How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

social mediaToday, social media is not plainly used for leisure and sharing interesting ideas, photos, events, and more. It is now primarily used by many businesses. It helps many brands to promote their product and service offerings in a broader audience. As social media crosses its line to introduce more opportunities to business owners, there is an increased use of strategic tactics to obtain an edge in the competition. So, if you are a neophyte in the industry, it is a brilliant idea to include social media in your marketing strategy.
One of the well-known advantages brought by social media is its ability to drive traffic to company blogs. So, how can you use social media to drive traffic to your blogs?
Determine Your Distinct Selling Proposition
Blogs are characterized by a unique selling proposition. So, it is essential for you to figure out the perfect selling voice for your social media channels. There is a voice for a specific target audience, so you can ask yourself who do you want to portray with your brand.
In determining the wants, needs, and challenges of your prospective audience, you can create an opportunity to identify the right voice. You can do this by using these factors. You can have a perfect guide for crafting your blogs.
Make Use of Partnership
For you to survive the demands of social media, you will need collaboration. Remember, social media is not being a solo player, it is more of a collaborative space. Don’t miss the chance to reach out to other bloggers who can provide you with significant pointers and tips. You will never know what improvement they can share with you.
Bloggers have their nature of very welcoming and friendly, so you can ask them the perfect way to get the interests of your audience effectively. However, make sure that these bloggers know exactly what you want to cover.
Never Ignore Hashtags
Excellent and compelling content is the key to attracting your target audience. However, using hashtags can provide you with better results. In social media, the more you use many, interesting, and popular hashtags, the more you make your blogs attractive and noticeable. Imagine, after you posted your blogs together with amazing hashtags, your post will be reposted in just a matter of a few minutes. Also, this can help you gain followers.

Social Media Engagement
From the name it suggests, you need to be an active member of the social media communities. If social media users know that you are always active, they are more likely to anticipate your next posts. You need to make them feel your presence on your updates and posts of what you are trying to offer. By means of engaging yourself of the daily use of social media platforms, it will be easier for you to determine their preferences.
To add a stronger means of driving traffic on your blog posts, you need to combine it with the social media platform. You can take advantage of Lawmacs. This is where you will be able to improve your blogs while keeping your followers updated completely.

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16 thoughts on “How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog”

  1. Avatar of Aswani

    Nice post bro. For me, I haven’t had much success with social media when it comes to driving traffic on my blog.. One of the primary reasons for the same is not being so socially active. Until and unless you are active on social platforms, you shouldn’t hope for much. Occasional posting won’t do much.

    1. Avatar of Gary

      Hey, Bro I totally agree with you same result for me being a part-time blogger sometimes it is not possible to give all your social media accounts the attention they need but we should never underestimate the importance of all these social sites thanks for your input.

  2. Avatar of Shweta

    Hello Gary
    Just read your blog, I found it very interesting as nowadays we use social media to such a great extent and you suggested the ways how to drive traffic to the blogs using Social Media. So I would like to thank you for writing on this topic.

    1. Avatar of Gary

      Social Media can and is a great source for driving traffic to your website or blog however you need to spend time and interact with your followers or use the paid method which can be costly. Never underestimate the power of social media. Thanks, Shewta for your valid comment.

    1. Avatar of Gary

      Glad you find this post interesting and as the saying goes its never too late feel free to visit and grab your free copy of reputation management by subscribing to my weekly newsletter by doing so you won’t miss out and you get new post straight to your inbox. Thanks for your input very much appreciated

  3. Avatar of Vishal Dorge

    Buying backlinks is one of the worst backhats that results page to get ban from google. By emailing other competitors is definitely a great way to build backlink that way.

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