Social Media Trends 2019


July 25, 2019

social mediaA new year is a time to reassess all your efforts and look for ways to improve your marketing strategy for social media. Social media is always evolving, as with most digital marketing channels. People’s behavior is changing and social media platform technology and capabilities are changing. So what are the main trends in social media in 2019? I wouldn’t if I had to sum up that–well.

Instead, I would let Trish Carey, Marketing Director of the Software Seller Engine do it for me, as she perfectly put it in one sentence: “While in 2019 we’ll witness many changes, I can’t wait to see your audience again, to make various, specific and relevant messages and to create engaging content.” What we’re going to do right now is exactly that.

According to 30 of today’s top experts in social media, read about 10 major trends that are of most importance for marketers, brands, and firms in 2019.

  1. Love and Care about your Social Media audience:

If you don’t show your audience any love, why would you expect them to love you? In 2019, marketers should focus mainly on responding to your followers, after all, all about relations and involvement in social media. According to Jasmine Sandler, CEO, JS Media owner & operator, being authentic and timely is an important start.

“This means that customer complaints, problems, and questions are answered quickly,” said Sandler. “It is also important for the social brand loyalty overall that this really nurtures and supports a customer or audience first.”

Smart companies begin to understand, rather than simply using them in order to bring visibility and traffic back into your site, that connection and marketing of users through social media sites and apps means they are present and interact within the site and the application.

“Businesses must take the time in 2019 to understand their customers on each social media site, how they interact with the brand and then engage in the right tone, in the right medium, and in their communities.”

  1. Tell Truthful Stories & Share Moments That Matter:

Is 2019 the year of social media authenticity? Anna Crowe, Search Engine Journal Assistant Editor, believes that.”This means less static updates and more intimate and crude stories behind the scenes,” said Crowe. “Stories create a more transparent and meaningful user-brand relationship.” That means work for marketers and brands, as better story-telling is needed.

“We need to tell stories that matter to people, not to your brand, in order to overcome the conflict,” said Mae Chong, Brew Interactive digital strategist. “We have time to share, not your brand, with people. Finally, we must tell people, not yours, what secrets matter.

How do you find content that matters to individuals? The best response may be for Dennis Yu: “amplify the signal.” “Pick up and create one-minute videos on the same subjects and post the videos on Facebook, LinkedIn and on other channels,” Mr. Yu said. “You will find that one-minute videos have a greater reach of 400 to 500 percent compared to Facebook on LinkedIn.”

  1. Work with Influencers & Micro-Influencers

Mari Smith said influence-based marketing is a dominant development in 2019. “In Seasonal influences, will see great growth, and nano influencers. We will grow with successful campaigns, with ordinary digital citizens with 1,000-5,000 followers. “Brands and businesses will be looking for proven marketing strategies and in particular proven influenced agencies.” In addition, Nordic Click Interactive Partner and Co-Founder Adam Proehl expect marketing for micro-influencer to be a major trend in 2019.

Tools like Mavrck, Neoreach, and Tracker can help big brands to find and build relationships that cannot match any human being with key micro-influencers. Everyone is someone, in the social sphere, said Barrie Moran, Purple Imp’s director, and founder. “It remains essential to engage with these’ influencers,” Moran said. “The key skills of social marketers are to know who to speak to when, how to speak to them and how to shut down and hear.”

  1. Put Community & Socialization Back in Social Media

Is social media social? Is social media? What a nutshell.

But yeah, somewhere in that manner has forgotten this and been using it to promote traffic and brand awareness as a broadcasting medium, as the author of the “Content Code,” Mark Schaefer, puts it: companies have systematically taken the “social” out of social media for over 10 years.

“It’s becoming obvious to intelligent companies that people want more than artificial involvement attempts,” Schaefer said. “Businesses have to provide authentic communication to help people connect and establish meaningful relationships in order to break the clutter of our world.”




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  1. Hi,
    This is a very thoughtful article. Most of us try to amass huge followers and likes. But most of the time, we forget to think about the people who are reading at the other end. I think we have to add value to people’s lives so that we can get mutual benefits. Thanks for sharing this great article.

  2. Very well explained the modern trends for marketing, as we all know social marketing is powerful sources of getting engagements for people. so this article is really helpful to understand the dynamics of social marketing.

  3. I can’t imagine how you write these amazing posts, your blog is a great help for us. You are sharing everything which is the best part of this blog. I have learned a lot from your blog. Thanks again for a great article!

  4. In this era of Social Media it is obvious that branding and reorganization will come through this mass. The very first idea of marketing is you deliver quality goods and respond to your users. Social Media gives us the chance.

    Every big brand is now paying great attention to their community. Blind banner advertising or TV promo comes later now. You develop trust via social media. Which is a must thing for your reputation and your product doesn’t sell unless you have good reputation.

  5. I think Social Media Marketing is more important for Digital Marketing. Social media has become a tool for business promotions. Besides, driving traffic to websites, it offers a wide range of opportunities for marketers. So there is no doubt that Social Media lead digital marketing strategy. more information regarding social media

  6. Thanks,
    For publishing such great content. It was very helpful to me, People like you are essentially motivated by doing excellent work and produces something that impresses others.
    Much appreciation, keep up the good work. Thank you..!

  7. I agree with your words that we have to engage with our customers. Instead of just posting the content on our social handles, we have to engage our customers to deliver value to our customers.

  8. yes i Love and Care the Social Media audience… I have read several excellent stuff here..getting a hard work can be a awesome page. Very informative content Keep up the good work and keep sharing awesome article like this.

  9. I think Social Media Marketing is more important for Digital Marketing. Social media has become a tool for business promotions. Besides, driving traffic to websites, it offers a wide range of opportunities for marketers. So there is no doubt that Social Media lead digital marketing strategy. more information regarding social media

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