Web Design What’s Your Views?


June 21, 2011 , ,

web designWeb design is applied as a common subject to identify any of the assorted projects required in producing a web page. Particularly, this mentions to businesses concentrated on constructing the front of an internet web page. The common terminology utilised to tell a web browser how to deliver data is called the Hypertext Mark-up Language more generally known as HTML. A more exacting variation of HTML is also broadly expended, it is acknowledged as Extensible Hypertext Mark-up Language also known as XHTML. Practicing HTML or XHTML, a web graphic designer is capable to assure a web browser how a web page should be visible.

Web page uses HTML to form the core structure of the web page and then we incorporate the presentation of the web site using Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. This method has numerous outstanding results and is gaining likeness whilst time goes on. By a theoretical point of view, the work of web construction can be rather tricky. Contrary to more conventional print media, hypertext mark-up language suffers a quantity of adaptable elements. To begin with, not every browser reads HTML according to the criteria produced by the acceptable setting consistence, the internet syndicate, also acknowledged as W3. This implies that although one piece of web blueprint will emerge as the designer wishes it to in one browser, it will be seen entirely different in another.

There is another main restricting dynamic of web page design is the array of setups a web site might be seen in. Although illustrative designers have experience to know accurately how large the paper they are printing on will be, a web designer must answer for distinct monitor sizing (varied display settings) whilst producing a layout stable and sufficient enough to allow for the consumption of pictures and other necessarily sized images. Likewise to XHTML and CSS, internet page designers frequently utilise an amount of system aimed terminologies to provide more ‘zing’ and interaction on their sites.

The theories for web design are literally limitless, whilst at one point they were quite forced by the limits of the web browser itself. With the stability of Flash and additional integrated technologies, these limits have been all but removed, permitting for a adaptability and changeability that disputes the vision of anybody involved in World Wide Web design.


24 thoughts on “Web Design What’s Your Views?”
  1. Great summary/overview of the concept of “web design” in general and HTML. I’m still waiting to see where people go with HTML5 (which Steve Jobs famously declared would render Flash irrelevant… we’ll see!)


    1. Thanks for your comment like you i am following html 5 closely it seems that it intend to revolutionize web design but lets not get carried away we have to wait and see.

  2. I keep mines simple and to the pint. No reason to get so fancy, beaus it just scars people off.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    1. Hi Traffic Coleman it seems that this is your first time here i would like to say welcome to my blog keeping web design simple is the best option but sometimes depends on the audience we might need to be a bit fancy. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  3. I have yet to dip into HTML5 but I hear a lot of good things about it. I’m usually skeptical about things, but I’m hoping that the hype is warranted.

  4. Web Design…hmm. Nothing is as fascinating as the same. I love to see a beautiful design and I will do anything to have the same. I have been working on the same for my site and I think still a lot is to be done as far as design is concerned. People have appreciated it a lot but I still want to make it look more appealing and effective. Hopefully very soon..!

  5. Your article is very well written and clear – I understood it completely without having to re-read any of it. Thanks for being so informative.

  6. I like the new trend away from flash. Open standards are always good. XHTML and CSS on a good MVC based CMS like MODx is the way to go, today. HTML 5, tomorrow. The standards have to be fully set and implemented for HTML 5, before I fully switch over. Spicing up the site with jQuery instead of flash, and it works pretty much everywhere. – Even on the iPhone.

    i like web design more than I used to, a few years ago.

  7. HTML 5 is the best to design your web and its very latest one to attract people with its creativity. great post thanks for sharing

  8. Good information about wweb design and I learn a lot of things on how to build an effective web design to your sites, design actually is very much important to implement because it is one of the help to attract readers and visitors!

  9. The biggest thing for me about web design is the struggle between following the norms and being unique. We all want our site to be unique, yet most are too afraid to try something new. So even if a site uses different colors or layout, the features are pretty much the same. I can’t wait to see people stepping out of their comfort zone when it comes to designing their websites. Web 3.0 anyone? 🙂

  10. Great views and points in web design, I agree html5 is good for web designing. All in all I want a simple web design, something that is very refreshing to look on and good.

  11. logos must be simple, because extra designed logos will confuse the people and misunderstanding them

  12. Nice sharing. I think a good web design is very important for any website. It can turn a visitor into a customer or turn them away. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I think that all of us can create a small good webpage. To do this we don’t have to know how to create a back-end. Learning HTML and CSS will be enough.

  14. The Web development NJ professional would also
    tell you to focus on bigger images and addition of flash
    based content to increase the media rich appeal of the website.
    Well, back in the day, when you were designing a web page, it would be viewed on a desktop computer or laptop so
    you could use fixed widths or. Websites that give a
    very boring look with only text part as the content can be made to look fashionable and hi-tech by adding flash website design elements.

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