Good Website Design and Content


October 9, 2009

When designing your website you should always remember to design your site not the pages your main goal should be to make it easier for your users to use design your entire site in such a way that it appeals to your visitors and as we learned that a good first impression last. Although it is said “Content is King” a well design site is a pleasure to look at your visitors will used it for inspiration and blog about it bookmark it and even submit it to design galleries this can be a bonus for you it is free publicity so enjoy it.

Writing good Content has its benefits along with the brilliant article you still needs to engage your readers, don’t be afraid to express yourself to your readers  and never forget to keep your website current this can be done by posting regularly keeping the content fresh give your readers fresh content to read something new to submit to their favourite website like Digg or twitter.

I guess some bloggers will agree with me with this that a some point  they get their favourite editor write a brilliant post and waiting for the comments to come and they never arrived this can happen but don’t panic sometimes brilliant post needs some where to go some one to should about it email you friends tell them about it join some forum ,comment on blogs leave your links in your comments but don’t over do it some bloggers see it as spamming.

One great way to promote your blog is through Guest Posting this helps brings credibility to you as a blogger imagine been featured on some popular website like the this can only leads to more links for your website.

Real Simple Syndication or RSS for short is a great tool for bloggers it helps get the news that your blog is updated by allowing your readers to subscribe to your post and have the information delivered straight to there inbox  this helps to reach a wider audience and build your readership.Having a blog is great way of building rapport with your audience and it is manageable by a single individual and publishing information on the web to millions of users and search engines loves blogs.

Designing a good website and having brilliant content is wonderful however you still needs to publish your blog whether through social network sites or paid advertising what ever the route you take it takes time for your to get recognize and get some high page rank and become well known.  


10 thoughts on “Good Website Design and Content”
  1. Good Design and Useful contents are great combination of a blog to success. SEO friendly and good promotion through our network will make our blog more exposure.
    Thanks for the article Gary 🙂

  2. Another great post from you Lawmacs 🙂 . I agree with you that a site to be successful you need to have a good design, good content and ofcourse readers.

    Your articles will help newbies in blogging a lot. Keep posting.

  3. Completely agree to what you wrote. As a blogger, I feel that one needs to give equal importance to the design factor. You may have the best of the contents but then if its not presented well through a well designed blog then it all goes in vain. A good site design plus equally good content makes your blog stand out from the crowd.

  4. I do agree with your post. The design of the website is very important and so is the content. Of course a nice and attractive design will inspire users to stay on your website or blog for more time and a good and unique content will inspire them to come to your website again and again. So both are very important to make your blog or website successful.

  5. We create effective website designs that clearly communicate your message to your target audience. Our craftsmanship establishes elegant user experiences. We provide marketing campaigns with measurable results. We build clever infrastructure for web applications ensured to efficiently work all the time. We ensure to grab your viewer’s attention by providing high-powered audio and video presentations.

  6. With more than two billion users of internet across the globe it has evolved WEBSITE as the most imperative marketing tool of any business establishments. For business owners the use of Internet can shrink the entire world in one computer providing them with ample opportunities to craft global presence through their websites.

  7. Content is king of seo, if you update your website content time to time then sure it will help in your keyword ranking and generate good traffic. Indeed your post is informative.

  8. With over 23 Million new website every year, only a small portion of them will ever be seen and found on the search engines. Every do-it-yourselfer should take the time to understand how to build the rich content sites with proper on-site SEO and off-site SEO so that their content will be found.

  9. When you start creating your blog, then it is also important to consider its web design which help you attract more visitors and to start building links then you should have good content.

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