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January 16, 2011 ,

It is Sunday and it is time again for Round Up where brilliant post from around the web is featured and share not to mention the spreading of the love. Round has been a success last year and is continuing throughout 2011. This year it is bigger and better where you the reader can recommend post to be featured here. How can I contribute to “Round Up”? Simple just find a post that you believe is worth sharing and then use the contact form to send me the title and link of the post you are referring and I will do the rest. Here is this week features.

(1)3 Ways To Keep Your Community Engaged – You’ve been writing for some time now, but your posts feels stale. You don’t have ideas on what to write or how to engage your community. We’ve all been there. The good news is it’s simple to keep your community engaged by understanding the three ways to produce content and keep visitors coming back to your site.

(2) Advertising binds you, PR makes you free when you are starting -Public relations is a far better exercise when it comes to slowly building your brand reputation. Many new-entrepreneurs and businesses tend to concentrate a lot on advertising and less on Public Relations. While advertising is equivalent to shouting from the rooftop about your product, PR is subtle. A PR campaign is more personal.

(3)Niche based blogging common known issues – All that starts well ends well. This is so true and of course the same goes with blogging. From what I have experienced in recent times, niche blogging is one of the toughest forms of blogging. Before moving into the same, I didn’t have much idea on how to go with my decision. It is exactly opposite to what I was experiencing being a personal blogger

(4) The Definitive Genius Guide To On Page SEO – Firstly I would like to apologize for my lack of posting this last week. Basically I have been bloody busy, I know it’s not much of an excuse, but it is one and I’m sticking to it. On Page SEO: I have lovingly created another video for you to watch, yes it is shorter than the last one (it’s less than 10 minutes). So have a cup of tea or coffee and watch it. As usual there is the written version after the video. I know not everyone likes to watch video.

(5) Personal qualities Of Online Expert Blogger – Thinking of selecting topics to write about made me think of blogs and people. I realized that how different people write same topic in a different style and come up with several different strategies and that led me to the conclusion that it all depends on the writer. Our blog posts portray what we are and what we want to be.

(6) 12 Best Free SEO Tools – Enhancing SEO Skills and Productivity – Let’s begin with the obvious; most successful SEO strategies do require tedious tasks which primarily include content creation, link search, analysis, link acquisition and more research. The good news is that there are loads of free SEO tools out there that can help make our daily tasks much easier.

There you have it for your Sunday post “Round Up” for this week feel free to visit these sites and leave your thought and remember sharing is caring

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28 thoughts on “Sunday Round Up”
    1. You are welcome Pete sharing the love is what lawmacs does i strongly believe that spreading and sharing is the best form of promotion for our blogs and this helps to built interaction with other bloggers.

    1. Great post Shabnam Seo is something we bloggers takes seriously and pay much attention to so highlighting that post is something worth reading Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate

    2. I am Viewing 12 Best Tools Now …. These are really Amazing !!! I read this Post few days Back But I missed the Link. Thanks for Highlighting it …

  1. Solid and great mix of posts for your round up Gary! I first clicked the link on Blogginggenius, but it seems that their hosting is down at the moment, I’m quite interested to see his tips about on-page SEO, since it’s one of my next topics for this week (I hope) and it’s going to be a good one (as I have already made a draft of it). And about my current experiment, I’m not seeing any extreme results from it yet, but hoping to see some changes this coming thursday – friday (the usual Google search algorithm weekly update).

    By the way, thanks for including my post about SEO Tools 🙂


    1. Looking forward to you new post jason there is lot of wealth and knowledge in your post i myself is not by any means an expert in Seo but it is a subject close to my heart as a blogger. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate.

  2. Hi lawmacs:

    I did not know that I am mentioned in your blog post. I naturally came here thinking of your site to write a comment. Thanks lawmacs for mentioning my blog post. I appreciate it very much. I also noticed you mentioned your site at the end I had a look at it. I will watch the video during the day, it is 6 am right now and My ear plugs are not with me, everyone else is sleeping.
    Your blog post writing style has improved a lot. Your linking is very professional.
    Keep up with doing better and best.

    fran A

    1. Your are most welcome Fran mentioning your post was easy as it was a great one and that is what round up is all about highlighting the work of fellow bloggers and share them around the web. Thanks for your kind words much appreciated.

  3. Together we can and Together we will 😉 Many thanks for listing it once again. It is really appreciated from my heart. And yes, I will surely check out all those links. Keep up the excellent work 🙂

    1. That is the spirit Aswani Blogging is not a one man game if we network and share on and another post then this can only help to drive traffic to our blog. Thanks for your support here

  4. Hi Lawmacs !!! This Sunday Round Up is Really Very Interesting, I like it Now I am Waiting for Next Next Sunday Roundup 🙂

    1. Glad to know that you enjoyed the Round Up here and don’t forget you too can send me the link of any great post you find on the internet and i will mention it here. Thanks for adding your comment

    1. Thanks Melbourne Graphic Design Sharing the love is what i strongly believe in blogging is not a one man game so we need to network with others and help each to raise the bar this will only help us all to succeed. Thanks for leaving your comment

  5. “Our blog posts portray what we are and what we want to be.” YES! I absolutely love this. A blog, even a business blog where there’s nothing “personal” on the site can still reveal a lot about the person, even if it’s just through observing their business practices. Then you can see if they’re a person who loves people, is ethical or unethical, and if writing is something they love or is a chore. What we write reveals a lot about ourselves.

    Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks Delena for taking the time to add your voice to the debate and i am glad you love this and for adding you voice to the debate looking forward for your continued support

    1. Thanks tarkett for your comment glad you found the post useful and i do hope that the links mentioned here are very helpful to you looking forward to see you around.

    1. You are right 12 Best Seo Tools is a fine article and jason is a brilliant guy who shares is knowledge of Seo with his readers thanks for taking the time to comment

  6. Great round once again. Seem that I missed the article about the 12 SEO Tools. You know I an addict for those things. Have a nice weekend and thanks for this share

    1. That was an article worth reading Ditesco Jason shares some great tips about Seo on his blog and the best thing about his Seo articles are that they are clear and easy to understand. Thanks for adding you voice to the debate

  7. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for sharing with us these informative posts! All these posts, especially on the ones related to SEO will be very useful for me.

  8. Sunday roundups is agreat feature at lawmacs..Its true that how different people write same topic in a different style and come up with several different strategies and that led me to the conclusion that it all depends on the writer

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