Why Your Small Business Needs to be on StumbleUpon

Stumble Upon is a growing social network that is quickly attracting a lot of new users. With an increasingly crowded social marketplace, you may be groaning at the thought of joining yet another social network. However, there are a number of benefits to adding one more to your repertoire and joining StumbleUpon. Here are just a few reasons why your small business needs to be on StumbleUpon:

More Exposure

StumbleUpon offers you numerous opportunities to create awareness of your brand, including sharing your content, getting your content noticed through more up votes, and building influence in your profile through followers and reviews. If you use the site effectively, you can get your links seen by many more people, and whether they ever follow the links through to your site or not, you at least have created more exposure for your brand.

More Traffic

Of course, the ultimate goal on any social networking site is to encourage click through so you can get more traffic on your own site. StumbleUpon is centered on sharing unique and interesting content to encourage users to find new websites. The more content you share, and the more content you encourage your followers to share, the higher your chances for getting users to click through to your site, driving your traffic.

Greater Targeting

StumbleUpon offers you a number of opportunities to make sure that your content is seen by your target audience. You can choose keywords and categories for your content to help the right users find it. As those users then up vote your content, it will be shown to other users who share similar interests, ensuring that you target the right audience.

Improve Klout Score

Though StumbleUpon is not currently linked to Klout, you can share your links through social media on StumbleUpon, driving traffic back to those profiles and helping to improve your score. The more traffic you get to your social profiles, the more engagement and the higher your Klout score. The higher your score, the more influence you have and the more you can command in advertising rates and other online business deals.

StumbleUpon is a unique social network that combines the interactive and sharing characteristics of sites like Facebook and Twitter with the voting and popularity model of sites like Digg and Reddit. It can help you build awareness of your brand, drive traffic to your site and connect with new customers. If your business is not already on the site, you should create a profile today.

Is your business on StumbleUpon? Share your tips for success in the comments!

Kim Willington is a freelance writer and researcher for Helpdesksoftware.org, where she has recently been researching ticketing systems. In her spare time, she enjoys antiquing and taking long walks with her retriever, Spencer.


0 thoughts on “Why Your Small Business Needs to be on StumbleUpon”
  1. As far as traffic is concerned StumbleUpon is a great site to bookmark your site and get decent amount of traffic.But having a good knowledge of how to use it effectively is the area to look for.

  2. I don’t think like that to have a use on stumble upon or others because i think we have some very good options like facebook and twitter then why should i go with stubble upon or others.

  3. I’m using Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and didn’t try StumbleUpon yet. But why not? There’s nothing to lose. I will give it a try.

  4. Nice blog. I am using stumble upon for my website promotion and i am getting so many visits to my site through stumble upon.More than 60 % people are using this site .

  5. As far as online marketing is concerned, I always feel the need to take advantage of all possible platforms and mediums. Thanks for suggesting Stumbleupon and for enumerating its benefits. More Power!

  6. Stumbleupon is a total and versatile solution that easily supplements our online marketing efforts and I’m glad that you mentioned how remarkable it is in terms of gaining better exposure and targeting the right leads. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I believe StumbleUpon has built some reputation already. Your small business can definitely do well if you link it to this social media platform.

  8. StumbleUpon may seem small-time behind Twitter and Facebook. But who knows? It may be the social media platform that would enable your small business to rise from others.

  9. I love StumbleUpon because it can drive you long term traffic. Most social sharing sites give you traffic spikes and not much after. StumbleUpon wont give you much traffic spikes but will bring a steady stream of constant visitors.

  10. I always use Facebook and Twitter for social media sharing. I totally counted out StumbleUpon but it really works excellently for online marketing businesses, too.

  11. StumbleUpon is an awesome platform. I remember when it came out a few years ago, I spent a good while stumbling upon new things that related to my interests. I still have a bunch of those websites bookmarked. Keeping your small business on StumbleUpon is a surefire way to get more viewers and potential customers. (: Thanks for sharing.

  12. I always thought StumbleUpon is one of the finest social media platforms. It’s just that Facebook and Twitter has made use of every particular function you would want for a social media to do for you. But thanks for reinstating the respect I have for this social media.

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