button to share on a corresponding channel. Not only Social Media channels – But also bookmarking sites. These are great signal to Search Engines and can increase the exposure you get online in both Social Communities and Search Engines.

  9. Social media is an important aspect of any web site as social media site like Facebook,Twitter is effective to increase traffic.

  10. Thanks for sharing.Social media is an important aspect of any web site as social media site like Facebook,Twitter is effective to increase traffic.It is a great source of traffic.

  11. Besides the standard icons to your social media profile pages, don’t forget the slew of like, share, tweet, pinterest, digg and countless other social sharing and bookmarking icons and options. There are many free tools available that make adding these very easy.

  12. Social media signals started to play a part in search engine algorithms back in December 2010 but it wasn’t until 2011 that the likes of Google really started to pay attention and dedicate more effort to indexing social content and using social signals to boost content in search results.It increases web traffic

  13. Useful article. Would add that many people make the mistake of putting their social media buttons (particularly the ‘follow me’ buttons for Twitter, Linked In, et all) at the bottom of the page. In my view adding these in a prominent position – like the top of the home page – really makes a difference to the number of followers you’ll get. Obvious but so often overlooked.

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    its simple text SMS format of advertising.

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