Why good graphic design is so critical for businesses


February 4, 2012 , ,

Graphic designGraphic design may not be the first thing that occurs to businesspeople about their business operations. As a matter of fact, it’s everywhere, in every business. From the website to the company letterhead, graphic design is very much part of the business process. A lot of major companies retain graphic design services on a contract basis, simply to cover their basic needs for materials for their online and hard copy publications.

The roles of graphics in business

There’s nothing cosmetic about graphics in business. In advertising and marketing, visual presence is one of the core elements of product presentation and public image of a product or a business. The graphics are quite literally the public face of the business.

The development of online business and the rise of the new media have added a few more dimensions to this situation. A simple PowerPoint presentation, for example, generates a lot of visual information, and that information needs to be very well presented to have an impact. The same applies to the various videos used by practically all businesses online and elsewhere.

The strictly conventional market role of graphics is presentation, but there’s another extremely important factor- Competitive values. Some graphics are a lot better than others, and in the real marketplace, graphic design often affects choices made at point of sale. That’s a fact which has been progressively re-orienting commercial visual materials of all kinds and raising the standard of production of everything from commercials to basic logos.

Graphics in digital media

Digital media and new technology have done a lot to enhance and develop new graphics options, too. What were once very expensive “visual effects” are now standard, and there are more options coming on stream every day. The big Adobe Creative Suite packages are a good indicator of the level of demand for a vast range of digital graphic options from professionals in all forms of visual and graphic media.

The fact is that the borderline between graphics and other media has been eliminated. The new media is really a hybrid of different media, and graphics are now built in as default properties of this medium. Quite literally everything related to modern business involves graphics and graphic design issues, at some level.

Graphic design best practice for businesses

There are two basic options open to businesses regarding graphic design:

1. Engage the services of a graphic design company to streamline the production of visual content. This is a cost-efficiency exercise as well as administrative best practice, keeping the expertise of the graphic design company available to deal with any needs for new media, publications, etc. on standby.

2. Get good graphic design through an advertising agency or marketing consultancy. This is a default quality control, ensuring professional standards of graphics work are available for promotions, literature, etc. on a needs basis.

Graphic design is now very much part of the business mix. It’s important to ensure high standards of presentation and professional quality materials are standardized, and that production of new materials can be done cost-effectively. Quality and talent are the core elements of business graphics, so lock in a good provider for your business.


28 thoughts on “Why good graphic design is so critical for businesses”
  1. It is very important for websites to have a elegant design. If a customer see’s someone with a poor website design they might question if the person is professional and then they might lose the sale. It is important to make a unique design for you website that is better than the other websites.

  2. So true, it’s critical since most visitors initially judge a website on it visual appearance and graphic design plays a big part on it. The design should be simple, avoid dark colors that can be annoying and most specially the environment should be user-friendly.

  3. This is so true because if i like wane buy something online then i would first look on websites that look good and if that not what i want then i gone look thought the bad designs

  4. Graphic design can be learned. In fact, my cousin has a degree in it. I believe everything can be learned and and to be success you need 95 % hard work and 5 % talent. If you like it, maybe you should take a course or even enroll to a university to study it. Great sharing of ideas..

  5. Really useful blog here lawmacs, I agree graphic design is very important for businesses in a number of ways. Most importantly in my view is it is a very powerful tool to make you stand out from the crowd with your own unique content and make you the standout choice from customers.

  6. Great post. I agree its very important to have some good graphic design to succeed in the internet marketing business, first impressionas are everything and with poor content and graphics you’ll get passed up for the business that actually took pride in their work and content.

  7. Visual appearance is too much essential in the era of internet marketing. Using graphic design to promote your business is a good way.

  8. Yah graphic design is very important in a online business.if your design will be good looking then user will be in your site.

  9. Graphic design plays a crucial role in creating a public image for your brand. It helps business owners establish identity for their company or small business that is recognizable and easy to remember.

  10. If you personaly ask me which is the single most important things that i look on a website or a blog my instant reply would be The “Design”,though many dont give emphasis on this but you have done that to your blog which is very heartning 🙂

  11. In this age when the attention span of internet users are continually shrinking, graphics would play a lot of part in attracting people to your site. Of course, good looking sites without good content is bad for any business too.

  12. Good information! You definitely need a good graphic design to attract online customers. When your site is catchy and online users find what they need, this will definitely be a smash!

  13. I agree with you. I think graphic design is a very important thing for the image of companies and their products. Furthermore I think Apple is an excellent example of how design in general can improve a business.

  14. That’s true that graphic designing is a difficult task but experienced companies/people can perform very well in such tasks and projects. There are different types of Graphic Designers with different approach to work on a graphic design project with perfection.

  15. graphics designing is good for a company for its advertisement because the advertisement is a major part part of a organisation…..

  16. Graphic design is very much important to a business because it gives face to what your business is all about and a chance for your clients to remember the things that you offer. Graphic design gives a vital role in giving the business a chance to attract potential clients or customers.

  17. It is a cut-throat competitive world out here no matter whichever niche you belong to. Every business wish to have an online presence which has enhanced the need of getting a uniquely designed website for them. A graphically designed website provides you an edge over your competitors. There are several online graphic design marketplaces now days who offer attractive graphic design jobs to aspiring designers and also organize design contests to allow the customers access some fabulous designers easily. Graphic design has definitely become an essential thing to opt for now,Thanks!!

  18. Graphic Design is critical, people will remember your colour schemes / logo so you want something that is simple yet effective. People will also get a feel for how your business works just through the design.

  19. Prospective customers of any business are going to look for a web site and web design is definitely very important for any business. Because we should attract customers and to visualize our service or product through our website.

  20. Good sharing…!
    Graphics are important for any business. I think graphics is the best way to advertise you business. Visual design also attracts people. Agree with you graphic design is now very much part of the business mix. It’s very important to have good graphic designs for your business.

  21. Web design plays an important role in developing the business.It should be catch.Only then it brings more traffic to your website.Really your post is very informative.Thanks for sharing.

  22. Yeah.. Graphic design is indeed critical for every business. I will take an example of real estate sector; several real estate firms provide a good range of graphic design which can solve branding problems for companies and their clients.

  23. Graphics are important for any business. I think graphics is the best way to advertise you business. I Agree with you graphic design is now very much part of the business mix. It’s very important to have good graphic designs for your business. Thanks for sharing this useful information

  24. Good information! You definitely need a good graphic design to attract online customers. When your site is catchy and online users find what they need, this will definitely be a smash!Thanks!

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