Selecting a Great Domain Name for Your Blog


May 3, 2012 , ,

Domain nameThe domain name of your blog represents its identity just as your name represents you in the real world. Regular readers visit your blog through the URL which consists of the domain name of the blog while those who search for specific keywords get to know of your blog through organic search results. This too depends on the domain name as page rank of a blog is given against its domain name. There are numerous technical and non-technical reasons that determine the domain name of your blog. As a domain name is to remain constant for a blog, you must consider the following factors before you zero in on a domain name for your blog.

1. Ensure relevance

Opt for a domain name that is relevant to your area of expertise. Even the presence of your blog on the search engine result pages does not guarantee a click unless the domain comes across as relevant to people looking for information. A blog that deals with a particular sphere of knowledge and has a suitable domain name in keeping with that has a better chance of attracting more visitors. Thereafter, it is the content that takes over.

2. Make it simple

Keep the length short and the domain name easy to understand and to relate to the specific knowledge area you deal with. Make sure that it is not difficult to remember. People who visit your blog again come through its domain name. A long or confusing domain name makes it difficult to remember and you lose out on traffic. You may use a hyphen to segregate words. Do not go overboard with hyphen usage.

3. Steer clear of copyright issues

When you have opted for a domain name search using that domain name as a keyword to check for results, related to similar blogs. Avoid a domain name that is very close to that of another blog. This helps you avoid any copyright issues and also preserves the unique character of your blog’s domain name to avoid any confusion.

4. Incorporate keyword in the domain name

This works for search engine optimization of your blog for organic search results and also makes the domain name self explanatory. Try to use an important keyword relevant to your blog in the domain name.

5. Use appropriate extension

The .com extension works the best because when it comes to revisiting a blog most people are likely to use this extension. If the domain name with .com extension is already registered, opt for another domain name to build a distinct identity for your blog.

Careful consideration prior to selection of a domain name for your blog ensures that no trouble surfaces later on and once the domain name, appropriate hosting service provider and the kind of hosting facility to opt for are agreed upon, you can concentrate on posting good content and work towards attracting traffic and building a loyal reader base. The first step here is to choose the appropriate domain name. Ponder over the different factors and decide on a suitable domain name to escape any hassle later on. This is also your first step towards working on your blog’s popularity.

About the author: Diana Maria is a blogger and a writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on plaster Walls (How to repair plaster Walls) attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Legendry car in India Maruti 800.


62 thoughts on “Selecting a Great Domain Name for Your Blog”
  1. You definitely want to take your time and choose a great domain name. It is just so crucial for your business. It can help or hurt you in so many ways. It might even be the most important step with creating an online business. So you might as well do it right from the start and avoid having to later redirect to a better domain name and start all over on branding.

  2. Definitely agree on keeping it simple! I can’t stand domains that are SO long, it drives me nuts!

  3. From my own experience I can assert that choosing a domain which has the main keyword incorporated helps a lot with SEO. I don’t say it’s impossible to rank with a catchy domain name, but it’s a lot easier to be on the first page with a good domain based on the main keyword.

  4. Naming the blog can be crucial for its success. Choosing one can be the hardest work when you firstly create a blog as it can’t be changed easily afterwards – actually you can but it is not good for you!

  5. If we want to enlist our site in organic searches we should include the main keyword of the site in the domain name as it is very helpful to do SEO of the site.

  6. Opting a domain name is really a tricky task , i am well satisfied by your guide…as domain name should be properly chosen and that too with great care.

  7. That’s a sure to have tips while registering any new domain! Many times I have see the issues of Copyrights with the domain name registration. on the other hand many folks choose a domain name which is much more difficult to understand! So I would say , keeping these tips in mind will definitely help in choosing the right suitable domain name ! Thanks Lawmacs!

  8. Thanks for the tips that you share to us. it is really helpful and aside of that I just book mark it so that my friends gonna see this awesome post.

  9. Simple is much more easy to get the attention of visitors. We know that people have their various preferences when it comes to getting information. Simple and easy to understand is mostly prefer of visitors.

  10. I am create a blog but can not fined any choeasful domain name. How can I select a domain name which I want?

  11. Thanks for this informative post. Choosing the right domain name is extremely important and can play role in a site’s SEO. Incorporating your keyword(s) into your website URL doesn’t guarantee you search engine success but it can give you that extra boost you need to be found in the search engines.

    We recently wrote a post about Do Domain Names Play A Role in SEO? so it was of interest to read point 4 in your post.

  12. Thank you for this nice advice in your blog.It is very important to select a fantastic domain name for your blog.

  13. Very nice and interesting post. You discuss some useful points that make easier to select the domain name. Thanks for this post and keep writing

  14. These 5 steps are good advice to help blogs get indexed and easier to familiarize, i totally agree that having a domain name is crucial for businesses

  15. Very simple post yet very interesting and informative. It highlights the importance of a good domain which is very important if you start a website. I agree that the domain should be relevant but some people just count the relevancy. They should also realize that the domain should be short and more user-friendly.

  16. Domain name is important to create brand. Make a name that easy to remember and not long enough (try at least three words long). And ofcourse make sure the domain name is relevant with the contents.

    Great tips.

  17. I agree with the number 2 – Make it simple. Don’t make your customers confused by the domain name so complicated to remember, or difficult to pronounce. This will be a step back.

  18. The domain name of a blog is one of the most important factor contributing to the succeed of that blog. So incorporating keyword in the domain name is also a must.

  19. It is just so crucial for your business. It can help or hurt you in so many ways. It might even be the most important step with creating an online business. Thanks for sharing..

  20. Another thing to remember is that you are in some essence creating a brand with your blog so a different catchy name is good to have also. This helps people remember it and find you easier.
    Having keywords in your domain can help but to be honest it is not an absolute must these days with all the changes Google is making.

  21. It’s definitely important to take careful consideration when selecting your domain name. Making it as simple and as short as possible is an important key to getting return visitors to your blog. Using a hyphen is a great tip for creating a hyphen.

  22. Those are really great tips. And one other thing that I usually put into consideration when selecting the domain names is simplicity. It makes the site be found easily when searched.

  23. It is just so crucial for your business. It can help or hurt you in so many ways. It might even be the most important step with creating an online business.

  24. I totally agree with these points. Having your keyword as a part of your domain name is very important and also it’s relevance to your blog. So that people can get an idea of you blogs by seeing your domain name itself.

  25. yes, I completely agree with your points. Most importantly it should be simple, relevant and unique. great share.

  26. the hard part for getting the right domain name is when it’s a general blog with no real topic, with a topic it’s easier to put a keyword into the domain name

  27. The advantage to having a domain name that is clearly related to your blog’s topic is it may help people find your blog through keyword searches.

  28. Yes – Domain name (and age – if you are considering buying a domain) is extremely important and can help a lot when trying to rank in SERP’s. The Higher page rank one can receive while rating for specific keywords will be that much more of an advantage to your website.

  29. I was previously disappointed for my website but now it has started earning. Great tips, prodigious ideas, remarkable discussion. All the guidelines are very informative, helpful and practicable towards marketing the product/service. I have gone through enormous websites but this is the one that really sucks.

  30. Domain name and title of the site play vital role to register a site in organic searches.Always include keyword in domain name and in the title of the website.

  31. I have spend much time of researching domain name and I am sure that the selection of domain name makes the difference. Right niche and correct domain is must for enhancing your interest and engaging visitors on your blog..

  32. Incorporating keywords in domain names really helps a lot with SEO. I find that specific keyword domain names, especially those of the niche market of local Mom and Pop businesses rank really quickly based on the competition for those keywords. Thanks for sharing. Great article!

  33. All of the factors mentioned are really important when selecting a domain name. If you are mainly targeting search engine traffic, having keywords in the domain name almost become critical. However Google is getting smarter and giving less emphasis to this because of obvious spamming.

  34. I do agree that simple and keyword rich domain are must for long term prespective. Thanks for an awesome article.

  35. Selecting the right name of blog is very important as google or other search engine give good ranking against domain name. If the name of blog is right and you are target the right keyword. Domain name will give support to keyword ranking on search engine.

  36. Thank you for posting this. I wanted to give a quick word of advice for those who are thinking of buying pre-owned domain. Check the links to that site! This is based on my personal experience. I guess someone had bought a domain and done some black hat SEO to promote it. After that it was banned by Google. So when trying to promot the site, I had lots of bad links to it and therefore could not get organically ranking…

  37. It’s vital that the name you pick must be final and be the best you could think of for your blog. It will stay as long as how you intend to use your blog so make sure to pick the right one that suits you.

  38. the domain name selection is very must high keyword traffic selection and than you chose the domain name.

  39. I don’t say it’s impossible to rank with a catchy domain name, but it’s a lot easier to be on the first page with a good domain based on the main keyword.

  40. I totally agree with these points. Having your keyword as a part of your domain name is very important.Even the domain age may also factors in most of the cases.And most important the copyrights issue could be in the matter of consideration

  41. I do agree with you. Useful information and tips.These 5 steps will help for Google indexing. Try to select your domain related to your blog.

  42. Nice tips. I think main issue is to check whether domain name relates to your business and indicates about a product or business or not. keeping it simple and so on are also vital but making it close to your niche or product is very very important.

  43. This is probably one of the most time consuming process for me but thanks to your tips I got the perfect domain ide now

  44. We can also describe domain name as our quality customers totally depends upon domain name because mostly customers search us through search engines and having a best keyword domain that relates to our product or business really speaks well for us.

  45. Care should be taken with the keyword rich domain names. There is evidence that Google is clamping down on these domains. With this in mind, it may be prudent to go with a more subtle choice of name.

  46. One bad thing about creating a new domain name is that, most of the good ones are already taken. I’ve read a research that said almost all known words in the English dictionary are taken…

    I guess we should fight for the ones we like.

  47. If you want people can easily search your online business, blog and portfolio of work on the internet, you should use a best domain name for your websites.

    Very nice and interesting post! You provide some useful tips that make easier to choose the domain name for the websites. Thanks for this post and keep writing.

  48. i agree with it in fact Careful consideration prior to selection of a domain name for your blog ensures that no trouble surfaces later on and once the domain name, appropriate hosting service provider…

  49. Good domain names should be catchy as well so that it can be easily memorized by the target market. It may not be the exact name of the enterprise but should still related so that there is still some connection.

  50. The way I get it is that the domain name and the name of the website owner have solidary responsibility to protect the image of the enterprise. Hence, it should not appear to the clients that they are conflicting with each other. Inconsistencies should be removed.

  51. The 5 tips on the article is great.A simple domain name is much more easier to keep it in mind.Thanks for sharing a very useful article.

  52. yes definitely choosing a Domain name is really important for us , because it must be familiar , catchy and finally must attract others , and your tips on selecting names is really very nice , interesting too.
    Thanks for sharing

  53. The Domain Name System distributes the responsibility of assigning domain names and mapping those names to IP addresses by designating authoritative name servers for each domain. Authoritative name servers are assigned to be responsible for their particular domains, and in turn can assign other authoritative name servers for their sub-domains. Thanks.

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