Best Web Design Tips For Bloggers


September 17, 2009

Web DesignDesigning your first website as an amateur may seem very hard however it may seem there is software out there that will allow even the novice to build a website without no knowledge of web design are coding. From my personal experience, every web designer should have some knowledge about the basics of hand-coding a website this gives them the opportunity to correct errors if and when the need arises. Two of the most important factors to consider when designing are

Repetition and Clarity

A web user should never have to figure out how to use the navigation on a well-design website, navigation should look and feel the same on every web page this gives the visitor the idea that they are still on the same site.

By repetition I meant keeping certain visual elements in the same place Logos – a recent survey shows that about 90% of logos are placed on the top left-hand corner of all website if this is where your logo is on the main page keep it that way throughout the entire site having site navigation links and certain visual images in the same place on your site in the same order maintain the similar look and feel throughout.

One very cheap and easy way to promote your website and is increase link popularity is by linking to other websites with high traffic volume. Do some research surf the web find some sites with the same are similar contents as yours and request a link exchange. One popular site is link Metro this site offers you to put a members’ link on your page then request they do the same.

Web Design

However for good search engine ranking the relevancy of your link exchange must be of relevance that means linking with a site of similar contents as yours so remember that providing information for your visitor is more important than just a good page ranking Add quality contents to your web site, a page with good contents attracts search engines and encourages visitors to stay create pages for feedback.

let them review your site give their ratings ask a friend to review your site content before publishing look at the site from a customer point of view and remember that when you publish your site it goes globally.

Find a topic that you are good at and write an article about that topic publish it to other members website with a link back to your site this will encourage visitors to your website at this point you may be able to convince them to stay, make your paragraph short and straight forward try to avoid too many lengthy paragraphs chose the color and font size of your text carefully make sure that they blend in.

If you try these methods and nothing works try altering the layout of your website Just Remember if you try 99 times and fail tell yourself I have not failed I just find another way not to do it

Research Keyword Phrase Search for keyword phrase to optimize for by using some tools such as Keyword Discovery or you can use Word tracker Google ad words or yahoo search marketing
Link Popularity Link popularity works best when the two sites exchanging links have something in common e.g. site A – lawmacs Web Design linking with Gary web design Studio this would work best because both web sites are promoting web design services therefore web design is the common factor in this case


14 thoughts on “Best Web Design Tips For Bloggers”
  1. Nice tips on web designing.

    I agree with you that a even a newbie should have some basic knowledge about html.

    Linking is good from SEO point of view as the better you link with websites on your niche better will be your PR. But i recently read somewhere that Google PR is dead…….

  2. Bro, This is one of the best posts from your side. Web designing is never an easy task. Your tips make it look so easy for people like us. As a blogger, I feel everyone should read this and apply it for best results.

    "Just Remember if you try 99 times and fail tell yourself I have not failed i just find another way not to do it "

    Well said. great lesson for everyone 🙂

  3. This article is a good overall view of web tips. As far as linking goes, bloggers should know that while linking to a site with good rankings can bring up your own blogs seo rankings, linking with a site with lower rankings can bring your sites rankings down. Thats why you’ll often get e-mails saying something like, "my site ranks 3 on page rank. Looking to rank with sites with a 3 or above ranking".

  4. Thanks for the recent. Your blog has some great info. Thanks for sharing. I know I can learn a lot from you. Keep educating the masses. Many Blessings!


  5. Well done on this useful tips on web design Lawmacs. Having a well designed website helps increase the users experience and makes the compelled to look for more.

    Your SEO tips are all good, but If I may, I would suggest for you not to worry very much about link exchanges as they are most of the time considered as reciprocal links and therefore no longer count as valuable as it used too. Other than that, excellent post and keep up the good work. Will be visiting more often.

  6. The preliminary step is aim to maintain the site simple, understandable and translucent to attract visitors going in to your page and so bringing them closer to buying a product.

  7. Nice tips for web designing specially for those who are new to web designing. It is very important to design a web site such a way that users finds it very useful and get unique content to read so that they come to your website repeatedly. Combination of good design and unique and fresh content can give you more visitors and good ranking in Search Engines.

  8. Well Web design website compelled to look and toward to your website and it is increase traffic more. Blog and forum posting to give good help in the keyword ranking. I would like to appreciate your task lawmaces.

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