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Round UpThis is another time for Sunday Round Up. There are five brilliant post for you to enjoy this week and as usual i could not resist the temptation to feature of Jason’s brilliant post, he is a great SEO consultant who always give us detailed explanation in layman’s term so that it is easy to understand. Sunday is a day when most bloggers take the time off  and recharge their battery but i see it as a day to highlight some cool post from around the web. A must take the time to thank all the supporters of this blog Shabnam Aswani and all others for their continued support. Now just go ahead and enjoy the post.

(1) How to Optimize Great Content for Search Engines to easily Crawl, Index and Rank Content optimization is getting trickier these days, as users’ behavior toward how they use the web tend to grow over time, plus the fact that a lot of web content providers on different niches are pushing out tons of “great content” in a steadily growing rate.

This progression on web usage has allowed search engines to identify more data that they can use to assess webpages that should be ranking well on their search results (based on usability, social, authority and so many other factors).

(2) How to Protect Your Site from Negative SEOA few days ago, I just found out that someone’s trying to pull one of my top keywords’ search rankings by building thousands of spam links to its designated page. Obviously, that douche has plenty of time to waste. Though, unlucky for him, the page is still standing strong on the SERPs up to now (playing around the first 2 spots).

Anyway, the culprit used automated link building tools (not sure which one was it) and has mostly blasted spammy blog comments (on irrelevant pages that automatically approve comments) using exact match anchor texts for the keyword that my SEO strategies resources page is ranking for – which is “SEO strategies”.

(3) Attracting Consumers through Social Media As technology has progressed, traditional business marketing methods have progressed, too. Although print advertisements, commercials and direct mail advertisements are still effective, they can and should be supplemented by social media marketing techniques to attract business from a wider customer base. It’s not necessary to be a social media expert or a technology guru for a business to make social media marketing work. These simple tips and techniques can help any business, from small at-home businesses to large corporations, to expand their customer base by reaching people globally, rather than just locally.

(4) Twitter Search Overhaul, Blekko SEO, DNS Malware, Speedlink 27:2012 HI everyone! Hope you all had a great week. This week, there has been some interesting news coming out from Twitter’s engineering manager, Pankaj Gupta, who said last Thursday that Twitter will “forever change search and discovery”.

(5) Best Twitter Apps For Android Twitter, is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your friends and family worldwide. It is a micro blogging site that allows you to follow the people of your interest. There are thousands of Twitter apps made for Android. All apps try to provide some unique feature. You can also get the Twitter Official app in the Android App Store, Google Play. But the official app is not as good as some third party apps are there. To make the perfect use of Twitter on your Android, while on the go, you need to install best app on your device. But how to choose the best one out of too many apps? In this list I have listed the best Twitter apps made for Android. So let’s have a look.

That is all for this week’s Round Up feel free to share Retweet and like on facebook.

0 thoughts on “Round Up Sunday Post Week 27”
  1. I really liked your 2nd post of the week that is How to save your site from negative SEO, your tips were really worth considering.

  2. I like the article on Negative SEO – I have had clients ask me to bring down the ranking of another website but thats a practice I want to stay well clear of.

  3. Great sum up of useful links. Keep up bringing on the surface articles like this, there is a lot of information gathered up in one place.

  4. Hey Gary,Thanks for sharing this useful post.This is the time where you find Google keeps changing its algorithm and even most of the large business websites are also getting a drop in their traffic.Perfect time for people knowing about content optimization and the effects of negative SEO practices.

  5. Thanks for the great layout of Sunday’s best. Those are very helpful tips that I will start my Monday off with. Getting your blog noticed can be a full time job, wait…it is. Following your practical advice is a good way to jump start my lackluster viewership over the past couple of months. With just one more week to go before two weeks of people having nothing to do but look over the internet, I appreciate the quick heads up to get me on the right track. Thanks!

  6. My New Years resolution was to grow my company. After looking at the cost to have a professional company come in to advertise and market it, I decided doing it myself was the best way to go. I appreciate your comprehensive overview on how to make my business more visible on the internet. After all, marketing on the internet is the best free advertisement you can get if you know how to maximize it the right way. Thanks for the information, it will definitely help me get ahead!

  7. Thanks for your helpful tips on how to drive people to my site. There are so many tips and tricks involved, it is hard to keep them all straight. It seems like every time I get a handle of guiding people toward my site, someone changes the rules on me. I will definitely take your tips and use them to try to increase traffic to my sites. Thanks for the help, it was a very useful guide.

  8. Really content matters a lot in SEO. Google gives more importance to the content than the link building.

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