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May 16, 2010 , ,

Someone told me once that I lack a basic knowledge of designing – since then I have tried to improve myself. I am no web designer as they are the guys who can make your blog /site look great than it really is.I have nothing against a great designed blog, but a great design is not going to solve your business purpose. Never ever.

You need to realize a few things about blog designing:

1. Blog designing is not everything: If you want your blog/site to do well you need to achieve a basic business plan . Many times we hire web designers to design our site but forget the basic question – who are our readers? whom I going to sell my products? If you don’t know that to whom you will sell your products then I am sorry to say that a great designed site will not do any good to you. First you need to decide about your potential customers to whom you will be selling your product then you need to think about the designing part as then only it will help your site to do business.

2. Content is King: Before designing your blog /site you need to decide what you have to say. A quality content is what really drives a blog to success. When you have quality and unique content in your blog then only you get readers which are you future customers. You should not forget the fact that CONTENT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE KING.

A good design mixed with some quality content will make your customers /readers come again and again.

Designing won’t do miracles to your bog. It is for sure a valuable part of creating a brand image of your blog but it can never be a substitute for quality content .

After all you just don’t buy a product because the packaging was great – there has to be something good inside it.

Feel free to share your views ?

Author Bio

This is A guest Post Written By Shabnam Sultan of Techiezlounge a very good friend and a passionate about Blogging. She is the awner of other blogs writes about Technology and astronomy and is very good at what she does

21 thoughts on “Blog Design: How Much importance We Give”
  1. Firstly i must say thank you Shabnam for doing this guest post it is most appreciated and for me i think it is very important to pay attention to your designing of your Blog although content is king we should make sure that our blogs are easy to navigate and loads at a reasonable speed.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Having a great looking blog is nice but it’s not the key to success. It’s like being all dressed up with no where to go:)

    I agree that "content is king". The success of your blog is generally determined by how well you provide information that your readers are seeking. Having an appealing design might keep your visitor on your site and navigate around but it’s always the content that keeps them coming back.

    Your design should also be optimized for the search engines. You might have the greatest looking site on the WWW but what good is it if no one ever sees it?

  3. Content is always a huge factor. Without it – how can you tell people about your product effectively, or deliver an important message. How can you influence people?

    Your blog design is not just the graphics itself, but also the way you have set up your site. Its navigation, and the areas you want people to go to. If you just put your content on any old way, you are not effectively planning your site out.

    Regardless if your site is a business, non-profit, community niche site, or personal site, you do have to pay attention to your design or it will not give you the proper branding that you want. You want your site to be memorable, right?

    For myself, as a professional web designer, I look for these things when I do paid consults because I know when my suggestions are applied, there is a noticeable difference. For example, I took a local podcast, redesigned them and they went from 14million in Alexa to 1.5 million in less than 3 weeks. People were able to get to where they needed and they got there on a pleasant journey.

    I think a lot of people forget that you do not have to have some expensive design out there. Some make great impressions with a minimalist design. If you are a competent designer, you can put together a great plan. 🙂

  4. Nice and Interesting Post.. Content is the King.. Like Wise Good Design is Queen..

    King Will be More Powerful with Queen! Both are Important! 🙂

  5. Don’t judge the book by its cover. 🙂 Indeed, a good design is a chance for branding, it’s recognizable and definitely an added benefit for a website. Content and design should go hand in hand. Losing either one won’t be ideal.

    Great seeing you here, Shabnam.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  6. Hi Shabnam, it is very nice to see you guest posting here on Gary’s blog. I think you have made some excellent points here and I’m sure Gary is glad to have you around. Thanks.

  7. A very well written post. of the things which interests me the most. As a design enthusiast, I believe that it should be given highest priority by any blogger or a webmaster. No doubt, first impression is the last impression and so why design becomes so important for any site. You must really work out here first and then you can move ahead with the content part. Now, as Shabnam pointed out, is so very important for those who are involved in a online business to understand their market or say, potential buyers first. Once you understand your potential buyers, you can then plan out your site design in a much better way than what you would have actually done.

    Also, I would like to add one thing. Design is greatly influenced by the theme of your site. using proper color combination and aesthetic layout, you can really make yourself a good designer.

  8. Thank you Shabnam for sharing this post here. I agree with what you said about blog design. For me, the blog should be design for the people who are searching for info or product online and for design purpose.

  9. Most websites fail to generate as much business leads as they are intended to and this is largely due to ill placed information, lack of information or poor usability. A rational customer, before making a purchase, would actually like to know how well you support your product service after he buys it. And more often than not, the home page or the main information page on the websites highlights the ‘buy now’ or ‘buy today’ with the customer support / product support link hidden somewhere in the footer or the far corner.

  10. Well…. Blog Design helps a lot in stigmatizing the site.. So it do carries an important role in posting a Blog! :)… And off course the content of the Blog is really ‘The King’.. Definitely!!

  11. Ya Shubnam exaclty  good one CONTENT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE KING.CONTENT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE KING.CONTENT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE KING………..rather than Blog design…thanks for sharing..

  12. That’s right. Design is not everything that can make your blog success. The main thing needed to make your blog or site successful is its content. If the content of your blog is unique and good informative, then your blog is always better. Of course, design of the blog is helpful to get visitors but content is more important.

  13. Excellent Content are Very Useful to Grab Customers or Visitors Attention, Content is Really the King 🙂

  14. Fantastic post written by Shabnam.Really we all appreciate your work on this guest post.We also thankful to blog author to share awesome article in your blog.I hope you ll continue your work and share like these article with us in future.
    Once again,appreciate your great work.

  15. Content is king, that’s true. But content should need to be unique and information related to topic as well. This does not mean, you just posting jokes on web design blog regularly which is also kind of unique.

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