Round Up Week 39 Thesis and WordPress 3.5 Beta


September 30, 2012 ,

You might have heard that on August 1 2012 thesis will be release thesis 2.0 the long overdue release which have been talk about for the past two years. On the other hand WordPress 3.5 beta is out for testing so you can go a head and run it on your test site and the good old blogroll will no longer be available you will need the link manager plugin. Most of you who read my last Round Up will remember that lawmacs web design blog has release its Android App and now i will be releasing my E-Book soon so watch this space hopefully there will be a version for the kindle. The E-Book is almost done and will be available for download soon at a reasonable price. That is the news for now so lets get back to Round Up for this week

(1) Technical SEO Audit with Google Webmaster ToolsThere are so many tools these days that can extremely make the process of site audit and optimization so much easier, and I’m betting that several tools are already running through your head. But sometimes, the best ones are those that are offered for free. Google’s Webmaster Tools is certainly on the top of my list. This browser-based web application from Google has ton of functionalities that can help determine your site’s condition from one end to another.

(2) Advancing from SEO to CRO: Using AB Testing to Maximize Conversions I realize this contradicts the fact that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint, however I’m not talking about the process or the results, but the industry In a recent post by Matt Beswick he compares SEO to “trying to build a house in a fault zone,” and specifically that “by the time you have laid down the foundation, the gound underneath may have shifted.” I know often times SEO’s focus on the on-page factors before jumping into link building, but there is usually a lot of money conversion left on the table.

(3) How to Optimize Any Page for Your Target Keywords This is more of a beginner post than I would usually write, but several friends at Indy Hall and around the Philly start-up community have been asking for a while, so I decided to write it.

The goal of this post is to provide a simple, straight forward, and step-by-step guide on how to approach optimizing a page on your website for your target keywords.

In this post I will cover:

Getting Started with Keyword Research
Finding Related Concepts to Write About
Designing Your Meta Attributes
Internal Links
Next Steps: Off-Page SEO
Time-frame: Depending on the volume of content on your pages, this will probably take you between 1-2 hours your first time. You will become exponentially more efficient, but for the first time plan to set aside a couple of hours.

(4) Tethered Jailbreak iOS 6 & Install Cydia, Watch JailbreakCon 2012 (WWJC) Live iOS 6 was released to public last week and you can do tethered jailbreak on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G running on iOS 6 using iPhone Dev Team’s Redsn0w. Currently, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, New iPad/iPad 3 running on iOS 6 cannot be Jailbroken. Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G On iOS 6 Download iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Download RedSn0w 0.9.13dev4 which works for iOS 6 also. Launch Redsn0w by double clicking the file. Windows users should run Redsn0w as “Admin”. Select “Extras” and then “Select IPSW“ and select iOS 6 firmware which you have downloaded and click “OK”.

(5) #Gangnam Style, Low Quality EMD, Facebook Adsense, Speedlink 38:2012 This week, you probably came across the hashtag #GangnamStyle. Yeah, this is trending in just about everywhere I go. If you have not heard about it (and I will really be surprised), PYS’s (Park Jaesang), has been in the news and hitting record breaking numbers on his video “Gangnam Style”. As of today, the video has been viewed over 309 million times and has officially entered the Guinness book of records for the most likes ever. That’s over 3 million likes as of today.

(6) Are Low Priced Hosting Solutions Worth The Price? As you type the words “web hosting service providers” in your search engine box, you will realize that there are hundreds and thousands of options that you can have. From these available options, you will see that there are free or dirt-cheap priced plans being offered. If you are new to this kind of industry, this kind of plan can be really tempting. But the question is, are these low-priced hosting solutions really worth it?

Community Submitted News

(7) 10 iPhone Apps for Managing Kids Schedules

(8) 30 of the Best Blogs About Saving for Private School

(9) 10 Things Parents Do That Drive Their Nanny Crazy and What They Can Do About It

(10) What Parents Should Know About Nanny Certifications

That is all for Round Up for this week please feel free to share the post with your friends on your favorite social networking websites.

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  1. Hi Gary,
    It’s great to know that you will be launching your ebook soon. Nice and informative list of posts that you’ve shared here. I was interested in reading the sixth one “Are Low Priced Hosting Solutions Worth the Price?” I know lots of newbie bloggers are into this because they are only starting out and finding a low-priced webhosting service is a great help to them, but of course security issues and other factors such as poor customer service can be likely problems for these kinds of low-priced webhosting service providers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thesis is gaining a lot of admiration from every blogger i guess i have read around 10 blogs where reviews about Thesis theme is posted.I guess this would be the first theme to get this much of importance.

  3. Hi Gary,
    Great to know that WP 3.5 beta is out now. I will check it out this coming weekend. Thanks also for sharing these informative posts from other blogs! I am no SEO expert, so the first 3 posts here were really educational for me, especially #2 Advancing from SEO to CRO, and #3 How to Optimize Any Page for Target Keywords. Have a nice week!

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