11 Ways to Boost Activity on Your Facebook Page


September 27, 2012 , ,

With the growing popularity of social media, organizations consider it an important part of marketing planning. Facebook is an extremely powerful media tool to interact with the customers. Since Facebook page is a place where potential customers visit and share, it is important to increase the Facebook page activity so as to get people involved in your brand.

Here are some effective means of boosting activity on Facebook page and take its potency to the next level.

  1. Post consistently: Being the admin of your Facebook page you should post something regularly if not daily as this will give frequent visitors something new to read. If you are unable to do so, your page would be nothing more than a stagnant pond with the same old posts every time. Posting an interesting article, photos or a video does not take much time and draws more attention towards you.
  2. Interact on fan pages: If you want to boost fan interaction, then you need to be active on Facebook. This can be done by actively participating in discussions on other fan pages which will ultimately draw people’s participation on your page.
  3. Fan page partnership: This is as simple as “You do it for me and I will do it for you”. If you support other fan pages then those fan pages will do it for you too. This could be done by sharing their articles, pictures or linking their pages from your own page and they do it for you.
  4. Be genuine and realistic: Remember that your Facebook page is not only for advertisement but it is a platform to engage with customers. Be personal in your talks and let people see the human side of your organization through regular updates displaying your authenticity.
  5. Include pictures and videos: Use of pictures and videos on your Facebook page makes it attractive. Interesting videos and pictures related to your brand will keep your customers busy and will never make them bore of your updates. This will definitely increase the activity of your Facebook page.
  6. Ask questions: This is a very effective way of receiving response from your fans. You can post questions which you want to know from the customers and know what they have to say. Make it frequently to engage well with the customers. Also if they have some query, they can interact with you. You can ask any kind of question, be it subjective or multiple choice.
  7. Create polls and surveys: You can answer other people’s polls while you are logged in your Facebook page. You can also make polls and surveys for your own company and know other people’s opinion. Create interesting polls and surveys and soon you will see your fans participating more than ever before.
  8. Enable sharing: Not only it is important to make status updates frequently but also every piece of content is important and it should be spread well around the Facebook. So allow the sharing of your content and you will have more number of people noticing and responding to your activities.
  9. Follow-up to the posts: Once you post a status, image or video, your task isn’t over. You need to respond back to the people who have replied to your post or poll. You can post a reply or like their comment so that they turn up again to your page. Make them realize that you notice them and that they are important to you. Their replies and your response will result in boosted activity of your Facebook page.
  10. Include special offers and freebies: This is what followers appreciate and to find what can be theirs for free will bring them to your page and thus increasing the Facebook page’s activity. Make sure you provide the followers what they want and the special offer is capable of attracting people out there.
  11. Make your blogs visible through Facebook: This is another effective method of boosting activity on your Facebook page. You can do this by using Word Press plug-in and allowing people to comment on your blogs via Facebook. The best part of doing this is that if people use Facebook to comment on your blog posts, people in their friend list can see this in their newsfeed. This will surely make more Facebook users to notice you.

Author Bio: Stuart McHenry is a marketing consultant at McKremie a company that provides local seo orange county help.

0 thoughts on “11 Ways to Boost Activity on Your Facebook Page”
  1. Asking questions from the fans on Facebook is the best idea to interact with them and get reviews about them frequently.It makes the interaction much better.And having some polls regarding your question itself is another option to boost up the activities on your page.

  2. Many people are visiting Facebook everyday,it is an advantage to post your products there.Communicating on your visitors and responding to their concerns is really a good thing to do.Posting consistently is also best.I like everything you post here.Thanks for sharing..

  3. A Facebook Page is also a Fan Page. You can create and make one for much about anything like personal interests and more importantly about your business. It also establishes your business brand name.

  4. How do you feel about sharing your Facebook fan page posts in groups that are active within the social site? Within sports there are groups that are very active so I like to share my posts to those groups for extra traffic.

  5. I agree with all that you said.Facebook is a good for business.Interacting with your visitors is best.Responding in your visitors questions forms a good relationship.

  6. Thank you for sharing this post. Boosting your activity on Facebook is extremely important because it is the biggest social networking website so you can get a lot of visitors through this. I think communicating with your visitors is vital if you want them to carry on visiting your site.

    1. With the growing popularity of social media, organizations consider it an important part of marketing planning. Informative post.

  7. Rightly said–Consistency plays a very critical role in ensuring our success on this social media platform and it’s equally important to sustain the interest of your fans by interacting with them as much as possible. Thanks for the valuable share.

  8. Facebook has definitely revolutionized the way we interact and promote our businesses. Thanks for making these great recommendations.

  9. I agree with the points – the thing is, you need to be focused. Focus on interactions so your EdgeRank improves. Then more fans will see your page. Get interaction first – THEN build your page. I agree about frequent posting, though not so frequently your interaction % drops. Special offers & freebies can definitely boost interaction.

    Good post!

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