Link Building for Search Engine Optimization On A Fresh Site

link buildingYeah, the actual delights associated with link Building as well as SEO. For those who have a brand new website, this is a suggestion which you might like to think about. Then again, you may just want to pitch it. Building Links purely for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION on the new Website. We all know that when we start a new website or blog it can be difficult sometimes to get it right particular in the area of Search Engine Optimization and the building of backlinks to our website. There are a few factors that we should bear in mind and that is link building is a process which should be done over time.

Link Building merely describes a problem referred to as relevance. Whenever your website is position within search results, Search engines have a tendency to list the website that is the most relevant. There are a lot of factors which get into identifying relevancy; however, the amount of additional websites connecting in order to your own is actually one of these. For this reason, a website such as the one for the IRS is high in search engine results with regard to taxes problems though it doesn’t trade links per se.

Preferably, you would like just backlinks through additional websites which are highly relevant to the topic of your website. For those who have the plumbing related website, you would like links through additional plumbing related or even home improvement websites. In spite of all of the spam/junk Email you receive, links through online casino, as well as pharmacy websites, will not assist the actual rankings for the plumbing related website. They’ll harm the actual rankings since they’re not really appropriate.

Whenever creating backlinks for your website, Search engines favors a slow, steady increase in links. If you would like best rankings on Search engines, you need to adhere to this particular rule along with one exception. For those who have a brand new website, you’ll not really need to be a servant for this strategy.

While you most likely understand, brand new websites aren’t ranked through Search engines. Rather, your website may sit for 6 months approximately within the lot talked about Google sandbox. With all this truth, you actually don’t have to be worried about Search engines for that exact same time period with regards to your own links. Search engines aren’t likely to position a person anyhow, therefore obtaining the actual speed isn’t a real issue.

Along with a fresh website, I prefer to create as many legitimate, relevant links as quickly as possible. This is because we think it is good for beginners getting older the actual links as quickly as possible. Links for your website often develop within worth the actual lengthier these people can be found upon an additional website. From my point of view, why not maximize the number as quickly as possible? This isn’t such as it will harm your own rankings on Search engines. You aren’t going to have any!

Within getting this method, I’m not really recommending that you simply buy links, make use of link farming approximately. I’m simply recommending that you maximize your link trading efforts immediately to build up as many links as you possibly can and get the aging process rolling. As you approach month four in the sandbox, you can begin scaling back again your efforts to some much slow as well as constant approach.

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69 thoughts on “Link Building for Search Engine Optimization On A Fresh Site”
    1. Agreed, google likes it when backlinks link back to related content, preferable high quality article posts that rank well and have decent authority behind them.

    2. Building links from blogs with the same or similar niche as yours is always advisable and highly recommended Thanks for your comment and continued support here Shabnam.

  1. Th comment of Shabnam is nice and fabulous. thanks for this beautiful and informational post

    1. You are welcome and thanks to you too for taking the time to visit my blog and add your voice to the debate here lets hope this is not your last visit and you will continue to enjoy the contents here.

  2. Link building is a always process of a site, With the help of link building we increase traffic on site and find a lot of links different different sites, and we get a chance to brand our services or product in free. our keywords and site ranking quickly boost.

    1. I always believe that link building should be is an on going process and should not be rushed as we don’t want the campaign to look like a link farm as this might give a negative results.

  3. You should aim to spend around 5 hours per day in writing good original content for your website posts. They should be written in your native language and you should never delegate or sub-contract this work to cheap labour. You will not get any repeat visitors to your site. Your readers can tell by the poor style that you didn’t write the content and they can tell by the grammar that the language is not your mother tongue.

    You should spend 3 hours per day in writing good comments to other people’s blogs. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, as long as the comments are good quality. There is no SEO penalty if your comments are on a blog that is not the same topic as yours. That is just a fairy tale. You should also start commenting from day one. The tales about 6 months and sand boxes are also silly and irrelevant. If you write the “on topic” comments yourself then there is no algorithm that will penalize you.

    Write your posts every day with real personality and create comments on other blogs, also every day. Forget much of the SEO hype that you see copied from one blog to another. It’s just made up junk that can never be proved or unproved because Google never disclose their algorithms..

    1. i like you info Russell spending quality time when researching and writing of our artilces are very important and also the time we take to comment on other blogs and also the comments should be relevant to the topic.

  4. I really liked your blog. I know it took a lot of work to share the tips & tricks with all of us.

    1. Thanks and i am very delighted to know that you like my blog and you are right i try my best to share useful tips that is of benefit to my readers. Your input is much appreciated.

  5. I have a new website and you’re right: I’m in the google sandbox right now but I keep building the damns links 🙂
    I heard that if you go crazy with the link building Google suspects you’re doing something fishy and kicks you out of the SERP’s. I really don’t know about that, but I’m trying to stay away from the any automation software.

    1. Hi Andrea you heard it right building links should be a steady process and should not be rushed to cause any form of suspicions. Thanks and good luck with your link building campaign.

  6. Hi lawmacs

    Have been a while here. Your blog design has improved again and looks more classy on the first sight. I even feel font looks very good. Letters here are like medium size pearls put together for pretty looks.

    Your post is wonderful about linking. Yes it is a known fact that Google does not like a bunch of links at once but slow and steady build best. And being careful about choosing the link partner is also important.

    Make it a great week for yourself.

    Fran A

    1. Thanks Fran i think every ones knows by now that i am a design freak and ever since i have been runing thesis i an always experimenting with it Thanks for your kind words and for taking notice of the design. You comments are always appreciated.

  7. Yeah, Search Engine Optimization can give us a lot, but we should insists in this continuous process. agree with your idea

    1. Thanks and you are right we should ensure that the process is followed through to the end to ensure that we get the desired results. Thanks for your input much appreciated.

    1. Hi Ashivini i am alwasy glad to know that someone finds my post interesting and learn something from them Thansk for your comment it is much appreciated.

  8. Russell Davison, I agree with you. However this is a slow way. You know when you are responsible for the link building work of your company, time and energy is limit. It is not allowed with such a nature way. People will search for fast way to get high PR in a short time. FIY, English is not my native language, too. LOL.

    1. Hi Sunny First of all let me take this moment and say a big welcome to my blog and it is funny to read that english is not your native language when you have written perfect english. Getting good PR in a short time is very time consuming unless you hire someone to do it for you.

  9. Nice and detailed. Did learn a lot. I remember, I had followed a very similar strategy when I was quite new to this blogging thing. I never had much idea on building links and google page rank. But anyways, after researching on the same for long…I finally came to know about the importance of link building and the ways to go for the same. Google Page Rank was surely in my mind and I wanted to have it better and more better. This filled me with a deep interest to go for a link campaign, which I did and finally…it did pay off in the form of a better google page rank though am not sure about the benefits in the search engine rankings. I think it also improved to a great deal. At present, I am keeping away from link building. But anyways, I will start thinking on the same again..!

    1. I know that you are passion about link building Aswani and if and when we get it right the result can be great and very rewarding. Thanks for your input it is always appreciated.

  10. Believe it or not, this is what I have struggling for some time now. I mean, link building, directory submission, and all that jazz revolving around this SEO thing. What’s surprising that even the site, which is now six months old and now has got first page ranking on certain keywords, it’s not getting the kind of traffic that it should. Frustrating, No?

    1. Getting on the first page of Search Engines in my views not neccessary means lots of traffic one thing we must remember is that it is human who click on these links so our headlines have to be very catchy.

  11. So would you recommend link exchanges whit relevant sites, as I have heard this no longer gives a good return in SEO?

    1. Link exchange with relevant sites might not bring the disired results that we need however i still believe that we should still exchange links it still serves its purpose and that is it helps to drive traffic to your websites.

  12. These kind of post are always inspiring and I prefer to read quality content so I happy to find many good point here in the post.
    Thanks for sharing…

    1. Thanks for your kind words comments like these are always inspiring and gives me the motivation to continue writing great contents. Your comments are most welcome

  13. Link building is an important process which strongly recommended by all seo experts to improve in pagerank as well as serp results.

    1. You are right Prakash link building is an important process and it is highly recommend but we need to get it right and keep the procees going to get th efull result.

  14. Link building is must for increasing the traffic but it can be achieved through a number of methods. Although there are number of methods for increasing backlinks such as artcile submission, directory submission, social bookmarking etc, I have found blog commenting and article marketing very useful methods for increasing the backlinks.

    1. We delinately have the potential to increase our traffic through the process of link building and those methods you mentioned such as article submissions and social bookmarking sites.

  15. Back links are great for your website but instead of targeting numbers you should target high ranked sites. Also .edu and .gov websites are prefered.

    1. Hi Michalis you put it perfectly we should focus on quality not quantity when we are building links it should be treated the same way as writing content for our blogs.

  16. Thanks for these tips. I learn not to simply buy links without the concept of link-farming. It’s true we have to build the links and position them on search engines to achieve popularity. It’s also a brilliant idea to include related links to a main website. Search engines like Google will definitely tag the popular links as the most relevant search.

    1. Hi Suzane i must take this moment to firts say welcome to my blog. It has proven that building links greatly helps us to get better positions in the search engine results pages.

  17. How do I add my website to search engines like Google?.They will eventually find it on their own as they continuously search the web for new sites. If you can get a few links to your new website ideally from well-established sites the search engines will find you within a couple of days..This leads to the next question webmasters ask How do I get other sites to link to mine?.The long-term approach is to publish quality content that other people will find useful interesting controversial etc. In the short term you can get links by submitting your website to a or by publishing some articles online.

  18. Link building is a continuous process .There really is a lot to learn about increasing traffic. I use some of this but you have given a whole lot more ways which could be worth using. Thanks.

    1. A agree, link building is a never ending process.

      Also, the best way to get more traffic to our website is to test, test and test… We need to test different techniques and ways that could potentially increase our website’s traffic. Then after testing select the best methods and continue further…

  19. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. Ill definitely return.

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  20. very good post, i was really searching for this topic as i wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet that is why it was very difficult to understand

    thank you for sharing this.


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  21. How to get more link building technique. I want more latest trends for link building… if anyone have so please share with me…..

  22. I agree with the post regarding search engine optimization,I always follow, slow and steady win the race… this way,if we build backlinks to our site, it looks natural to google and your site will get positions in all search engines.

  23. Baclinks buiding strategy? Anybody has a aspirine please? 🙁 This 2 words give me head pain because is very hard to learn how to build a link plan and make it real, i hope some day i will succed.

  24. Quality link building is help to keyword ranking as well as generates niche traffic to create potential client. Link building provide to rocking result in SERP.

  25. Link building is one of the pillars of successful SEO (search engine optimization). Without links your website will not be discovered by search engines and people.

  26. Thanks for sharing this brilliant post. I believe that linkbuilding is the best way to rank your site in search engine.

  27. The search engine ranking for a new website can be pretty erratic, page 1 one day and no where to be seen the next. It was a concern until I learnt that it was common …

  28. Link building is the best part of seo for promote any site better.
    Thanks lawmacs for sharing information. Keep posting.

  29. For new websites, it’s advisable to build your backlinks to sites that have the same niche as yours. It should be relevant to your topic and as much as possible, don’t create a lot of backlinks. Have a fix number of backlinks to be created daily and after 3 months, increase it gradually.

  30. Don’t get too caught up submitting your site to Free Directory Submission sites. Most are a considered a linking scam and will do nothing to increase your websites rankings.

  31. I think that commenting on relevant forums can help with brand awareness too. Making yourself known and building trust in others is a slow process, but rewarding in the long haul.

  32. link building is very influential on the SERP blog, what more if it could build a good quality, thank you to Share Them

  33. search engine likes the page which is most linked from other relevant pages. Link building increases referral traffic on your website.

  34. Link building is the best part to promote the site and bringing back links.I agree with you back links from the related sites are very much useful.

  35. Link Building is good if you do it in ethical way.It helps to get backlink on site and also to increase SERP and Page Rank.After penguin update this become very much strict have to check domain authority and the site should be spam free etc.


  36. Mae posting regularly is one way to get link building. With qualified post will make visitor come and leave comment automatically.

  37. Good about link building,which is a continuous process. We have to follow White hat methods rather than Black hat methods to make our website stand in top for long lasting period

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    mmy lateѕt blog and I would ⅼike to find something mߋre
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  39. I was checking continuously this list and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info especially this social bookmarking sites list. I was seeking this certain article sites for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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