Ways to earn money online blogging

Making MoneyThe Internet offers endless possibilities to obtain extra income or complementary to your usual income. In fact, there are even people who live solely and exclusively from their online business, either it is web design or online marketing. Even if it seems hard to believe, this is possible. Today, thanks to the large amount of information available on the network, monetizing a website or a blog is not excessively complicated. Here are ways to earn money with a blog. After creating your blog or website with a great web design and good quality content then making money from your website should be your next goal.


Google offers you AdSense which is the possibility of inserting advertisements on your website and making money with a blog with the clicks that your readers make on them. This is the simplest way to start monetizing a blog since it can generate income from the first day. The only problem with AdSense is that you need a large flow of visitors but as far as your content is good, you will surely get a good audience. So marketing your blog along with a good search engine optimization strategy will go a long way with your AdSense earnings.

Sale of info products:

A blog also offers us the possibility of selling info product such as eBooks, courses or access to private areas. Logically, you must be experts in the field and be well positioned so that readers trust you and are willing to pay for your knowledge to make money with a blog.

Online store:

Along with your blogging, you can set up an online store. If you will start selling different products on your blogging site, and if people will buy it through your site, you will earn good money.

Affiliate systems:

Through an affiliate system, you can recommend products sold by other companies, such as Amazon, and get a commission for sales made in these portals if visitors come from our website.

Unlike the online store, here you do not need a logistics system since you do not store the product. In addition, you have two fundamental advantages: everyone is informed on the Internet before buying and you can “sell” anything completely passively.

Of course, the profit margin is smaller and you will only sell if the advertiser’s website finishes convincing the reader. The more products sell from your blogging site, the more money you can make. In addition, to start an affiliate system to your blogging site is quite easy.

Sell private ads:

One of the best ways to earn money through blogging is the start selling private ads. Once you will get enough traffic to your blogging site, you can easily sell private ads and can earn good money.


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0 thoughts on “Ways to earn money online blogging”
  1. Thanks for the info bro. Money making online is really a tough thing. Tried all possible ways for success in this area but failed most of the times. The main reason has been the failure to attract decent traffic on my site. Actually, having a decent traffic on the site is the best mantra of success with online money making. I can say with confidence.
    Anyways, I haven’t given up. Trying some new affiliate programs and improving seo to get the results. Hopefully, it should pay off.

    1. You got that right Bro making money online is getting more and more out of reach unless you can create a product to sell or even some online courses that fill a void there is not left other than affiliate marketing.

  2. Making money online only with Adsense is tough these days. Having own online store to sell products and affiliate marketing will take you a long way. However, you need to find the right product to sell to the hungry crowd 🙂

  3. Hey GARY. I am also an avid blogger blogging part-time and changing to change the web one blog at a time. I run on coffee and cold Guinnesses as well.
    I´ll be working on the tips you suggest on this blog post.
    Keep pushing us to the bright side!

  4. Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

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