Ways to Share Your ‘News’ or Blog Content as Online Marketing

Online marketing is like no other marketing, in the sense we are not only trying to get our message out, we are also trying to be found. The Internet is the only medium where users, can actively search for the content of our website and additional content we have posted on other sites. It only makes sense to develop content in a strategic manner to make it easier to be found by users. It only makes sense to develop content that is useful for clients and potential clients. In this sense, our content is our marketing. Here are some ways we can approach marketing through content sharing, and link it to the content we have on our website design and ‘news’ or blog.

· How to Videos. It only makes sense to use YouTube videos and a YouTube channel to distribute videos to help potential clients. Some people prefer to watch videos instead of reading text. YouTube is a search engine, and a heavily used one at that. If you have a blog, you can use YouTube to host your videos and embed them into your blog. We can save on our own storage space, and we can take advantage of being directly in YouTube’s search results. Make sure you use appropriate tags and proper descriptions of your videos so they can be found by YouTube and Google’s search engine. Google still cannot actually watch your video.

· Forums. We often turn to forums when we are trying to find particular information. This makes them the perfect place to be a part of when we are actually marketing ourselves. Again, we should be conscious of our keywords as forum results will also come up in Google search. We should spend the time to find the appropriate forum for our business with the right type of user – one that matches our potential target client. We can link to our existing online content to assist with answers to user questions and issues on the forum.

· Social Media. Facebook and other social media sites can be used for more than just snippets of information. We can work on Facebook like we work on Forums. We can address issues and we can raise them. Linking from Facebook and other social networking profiles to our existing content, or new content for particular issues we see arise on these sites. Facebook in particular, is very friendly towards links. For example, an image is easily incorporated to our link on Facebook – automatically, in fact. Not all Facebook marketing needs to be inside Face book. It can be used as a point to leverage from.

· Website Posting. While there are number of ‘e-zine’ sites where we can post content and direct readers to our own website, these websites are not getting the value in searches by Google after changes in May this year. We need to search out websites, which are respected in their area of content, and attempt to post content on those sites. They will accept our content when it is appropriate and of benefit to their readers. In this method of external posting, we can greatly raise our profile among an established reader base.

They key to making the most of these links is correct anchor-texting. This is the art of SEO (search engine optimisation). By anchoring the words and terms relevant to our website we build up relevance for Google. Over time, this will see our website and our own blog rank higher for those particular terms. Not only will users see our content because of where we have placed it, we are working towards being found in a standard Google search.


34 thoughts on “Ways to Share Your ‘News’ or Blog Content as Online Marketing”
  1. Gary,

    Some wonderful ways here to geet your “news” out. It is all about connecting with others, and each and every one of these methods is a great way to make that connection and do it in both a manner that can be found by, “search engines” and real live people.


    1. I agree to your view. It’s all about connecting to people. In any of these techniques like on Social Media networks, connection is a vital factor to succeed in being viral.

  2. Social media site generate good traffic and your business can emerge by the help of social networking site like facebook, twitter etc. you can get potential client for improving to your business. indeed I applause your blog and you deserve eminent blogger.

  3. I agree that online marketing is very much different from the ordinary marketing. It has more facets than the ordinary marketing. It really involves a lot.

  4. nice article really like this your blog is lika inpiration for me to run my site .thnx for sahring your great article with us .gud work keeo it up.

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  6. Now with Google Caffin update < it became necessary to participate in the kind of websites that you have described above to lower the overall impact on your site for the change.These are the sites Google may examine to display the latest stuff on the net for specific industry niche.

  7. There are a lot of ways you can promote your blog – the most important of which you have mentioned earlier in your blog post. What is most important here is that besides the importance of those links you get for the sake of SEO, you also should get some exposure on the market.

    If the source you advertise yourself in has a lot of traffic and gets you 100+ hits/day..then it’s totally worth it.

  8. A blog is at its best with great content as the saying goes “Content is King” how many time we hear it? The internet is a great place to Market any products or services it is access by millions daily and that figure is increasing everyday.

  9. Online marketing is the most required thing for any internet based businesses to earn good benefits.

  10. You are right because of Google panda update many article directories are black listed by the Google. From 2011 Google and Bing has accepted links from facabook and twitter for the ranking of the sites under some selected keywords.

  11. it is the best article .it would be very helpful for those who are interseted in this sector .nice one like u r article gud one .it helps in future

  12. For us to share our news or any news for that matter to be widely spread around the globe, and for us to be found, social media network is the answer to it….

  13. All these methods are best to show up the online reputation. And high quality content is the key for the success. I think social media is a proven method to drive tons of traffic for a site.

  14. Hi lawmacs,
    It is a very nice and informative post.Thanks for sharing the ways to share news or blog content as online marketing.This post is helpful for many bloggers especially for those who are new to this field.

  15. Through video we can do marketing in a good way as many people can receive message in one session in less time.

  16. Very useful tips and recommendations about sharing content. I would like to say that sharing content with people in the right way it is possible to obtain a lot of incoming links for a website, get additional targeted traffic to an online resource that is converted into a website revenue.

  17. Thanks for this, it’s really useful. I’m new to online marketing, and finding it hard going. You’ve made it simple to understand several methods here. I’ve not seen much info on using videos and youtube, so thanks especially for that. Great post!

  18. This is a very informative post. A lot of bloggers will benefit from this and it would be very helpful for those who are new in this field. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  19. Hi,
    It is a very nice and informative post.Thanks for sharing the ways to share news or blog content as online marketing.All these methods are best to show up the online reputation. And high quality content is the key for the success.

  20. There are lot’s of ways to share your news or blog on internet.social media marketing is good to share your news or blog.you should write a good content of your news or blog.use a good content which is easily understand by clients.

  21. at some point when your mind stop working and you are not getting any ideas to go on then read this article………quite inspirational

  22. Interacting with other bloggers that are in the same niche as you can prove to be very helpful. It’s pretty hard figuring things on your own but when you and other people are going in the same direction you can help each other and motivate yourself.

  23. Facebook marketing is a fascinating subject. Can anybody advise me how to do this without being dubbed a spammer?. Thank you.

  24. its really good post.. social media marketing is good to share your news or blog..!i found your blog through googling. your blog gives to us very good knowledge….1
    thanks for this blog..!

  25. This blog is really nice.. i always read your blog.. your all blog are impressive and i agree to your view. It’s all about connecting to people. In any of these techniques like on Social Media networks, connection is a vital factor to succeed in being viral….!!!!!!!!!!!.I think every seo learner is get this kind of info from you. thanks for this blog

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