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May 21, 2019 ,

link buildingIn the digital era of today, a business has to prove its online presence to tell the world about its existence. Link building plays a significant role in search engine optimization of business. Link building is the process in which you look around for other people doing the business that is relevant to your own and convincing them to provide their backlinks to your website. This way your website traffic increases significantly, you are able to reach more audience than you have ever thought of. Building strong links is one of the first steps to being a successful businessman.

Link building

Link building is much trickier than it seems to be, so it is always better to keep aside a special budget for hiring the link building experts that have years of experience in the field as it cannot be done by an amateur. You should hire a competent marketing company that has highly qualified workers to meet your requirements.

The most important thing that you should always try to remember is that it is the search optimization strategy of your business that makes or breaks your good reputation in the market.  So, instead of posting your website address on every other website that you see first try to have a look at the Google standards of SEO. Google likes businesses that mark all the Boxes of SEO. In fact, it is the standard of websites where you post your website address for backlinks, you should try to post it on the well-reputed websites so that you get recognition among the best. You should look for good websites that have huge traffic, but doing such tasks take a lot of time and dedication and you should not do it in haste.

One more thing that you should take care of is the presence of two different categories of links like good links and bad links and it is your responsibility to differentiate between the credible links that can help improve your reputation and bad links that can harm it. The non-credible links may spoil your ranking before you are aware of it.

It is your own duty to remember the links between your own web pages. By linking the webpages of your own websites to other reliable websites might make navigation to your website a bit more convenient for the search engines and more importantly for your clients. The client will be able to browse your website very easily. It will help the visitors of your website switch between the categories and different pages very efficiently. All your clients in this way experience online shopping in a very convenient way.


Most of the new people in the field of online business are not aware of the different types of links that are there. There are multiple types of links that you should get involved with in order to show your online presence and reach the top ranking business website.

  • The first type of links is the natural type in which the name of your website is mentioned as recommendations or some other way on the other websites.
  • The second type is outreach links, these are the links for which you manually ask other sites to showcase your link.
  • The third type is the one in which you own certain webpages or sites which you yourself set up to get your business noticed by others.
Some Link Building Tips
  • There are two different types of link building one is automatic and the other is manual. The automatic link building might seem cheap but it is riskier than the manual type. You should mostly rely on manual link building even if it is more costly as it is not as risky as automatic link building.
  • Manual link building is considered to be a much reliable type of link building as it is effective and non-risky as compared to automatic link building.
  • Hire internet marketing experts who have extensive knowledge and experience of link building, and they are ready to provide you with excellent manual link building service.
  • Do not try to save your link building time by selecting the automated link building as it is very risky for your business reputation.
  • If you want to develop a healthy business relationship with well-known companies you can request them to share the links to your website on their website and do it on a reciprocal basis.
  • In the modern digital world of, today gust blogs are the best way to reach out to a large number of people, you should try to use gust blogs to attract more visitors to your website. Most of the companies that use this method add a small about us section at the end of the blog and give the link to their website. You can follow this and see a dramatic change in the number of your visitors.
  • Make sure that the internet marketing team that you hire for your link building adds you to online directories. It is the duty of your link building team to add you to the online directories with complete details and a link to your website.
  • It is your responsibility to check whether the links that are shared on your website are relevant to the industry you are attached to.
  • Try to stay away from illegal practices of using Crosslinks and link Exchanges.
  • Try to avoid posting your links to low-value directories.
  • All ways try your website content to be relevant and high quality as most of the superior clients are the ones that need to read high-quality original content.
  • To reach your goal of success in link building you have to post just a few links of recognized or successful companies that are very high in quality instead of posting too many links to low-quality websites.
  • Keep a check on your team of link builders that they use the relevant links on your website, for example, if you run a cement factory a link to garments or glassware would look foolish, but the links to other construction material will be perfect.

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  1. Nice tips sir, I want to confirm, do we need to Check the Spam Score of the website before making backlinks. And If it will be beneficial to make a link on a site that has high spam but it is highly related to your site and we can gain traffic from that.

  2. Thank you for the informative article.
    It is worth evaluating the different tools which check backlinks for competitor sites and determining which tool is superior.
    That would definitely help me out.

  3. Love your tips! Linkbuilding is really crucial if you want to compete in any industry in the internet. No matter what you do, linkbuilding is still important in building authority, rankings, and visibility.

  4. Thank you for the informative article.
    It is worth evaluating the different tools which check backlinks for competitor sites and determining which tool is superior.
    That would definitely help me out.

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