Is Content Still King?Time For Another Round Up

The Round up continues here and as always i would like to share my blog walking journey with you i visit a lot of blogs during my spare time some randomly and some i am led there after reading contents from site i visit very often. The blogging community is growing daily more and more blogs are popping up social networking websites are changing and the big players in the internet industry are snapping up the smaller ones and so on and so forth. As i travel along the web there are always some very interesting debate going on that grabs our attention.
One good thing about running a blog is that you can get all the statistic you want look at a site like Blog Copy need any information about which content interest your readers most blog copy is the bloggers’ secret weapon. Blog copy even allow you to integrate your account with FaceBook and twitter.
As a blogger i also from time to time writes guest post on other blogs but there is one blog that prides it self to be one of if not the largest multi-author blog popular know on the web as famous bloggers this is a blog that i contribute to as a guest author and maybe one if not the first to publish a guest post there titled “Famous Bloggers Club The Challenge!!! that was then.This is a website that i visited very often to keep updated and the discussion that is taking place now here i would like you to join me here with this discussion .

Content is not King.. Relationship is

This is the article of focus on famous bloggers written by Chase Brumfield of the Give Project a very well written article here is on insert from the original post Contrary to popular belief, blogging isn’t a newspaper or encyclopaedia and content IS NOT king anymore.  At least not the content most people are describing when they use this phrase.  What is king now?

If you want to build a sustainable blog, no matter the niche, you’ve got to build relationship.  This throws people off because relationship, just like in the real world, takes time.

We all have our own personality. Whatever yours may look like, let it shine through.  Speak from a position of “I” and to the reader as “you” and “us.”  If you’re in a service industry or niche, tell people why you’re providing them with the information you’re providing; because you care about them and want to see them succeed.  Then, and here’s the clincher, actually care and help them succeed.

There you have it guys read the full post here and decide for yourself . Now i challenge you to have your say is content still king or is Relation king my take on that is i understand the writers point of view but what is yours could it be that content is king but Relationship is the kings castle after all every King needs a castle have you say speak your mind.


42 thoughts on “Is Content Still King?Time For Another Round Up”
  1. You have made a very nice point about content still being the KING while relationship is the castle.
    I will say the same thing that I have commented on that post… content is he King when at the beginning. But once the blog starts to get some attention and fame, relationship takes over the rule. At that time, content can come from guest posts and other sources as it is happening on Famous Bloggers itself.

    1. You have made a very valuable point Sourav i noticed your comment but as i see it content is very important and so is relationship i guess you remember the article about blogging is not a one man game Thanks for your input Sourav.

  2. Thanks for sharing my article with your readers. It’s always good to extend the conversation to other communities with the hopes that more ideas will be developed.

    Chase Brumfield

    P.S. – It’s “The Give Project” not “give get project”

    1. Thanks for taking the time out to show your appreciaton i have corrected the error. It was the interest of the article that draws me to spread the word keep posting and i do hope we can build the relationship here.

  3. Well, I may be old school here but I still believe content is and will always be king.

    The reason I say that is because if you don’t provide unique, quality content, you will not start building relationships. Relationships are built by providing the reader with information and solutions that they are seeking.

    Once a reader feels that you continually provide what they want or need, they will then start to trust you and a relationship is born. What I’m saying is; content first, relationship second and if you do those things correctly, you might even make a sale. 😉

    1. The point is up for debate Robert i still say content is King and relationship is the kings castle content is what drives organic traffic to our blogs this is undisputable however we need to build relationship to keep the fire burning

    1. Thanks ileane for your comment Hesham is also a great friend of mine Famous Bloggers is a place where i spent lots of time might not comment much lately because of commitment however it is a wonderful community a place i always recommend.

  4. Great point Gary! I always throught that content were king, but I’ve changed my opinion when I started growing my network. Howevere I think you’re agree with me that content and networks works togheter, without quality and unique contents will become hard having friend that follow you.

    1. Point well said Nicola both content and good network walks hand in hand writing good content and storing them in archives won’t help we need the network to spread the word.

  5. I read your article on FB. I, too, love that site and visit it daily. I agree, relationship building is key. The support and cheering from fellow bloggers is what sustains you and motivates you to do better. Plus they help get the word out. Relationships are just as important as content.

    1. Hi Mekinda thanks for your comment you are right having the support of the commuity is always great it helps motivates and get rid of that “Writers Block” feeling lets you get up and write. As this is your first time here i do hope to see you here again thanks for your support.

    1. That is a good way to look at it having useless conteny is not helpful at all so lets say both walk hand in hand Great Content and Networking shoulld bring success.

  6. Awesome post 🙂 Content and relationship both work together.Every blog needs exposure and that comes by having a good community around your blog.

    I think that the debate about “Is content still king” will go on ….

    1. Thats is right Shabnam it is a debate that will be forever coming up there is no right or wrong answer to this whichever side of the fence you look from however this topic is very interesting.

  7. Great post bro..I couldn’t have agreed more. Well, I think content is still the king for everyone but when it comes to making it more visible and known to others, we need to go with what you have said in your post. Relationship Building is a must for any blogger. I think you have been very good at it from long 😉 What about me…well, to be honest…I always keep it as my top priority. Content is something which doesn’t bother me much. I go ahead with whatever I want to do and rest all comes with how better I am with this relationship building.

    1. Well said Aswani building relationship is very important it is like providing good customer service lets just say “Relationship is the kings Content” that maybe a better way to end the debate food for thought. Thanks for your valuable input and kind words.

  8. To me “content” was never the King but “quality and valuable content” is. Just like a King need his followers, the King also has to first build relationships and trust to be considered a true authority and respected within his Kingdom. I’ll say that “Quality Content” is King and “Building Relationships” is Queen or “the army” that stands by you, to help you prosper.

    1. Very interesting way of explaning Ditesco quite frankly i really like the views every has taken on this i think this discussion should continue Thanks for your king words.

  9. Great content with not so many links most of the time finds it’s way to it’s audience and gets quoted and linked as time passes by. Poor content does not get linked very often and would not survive on the long run.

  10. Relationships might be king. But, it is going to be hard for you to stay connected with people long term unless you are delivering some kind of valuable content to them. So I would argue that one cannot be built successfully as a blogger without the other.

    1. Point well said Kathy building a long term relationship and keep it going is important and having “Great Content” will help to maintain that so it is safe to safe Relationship is king and content is the kings castle.

  11. they are both important. but if you would ask me I would still go for content. why? simply because you are offering contents to millions of people to see, and 1 man can’t really accommodate that much, right? I mean building relationships with each of them LOL. but my point is, the real intention of your content should be to share your knowledge about a certain topic, anything else are just secondary (earnings, relationships, reputation, etc.).

    perhaps that’s one reason why I’m very much interested with link baiting, knowing that the content live and speaks for itself, letting everyone who’s interested about it to share through their networks. relationships come second after that first phase. without quality content, relationships are not that much of use.

    1. Thanks jason i totally agree with you having read what you have said it kind of put another point in the post that we could see content as the tool that build the relationship.Thanks for your valiable point.

  12. I would only add that I believe the only reason my post on “relationship is king” has been shared so much is because of my responding to every comment left.

    People see that you take the time to respond to you and feel like it’s worth their time to join the conversation. The buzz wasn’t created by the content itself (the article) what created the buzz was my effort in creating relationships (commenting) with everyone who commented.

    People saw that I was invested in responding and then chose to share. I don’t believe the article would have gotten near as much traffic without me pushing the relationship aspect of it. Without my responses to the comments it’s just another piece of content in a sea of billions of other articles.

    Give. Get. Give.
    Chase Brumfield

    1. I surely believe that Chase however look at it this way you responding in the way you did helps fuel the debate and also proves the point you made, however from a readers point of view Your post has more substance to it than you the reader might have seen. the Angle you choose to write the post was just brilliant.

  13. yeah, i do believe that content is still king. But of course good relationship is also essential. Nice read. Thanks for sharing it.

  14. Great content with not so many links most of the time finds it’s way to it’s audience and gets quoted and linked as time passes by. Poor con­tent does not get linked very often and would not survive on the long run.That is a good way to look at it having use less content is not help ful at all so lets say both walk hand in hand Great Content and Net work ing shoulld bring success.

  15. As Its true that content is King, but it never King without quality and fresh is is well said that “If you want to build a sustainable blog, no matter the niche, you’ve got to build relationship. This throws people off because relationship, just like in the real world, takes time.”

  16. i believe that good content is all about the quality of the writer on the post…if its new information and you really think that someone will read it…this kind of content can be the kink.

  17. hey guys you do not know me but i have a big seo blog in israel
    content is very important but i could never make it without other blog owners and forum owners. thank you all and good luck.

  18. There is no doubt that content is still the king, but you need good and original content in order to keep ranking. the better is you content and the more useful it is, the more likely it will get organic links and references, and therefor will probably rank better in search engines.

  19. Personally i think that good(!) content will always be a huge part of the internet, part of search engine and part of everything. and I am not talking only about text content but even about other things..

  20. Yes, content is still king. But while Google.COM is value the content worth 50% of the work of promotion, its value in other countries around is 10%. The new Panda logarithm will only be used during the year in other places in the world and see new content and higher quality.

  21. Hi Gary. Relationship play a huge roll in my blogging success. I’ve been a friend of Hesham and FamousBloggers for awhile and I even did a Grand Tour of Famous Bloggers

  22. It was the interest of the article that draws me to spread the word keep posting and i do hope we can build the relationship here.

  23. Very well said. Content is still a king for me because it is the most valuable one and relationship is a castle but later on content and relationship will always be together.. What is the sense of your content when you didn’t establish relationship.. That’s my point actually..

  24. Most of the thoughts about the relationship are really making sense; also content is still ruling the IT world. Useful information though, Thanks for sharing.

  25. This post brings to mind a very interesting and, I think, timely debate. For years now, we have heard that online content is king. Certainly, the web is made up of pages and site that are populated with words. Content. It is everywhere online.

    Does this mean that content is really still king? While the words that people read and the videos that they watch online are still certainly very important, some bloggers are now suggesting that there are other factors even more important.

    Building a relationship with your customers, readers and prospects may even be the most important thing in internet marketing these days. Others might even suggest that attention is more important than content. After all it is very possible that someone might be looking at your content, but only glancing or skimming. Without actual attention, there is not really much point.

    I think the bottom line is that marketers need to do much more than simply creating content. To my way of thinking the most important factor in online marketing is engagement.

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