Link Building Strategies for Startup SEO’s

Link-Building seoLink building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. This article is written for someone who wants to know about the basics of link building.  Here are some of the most common terms and basics in link building that a startup SEO should know.

  • Anchor Text – The title of the visible and clickable hyperlink.
  • Authority link – A link nesting from an authoritative website.
  • Backlink – A link from another website that is pointing back to your site.
  • Broken Link – A link that doesn’t work.
  • Dofollow Link – It is the property of a link that passes power to a certain site. It gives hint to search engines crawlers to follow the link for its credibility.
  • Nofollow – It’s the opposite of do-follow link. It’s an attribute that tells search engines that this link will not carry any link juice value.
  • Internal Link – is a hypertext link that points to another page within the same website.

Content Curation
Content Curation is a great way to link building and traffic generating. Even though it has low value for search engines it’s a great way to drive traffic to your site. Here are good content curation websites.

  • redux
  • storify

Forum Posting

Forum PostingThis is one of the effective ways of link building. It is the information-driven type of link building that has great value for users and search engines. People would definitely click on your signature if you have given them good answers to their questions. So be active on authoritative forums that are within your niche.

Blog commenting
Blog commenting is somewhat similar to forum posting. It is also an information-driven type of link building. When blog Blog Commentingcommenting it’s better to write your name in the name field section rather than your keywords. Most webmasters don’t approve comments that have keywords anchor text in the name section. Be sure that you are giving information related information or ask questions if you are a little bit confused about the article. Make sure to comment in a natural way that you are giving or asking for information and not promoting your website in their blog comment box.
Resource Listing

Resource ListingThis is one of the hardest link building strategy I’ve experienced. It’s reaching out to owner/webmaster of the site to be listed on their recommended links or recommended vendors or resource page. Good links are hard to build you need to be patient and be straightforward that you are a good and reliable source in order to sound convincing. Write an email in a professional and formal way. Give your contact something that you’re going to offer in exchange for a backlink.
Using your Competitor’s Link Profile for Link Build

Conduct a backlink analysis on your competitors and document their link profile. You’ll discover some link build opportunities and topic areas that would be very useful for you. Look for low hanging fruit and fire off some link build request on them. Here are some available tools you can use for competitive backlink analysis:

  • Open Site Explorer
  • Backlink Watch
  • Ahrefs
  • Link Research Tools
  • Link Detective

Guest Posting
Just a tip on guest posting, don’t promote your brand/services in the article. Write in a way that you’re giving information to their readers and not selling your products/services in their blog. Informative and unique articles are great for a guest post. If you’re having a hard time searching for websites that offer guest posting for bloggers, check out BLU (Blogger Link Up) it will save you time and effort.

Guest Posting

Always remember to go for quality and not quantity. It’s better to have a few authoritative links than to have millions of spammy links. So aim to get good links, not easy links that is leaking link juice.

Author Bio: Al Gregorios, Content Manager forProject Assistant with Business in Box solutions, enjoys discovering and sharing business strategies for online marketing, CRM, project management, mobile marketing, and technical publications.

0 thoughts on “Link Building Strategies for Startup SEO’s”
  1. I find this links building strategies very good, except one I don’t really understand. It’s “Content Curation”. Can’t the main website get troubles with Google for “duplicate content” ? Or am I missing something ?

  2. Hello Al, I checked out but it seems that the page is not written in English. Is this a site that you represent or just recommend?

    and yes, guest posting is one thing that we really have to put our efforts in doing as it really gives good amount of link juice.

  3. Another great way for start-ups for build links is to submit their product or service to start up blogs and directories. Some of these blogs can bring some great exposure to your company and makes it very easy to find investors and advisers. As a start-up ourselves we had great success when we got feature in TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb etc. The thing to understand is that people love start-ups, especially if the start-up is providing a great product.

  4. Both “dofollow” and “nofollow” should be present in your website. Dofollow so search engines may crawl to your site and you may obtain a page rank. Nofollow doesn’t have this attribute. Nofollow is use to block or hide the page from search engines crawlers. Pages that are less important and has links that are not changing. Using Dofollow on that pages may caused drop rankings.

  5. Yes, I do agree with you that Link Building is definitely one of the most important aspect of SEO. Getting quality links is good for your site. I use blog commenting and forum posting and both the above process proves to be good for my website.Thanks for this important update.

  6. Link building is the top most priority when it comes to driving traffic to your site.As its the best way to drive traffic easily and helps in increasing page ranking.The more backlinks you build on different IP’s its possible that you get more inbound links.

  7. I can only that you are too good here and i am using following steps from long time it is working well.Do follow and no follow both links are necessary for your website to make relevant on web.If you are using approximately 70% do follow then you should use 30% of no follow links to working it good.

  8. For me, the keywords about back linking are “do follow” and “PR”. There are millions of sites and blogs but not many of them are do follow and have a good PR. One may spend hours a day to find valid and useful do follow blog lists, and hours to read articles properly and compose good meaningful comments.

    1. Exactly Bill, many people waste their time on that. It takes a good time and effort to find proper sites, however I recommend to spread a voice about your website everywhere you can (if you have time to do so).
      Another thing is some people try post invaluable comments which do not add anything to the article conversation and get rejected. Now, this is a big waste of time!

  9. Hi,

    Good Tips you share lawmacs about link building strategies, Blog commenting i a powerful strategies for every blog give you more back link from blog commenting. Guest posting help to increase the traffic of your blog, nice man keep it up.


  10. This article is good. I like that you didn’t provide any link building methods that aren’t white hat. Search engines are really changing, and because of that I think people that want to build links have to change. There was really so much link spam out there. It was getting pretty crazy. However, I think that if you have a link to your site and you are part of a community for real and trying to contribute and help others or learn yourself, I think that’s cool and should be viewed as okay. I don’t know how Panda and Penguin will see it though. I guess only time will tell.

  11. Good tips for newbies to SEO! I’m glad you mentioned that it is quality over quantity when SEO is concerned. Ps. In addition to Blogger Link Up, My Blog Guest is another useful tool for finding guest blog opportunities.


  12. Nice simple guide you got here, i think you should also mention that your on-page seo like meta tags and content would play a nice role in your seo. Also keyword research can man mean good traffic without much link building required if you get a seo specialist to help you 🙂

  13. its really quiet helpful and working well till yet thanks for sharing this valuable information with us

  14. I am newbie and now want to start link building but many link building method spam… so i now start reading articles, your article gud for me nice tips

  15. I did not heard of content curation until now. I will check sites listed but if you said has a low value, then it’s not worth it. Usueful post for me, thanks.

  16. Nice article. One thing I know about link building today is that it is not very effective now compared to before. Before, spammy links still work but now it won’t work. One back link I know that is very effective are links from news sites, which are links that can’t be built but comes naturally or organically.

  17. Link building strategies are essential when you are trying to achieve quality one way links. When we say quality we refer to those links that really improve traffic due to the fact that they come from websites with great authority and reputation.

  18. Oliver, the thing is content is used in link building for posting other sites for getting a link, and it is very important today to post articles, blogs, wiki on other sites for getting a quality and authority link.

  19. Great informative post, I am happy to read it. I think really it is excellent post, waiting for the next post soon. Thanks for sharing me.

  20. many people spend their time on that. It requires a good persistence to find appropriate websites, however I suggest to propagate a speech about your web page everywhere you can (if you have a chance to do so).

  21. “Link building is one of the most important aspect of search engine optimization.” Agreed. But the way search engines are changing the game is to push webmasters to start earning links rather than trying to build them.

    And good content that serves a purpose will do more to earn links than anything else!

  22. My sites was totally affected by the Google Panda and Penguin that I have to start over again. And thanks for your tips, I will work on it again.

  23. Hi
    Nice blog for new link building strategy. In a SEO point of view appropriate link building for website is more impotent to get traffic on our website, and it will also help us to get a better Google ranking.

  24. Hi
    Yes this will be very helpful for SEO purpose. Link building is main off-page optimization we can promote our website with a quality link building on another website which will create traffic on our website.

  25. Nice article.
    i started working on penguin update just to reduce the effect on my website.
    Hence started with guest posting.
    Thanks for the tips.

  26. The link building strategies you described here are terrific but i can’t understand the Content Curation. how to use that site for link building? and what about link exchange? Is still worth?


  27. These are effective and easy methods for beginners. Apart from these methods, it is important that people understand the role of consistency in the implementation of these SEO strategies. They must learn how to create a quality link and don’t just bombard the web with junk links.

  28. a writeup of this standard on SEO tricks i have not explored on web you have mentioned some of the hidden points of link building which is helpful for beginner as well as experienced ones …it may also help to minimize the effects of panda and penguin

  29. Link building is really a tough deal now a days more natural means more appreciation from google be safe rely on white hat for better results

  30. I am new in blogging line, i Liked the way you present your aticles. I read your blogs regularly. Your posts related to link build up and blogging are excellent.
    Can you tell me some way to build quality links quickly?
    I have subcribed to your comments and love to know your views..plz share

  31. It’s a really good post for the beginners but also you should keep in mind some stuff such as IPs and that before you get to building backlinks. I wrote a little article about it just click on my name.

  32. Website link building is a fundamental strategy you need to employ to help your site rank highly in the search engines. You must use high PR links so that it can help you get natural backlinks which can create quality traffic.

  33. You are absolutely correct about this post. Today there are many ways to generater quality backlinks but the two ways are the most popular and lovable methods for generating backlinks by many other bloggers that is guest blogging and blog commenting. These two methods are the most usable methods. Right???
    Chetan Gupta

  34. I think it’is great, because I love linkbuilding and this approch is new for me and opens good perspectives to boost the ranking of my new website in the future.

  35. I’m another newbie blogger and have crazy link building expectations
    Your content really helped me to grew up and think out of the crowd.

  36. Link building is the biggest way to make a blog more search friend but only if it is done correctly, I have tried my ways of link building but I think none of it worked very well except commenting.

  37. I loved your blog, thank you so much for this article, As its the best way to drive traffic easily and helps in increasing page ranking.The more backlinks you build on different IP’s its possible that you get more inbound links.

  38. Thanks for the post. I agree with every point you made. Link Building is definitely one of the most important aspect of SEO. Getting quality links is good for your site. I use content posting and forum posting and both the above process proves to be good for my website.Thanks for this important update.

  39. I had seen people are focusing more into it. There are a lot of bloggers who are trying to get authority backlinks by submitting their guest posts.

    But Nowadays, guest posting is becoming more harder because of some spammers. Few people try to submit low quality posts which make author to think carefully first before approving any post to be published on his blog.

    Forum posting is the another great way and I am using it on regular basis.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us. 😉

  40. Hello! I agree on everything. I think that content marketing combined with link building is the right path to success, in different ways, but in the long term, they are valuable for the user

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