Top Tips to Stay Safe in Twitter

Facebook and Twitter these days keep people busy. There are some people who tweet numerous times in an hour and there are also some people who tweet once in a blue moon. Whatever your habit is, when you are opening the Twitter account, you should be concerned with your privacy and security. So, before you tweet further, take a look at some of the points to ensure security.

1. Give a second thought prior adding location to tweets

In Twitter, you get the option of adding location to your tweets. The feature is cool! Right? But there is a risk factor in this. Adding the location easily notifies others about your geographical location. Tweeting about how you are enjoying the vacations in a particular place can be entertaining for your friends but there are criminals as well who might follow your tweet.

Knowing your present status, these illegal commuters can enter your house and rob it. Hence, it is better to turn off this feature. For turning this feature off from your tweet, click “settings” option present in the drop down menu at the right side of search box. Then, uncheck “Add a location to mu tweets” and click “Save Changes” at the bottom of your screen.

Do you like to remove all the locations from every tweet already posted from your account? Click the option of “Delete All Location Information”. Wait for around half an hour and your work will be done.

2.   Enable Twitter security and privacy option

Apart from removing the location feature from the tweets, there are some more security options which you should enable. So, don’t wait further. Get to know about these security tools and implement them right away. Firstly, the option of “HTTPS Only” in Twitter “Settings” enables you to use your account through an encrypted connectivity so that the login information is protected. This option ensures that your login details are not hacked by eavesdroppers.

“Protect My Tweets” is another security option that will filter the ones who will receive your tweets. Your tweets will no more be made public.

3.  Avoid giving personal information in the profile    

Twitter is more public than Facebook and so, you should keep your personal details away from your profile. Give as little personal data as possible. Don’t give email address, contact details or any sort of private information that can be reaped by the hackers or Internet criminals.

4. Delete third party Twitter apps you can’t recognize or use

Like Facebook, Twitter too has spam apps. If there is an app which you don’t use or has not installed by any chance, remove it from your account. For this, choose “Revoke Access” so that the data of your account cannot be used. To prevent this access, go to “Application Tab” of the Twitter Account Settings.

Just don’t gather information about the different security measures, try to implement it on your account as well. By applying these, you are sure to have the privilege of accessing a secure Twitter account.

Author’s Bio: Talk to Kate O’Donnell for the best internet network security tool. Enjoy safe tweeting with her help!

0 thoughts on “Top Tips to Stay Safe in Twitter”
  1. Once i have faced a similar problem,.I haven’t set my security settings and have never thought of it either.But when somebody hacked into my account and on behalf of my profile name constantly doing tweets to my followers and believe me the tweets are just so irritating that i have to delete my account and make a new start from the scratch.

  2. These concerns adds up to face book as well. I got a life changing experience from Facebook as well. I updated my status as home alone one night and somebody came and scared the hell outta me by knocking on the door until I called the police. There after I decided not to update status about my personal life.

  3. The problem of hacking is at very high in the market so i think security is main concern here.
    Twitter has some facility to make there account secure and very helpful.
    Use that to make yourself at safe side.

  4. Thanks for sharing your top tips!I learned that I need to enable my security and privacy option and I will also avoid sharing my personal information.Very helpful post!

  5. Twitter is a top social networking web site so we should have minimum knowledge regarding to it. This post will helps to every one regarding how to stay safely in twitter.

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