Choosing Your Platform And Web Host


March 24, 2010

This is a question been bugging me for a while so i have to put it to you my readers and let us have a debate about it. There is no doubt in my mind that WordPress has established it self as one of if not the greatest blogging Platform around and it is improving every day. As bloggers we all have to start some where whether it be on a free host or paid hosting service, would you believe me that my first blog was a WordPress blog and i had a blogger account also?. Yes i started using the free service first.

Which Platform Do I Use?

This is a matter of personal choice, the platform you choose should be the one that you are comfortable with, don’t just choose a blogging platform because everyone is using it. As i have mentioned before i admire WordPress, However i found suits my needs just as much as wordpress. The beauty of is that it is written in a language i am familiar with i can chop and change the code to suit my likings like wordpress it is also an Open Source Project you can read more about it here. You wonder why i have not mentioned blogger here? well blogger is brilliant but for me i can never understand the coding behind and been a guy with experience in mechanics i love to pull and fix things.

Choosing Your Web Host

This is the next step that can cause misery when new to blogging “Choosing the right web Host” , to help you choose the best hosting services for your blog can become frustrating at times. Many websites offers reviews on the most popular hosting companies that are available but to be sure do your own research ask friends and fellow bloggers for their opinion. The problem i find with these hosting companies are that at first they seems very professional but after collecting your money then you are just another statistic to them.

In summary if you are using a free hosting service don’t  rush to move on although running a self hosted blog has its advantage this comes with over head cost. If you planned to move to a self hosted blog do your research choose a decent host . My blog at the moment is hosted by that link is an affiliate link,not set a professional people nor am i  trying to sell anything here just be careful as newbie bloggers this can be unwanted territory. that’s is please share this post with your friends and leave you comments. 


18 thoughts on “Choosing Your Platform And Web Host”
  1. One of the best articles from your side. very well explained. I don’t remember exactly but yes, I think I came to know about wordpress later otherwise I could have chosen it as my blogging platform. Nevertheless, Blogger too has been very for me till date. I just love it much more than the wordpress. Also, to be very honest..I never really cared about this blogging platform. Just went with my decision and I think I’ve done well enough till now..what say..bro! I just knew I could do it and that was all it in end. Though I think I’ve missed with most of the search engines except the mighty Google. Nothing to worry still 😉 Also, no keyword research before writing my posts otherwise it could have been far better in terms of traffic from the search engines. Anyways, I am happy still..The only reason I blog coz I really enjoy it and love to share it all with my readers. I enjoy writing to be more honest. And about the web hosting part, would have never gone for it. Blogspot was perfect. But still, I went with my friend’s suggestion and finally got it on godaddy. No probs till date..nice one I must say though costly 🙁

  2. Another fantastic post from you bro :). A great post for newbies in blogging and as well as advanced.
    I am having a free blogger blog and i am planning to shift to a self hosted one. Blogger has its own drawbacks and i think wordpress is a better option as it has lots of pluggins.

    A webhost should be done by doing proper research regarding your requirement.Self hosted blog increases over head cost so i will have to think about it.

  3. Well that is what it should all be about choosing a comfortable blogging platform and hosting although self hosting blogs can be very expensive.thanks for your input.

  4. Thanks for your input you inspired me to write this post and yes WordPress is far superior to other blogging platform but what it boils down to is personal choice.

  5. I have no background on website design or something, program, etc. I’m just a user. With WordPress I can manage my blog in easy way. WP is great for Blogger like me.
    The host? I’m using local web hosting, maybe one day I’ll use web hosting that you suggest here Gary.

  6. Thanks for your support Latief and i am gla to know that WordPress has made it easier for you as a blogger your blog looks brilliant and keep on doing what you doing brother.

  7. I think mine is the exception here because I am well understood with for my very first blog, I think that is the blogger plate form for me or peoples like me who don’t heard the other web companies except google and it’s services.

    I observed it’s easiest to deal with when you don’t know even ABC of internet and it’s languages.But in wordpress support I would like to say it gives your place a professional look and I hope to go with it for my next blog.

  8. Another excellent article my friend.

    When I started blogging just over 1 year ago, I started with a Blogspot blog. This was great for me because it gave me the opportunity to learn about blogging and it was free:-) One thing I didn’t like about Blogspot is the fact that I didn’t own my blog and Google could shut it down any time they wanted.

    Once I gained enough experience, I decided to try WordPress and get my own hosting. I really like WordPress because of all the options available and the support from the WordPress community. I chose Hostgator as my host and they have been outstanding with their customer service.

    As you said, it all comes down to what a person is comfortable with as well as what a person can afford.

  9. This a great, detailed and explanatory post, I wouldn’t recommend using godaddy because if you have any issue with them, they will take over your domain name and it cannot be registered elsewhere again.

  10. Blogger is Great don’t misunderstand me i just think without a doubt WordPress leads the way features and scalability.

  11. I still have a blogger account Robert and also a WordPress Blog Account never uses them much because i like to have control to pull and fix without restriction.

  12. Thanks Onibalusi it seems that this is your first time here i do hope you make another return and yes you are right Godaddy has thier fault but i stick with them for now Thanks for sharing.

  13. I also started my first blog on a free hosting on wordpreess, I agree with you that wordpres is the best blog platform in the world today. There are lots of good web hosting for blog today, with 2 to 3 click you an setup your blog.

  14. WordPress is the best for those who are new to blogging. It is free and user friendly, so that people do not face difficulties in setting up blogs on WordPress and you can get idea if you are willing to have a self hosted blog. Yes, it is right that one should be very careful in choosing web host if he wants a self hosted blog.

  15. WordPress is the best CMS for blogs with thousands of plugins. I used to use blogspot blogs but after I found out about WordPress , it was clear that WordPress is the way to go.I would recommend WordPress.

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