Drupal or WordPress are no comparison to CMS


March 6, 2011 , , ,

Recently we were requested to bid on a new learning management website since we’ve had a lots of experience with these kind of sites. The client was expecting to do this in Drupal since they experienced familiarity with that CMS system. Our primary team concentrates on Joomla! however we brought on a couple brand new folks that did a lot together with Drupal so I started out looking around and reviewing the specs and also comparing features etc. and slogging through the discussion boards. We have been dealing with several LMS techniques for Joomla Cms! for several years now so I merely took as a given that there were equivalents available for Drupal however I was greatly mistaken.

It really is blatantly apparent to me given that one of the areas exactly where Joomla! Content management systems really “Shines” in comparison to Drupal or WordPress is with understanding communities, since there are no legitimate comprehensive LMS options out there regarding Drupal like there are for Joomla cms! CMS.

We now have had great luck along with three crucial LMS components regarding Joomla! CMS:Joomla LMS is in no way the most thorough with the most comprehensive feature set but Joomlearn Silver Edition and Connect LMS have their own merits for straightforward sites. Joomlearn presents ecommerce however is not SCORM Certified where Connect LMS is SCORM Compliant but won’t have ecommerce. Joomla ! LMS offers equally ecommerce and also SCORM compliance in addition to learning routes and a lot much better student monitoring. In addition Joomla CMS LMS offers a net conferencing solution for virtual classroom sessions.Joomla! Content management systems with Joomla LMS components appears tall.

We all did a few comparisons several months back between learning administration systems in the market place and found that a Joomla! CMS having a Joomla LMS set up was extremely competitive using the even some of the larger and much more popular LMS’s however when you combined this particular with the adaptability of the Joomla! CMS platform and the social media and local community building resources in extensions like JomSocial there really is no other system that offers features as well as flexibility actually close.

Joomla  CMS is currently commanding 2.6 % of all web sites built web has the greatest global advancement community helping the project. At CNP Integrations we’re adding value with vast expertise installing this program but also inside curriculum style, interactive content material development as well as technical support.It’s exciting to become on the right train with all the right people and to have got solutions in which cost not nearly as expensive any from another location competitive alternatives.
Of course Drupal just like Joomla! Content management systems is open source and you can custom made code whatever you wish. Obviously though the next LMS RFP I see that asks for Drupal… well I wish all of them luck. Joomla cms! CMS with the right LMS extension (Especially Joomla cms LMS) is a long way ahead and will give you a much better value.

Author of this article is CRM 2.0 Certified, an award winning multimedia producer and open source technology expert with rich product knowledge on systems such as Joomla CMS, Connect LMS.As the founder of CNPintegrations.com & Joomladesignservices.com he is the principle CRM consultant and software configuration specialist. To know more about how to Increase Traffic to Your Website visit: – Joomla Website Development

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18 thoughts on “Drupal or WordPress are no comparison to CMS”
    1. Joomla is a fantastic content management system that can be used to build blogs or any form of website the only thing is that because of the popularity of blogging then WordPress overshadow everything else.

  1. Joomla CMS is one of the best available options,I have worked on it and found it quite useful.

  2. Very informative article differentiating between Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.
    Would you please suggest me that which one is best to make an internet website directory with a lot of options and features?

  3. I was search for a website design blog and found yours and got impressed. Your blog has really fantastic information to share and a great design indeed. So I decided to bookmark it. Thank you very much.

  4. I work at a web hosting company, and Joomla has been an absolute nightmare for us. I agree it definitely has more community plugins and functionality than WordPress. But most, if not all, the older versions have huge security holes. One of our customers’ sites has been hacked numerous times, and I noticed many other Joomla users also get hacked at the same wave of attacks.

  5. We used Joomla for a long time but the backend seemed really slow so we switched to WordPress and haven’t looked back. I do have to say though that Joomla is more versatible, it can basically do anything.

  6. Thank you for sharing this post about the best techniques for Drupal Development, This is very useful for Drupal Development and Drupal Development. Thanks again 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing this post about the best techniques for Drupal Development, This is very useful for Drupal Development and Drupal Development Company. Thanks again 🙂

  8. Back when we we’re starting, we had our first taste of working with Joomla. It’s not the easiest to work with but the wealth of knowledge in their forums is a great resource. Same with Drupal and WordPress. Your point about weighing the advantages of every platform is the best thing to do for everyone choosing between these platforms.

  9. Excellent post… According to requirement i use all CMS. According to me Joomla is nice CMS because it is easy to understand as compare to Drupal. Drupal is heard to understand those who have no knowledge about it. while in Joomla without knowledge user can use it.

  10. Definitely wordpress is better than any CMS, but for a change you can also try Joomla. Joomla is also having some cool features over other cms.

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