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February 28, 2010

My last post was titles “looking for Inspiration” many people think that i was moving away from my usual topic of Web Designing and other related fields in this post we will look at my favourite subject Website Design and if you look carefully i have just changed my website templates. One main piece of advice i would always give is whenever you are planning to design a website the first thing to bear in mind is the audience this is really important because they are the ones that are going to use the site although search engines are important but the usability is one of the key factor to any website success.

Design for User ability and Visibility

Your website should always be designed with your targeted audience in mind by this i meant if you are building a site about real estate then your target audience should be those looking information about real estate. Never be afraid to look at other successful website for inspiration take a leaf out of their book but don’t copy their design make sure your website stand out from the crowd blending in is not always the best thing i always advice to stand out from the crowd.

When you first launch your website or your client website you just speculate what the audience will be like or wants but after a few months live their will lots of tools to tell you what exactly the readers/visitors or doing on your website there and then you will be able to make the necessary adjustments needed to suit your client and to better planned your marketing strategies.  It is brilliant to have a well design site nice graphics some flash to enhance the appearance of the outcome but is it wise to choose style over substance ask yourself the question is worth it having a beautiful website but not indexed by the search engines, then now is the time to dig deeper and you realize that the inside was a complete mess your web design company id not pay any attention to the optimization of your website the ineffectiveness of your web designer just begins to hit you.

Do your Research

Having an effective website is one that is coded and written with search engine visibility and user friendliness in mind these sites usually gets better results from search engine traffic  the conclusion here is that you should design with your targeted audience in mind not just our personal preferences.


18 thoughts on “Designing Your Website”
  1. Very good post Lawmacs,

    Putting in mine your readers and blogging niche is one important thing while planning a blog or a site design!

  2. Very well explained and to the point. Nothing to be disagreed. Being myself a design enthusiast, I cannot deny the importance of having a well designed site. Even I had to work like anything on getting a right design for my blog and I think I ended up with a good one finally..what do you say bro 😉 Still, I believe many tweaks are to be done and hopefully I will be doing it in the times to come.

    Its been so common these days to see sites having a great content but when it comes to design, they fail like anything. Choosing a right design is so very important. It reflect a lot about what you want to convey to your visitors. I would also add, a good design increases page views and also reduces the bounce rate which I think is always a big plus for those who are into this pro-blogging. Nothing better can be hoped for then. Also, I see people complaining for not getting enough comments. I relate it too with the design factor. Content may be great but you need to present it in the best way possible. That is all possible if you have a great design with high user-friendliness. Ofcourse, search engines and other things comes next but then everything should be done completely if you really want to see you site at the top of others.

  3. Don’t panic sam help is always at hand we can help you and glad to know that you like the new design this is a result of not been able to write any new post i then decided that it is time for a new suit. Thanks for youe comments.

  4. You are right hesham this should be at the forefront of our mind when planning a site or blog design and even when were are redesigning our website.

  5. You are right aswani having great content is good but we need it to be presented to our visitors this will encourages more page views and to sum it up we should present the whole package.

  6. Nice. I like the new design — blue is a good strong color and the post background is easy on the eyes. The lighter blue for author comments is ‘cool.’ I’d make the time stamp not include seconds [had to mind one thing! lol]. Not sure why there’s a double menu on each page. Can’t you use the second one for blog post categories??? Many folks find a single post via search engine. I like to have a ‘recent or featured’ posts widget to engage them further…

  7. Thanks for your wonderful feedback i will surely take them on board as you may away still tweaking this layout so your comments are always welcome.

  8. Blogging niche is very important when we think about implementing design for a websites. A design also show the mind set of a person. I love simple thing, so I designed my blog look very simple and interestingly my reader also think that my design is simple. 🙂

  9. You are right Hossain simple design can work better that is the eason why i changed my design and go for the simpler look with less graphics and focus on the usability. Thanks for your comments.

  10. gotta say you got some interesting topics in your blog. I just recently redesigned my site too. Also fresh content is very important for seo as well as for user.

  11. I quiet agree with you a website or blog should be built around the targeted audience. One may need to research about the targeted audience and know what are the thing they will like to see when they come to your website, if they like your content, they will come back again and also send other people to your website.

  12. is professional Web Design Company of Delhi provides best services in website design like joomla, word press, J-query and more. E- Definer Technology (<a href="">website design Company</a>) is serving in web design field from last 15 years and has more than 325 clients.

  13. Design of a website is one the most important part while you are developing a website for your business. The design of a website should be clean, user friendly, attractive and eye catchy. Of course you can get idea from other successful websites which belongs to your niche, but make sure that you are not copying the same thing. Make sure that the design you are choosing for your website, represent your business very well.

  14. An awesome post. Really helpful information. Website design requires substantial planning and takes into consideration not just visual design but also content, tone and the way information is arranged.Thanks for sharing such a quality content.

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