Write For Readers And Design For Bots


February 2, 2010

Content is all about Search Engine this is what we as bloggers work very hard to achieve, getting good ranking means having  fully optimized pages but we often forget that we should write for readers and not Search Engines, yes when writing your content your readers should be priority and when designing your website your design should take Search Engine in mind. Before you digest this i must emphasize i am no expert neither with search Engines nor Website Designing i just share my opinion which are solely mines and also my experience with my readers. now lets get back to the main purpose of this post.

Creating unique content is very important for our blogs, using keywords, Bold texts and keyword rich titles are all important factors for search engine rankings and these also helps your readers identifies the importance of the topics.

Ask most Bloggers and writers they try as much as possible to include Keywords in their post, we al realize from some time ago that the inclusion of keywords in your posts is very important, However the key factors here is to ensure that your content is unique and readable for your readers however they are humans not robots and most readers will agree with you that having unique content is what makes your blog great.

Content is King how many times have you read that ?,well i am letting you in a little secret never forget that  king needs a Castle, this is where your Design skills play its part. With that said it is fair to say that your website design is the second most important area of concern for your blog.

Designing for Search Engines is where your SEO skills or your knowledge can and should play its part. Writing brilliant content is great but not having your pages indexed is a disaster it is like having a blog without content or writing rubbish. Having a sitemap and good structured navigation are prerequisites of a good website design. Another factor is that text based navigation should be preferred to flash or JavaScript structured navigation if your website is design using flash you should always place navigational text base links at the bottom of your website to compensate the flash ones. This will make it easier for the bots to follow and index your pages.

Keywords Placing these in the first paragraph is advisable this gives the belief that search engines place emphasis on this and also when the content is place closer to the top of your pages. The two main layouts seen today is the navigations on the left content on the right or the opposite where the content is on the left on the navigations on the right whatever layout you choose is a choice of yours the main focus should be that your pages are design that they are easily crawled and indexed.

The main purpose of optimizing your website is to ensure that your contents get index by all the major search engines and also the lesser ones. Writing unique and readable content should be at the top of your agenda and secondly designing your pages in such away that  they are easily indexed should be every website owners main goals. I have said my views now leave your comments have your say and remember to retweet of share on twitter.


14 thoughts on “Write For Readers And Design For Bots”
  1. Very true bro…… we write for our readers as our blogs are online because of them only. But at the same time we want our blogs to be indexed by search engines so here SEO is very important which should be done properly. A good design will definitely boost your readership . I have also tried to change my blog template and now i think it looks much better. Thanks , for this very informative post.

  2. I run several blogs in my spare time. One of the best things now is that when using WordPress, a lot of the hard work of SEO is already done for you, provided you understand the right settings and choose the right plugins. This is why many blogs quickly outpace normal websites in the rankings (other than the fact that they contain more fresh content).

  3. Absolutely right..bro This is the most important basic that one needs to learn as soon as possible. As an avid blogger myself, I too have been doing the same thing. Writing for readers is the must if you are thinking to be a long term blogger or a successful blogger. Blogging should be fun yet at the same time if really want to rank well for the search engines then you need to follow some seo basics. Writing for readers by following some seo basics can surely get you good rankings in the search engines. I too have experienced the same till date. And yes, you cannot deny the role of a good design which if done properly can boost the readership and loyalty to your site. For me, design has always been the top priority and it will be forever. Thanks for this great post.

  4. These are the basics we need to follow i have been chopping and testing with these two points for a long time and they are paying off but patience is also the key here brother thanks for your support

  5. Interesting bro, yes we are all love to write with the keywords around the article and good design will bring our article on tops. Great combination between contents and seo plus social media will give us a great result bro, just an opinion.
    Thanks for the article Gary.

  6. Boosting our readership is very important and this is one area i am targeting this year we wold all love to have lots of loyal readers this will increase our traffic and ultimately our earnings

  7. You are right latief writing for your readers and having a great design is a good combination and will certainly help our articles go on top in the search engines results pages and as they say content is king

  8. First of all I’m not good on SEO even not that much good on blogging. I learn everything from scratch but even on that time I always love a good design. It’s always good to see your blog as a reader eye and that really helps us to shortlist things. I believe simple looking theme with just basic HTML help both reader and search engine to read a blog properly.

  9. Truly said! Write for readers so that they like it and bring in few more readers and design for bots so that they scan your pages better and bring new users too!!

  10. Thanks for your support it is good to see you here since this is your first comment i take this opportunity to say welcome to my blog

  11. Yes I agree with your post. Content of the blog should be unique and to the topic. Readers love to read blogs that have a unique and good content. And Search Engines also love unique content. Yes, a properly optimized blog will get indexed in search engines fast and that will give more reader to your blog. That’s why it is important to optimize blog or website for better results in Search Engines. But one thing I would like to say is that Search Engine Bots give more preference to content than the design to follow your blog or website. Design of the blog should be good, clean and attractive to get more visitors but content is more important.

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