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September 23, 2012 , ,

This is the Sunday post Round Up and i must take this opportunity to say that the Contest is closed and i will announce the winners in the coming week. The contest was not as exciting and well supported as i would like, However, this was the first time i was running a contest and although it did not get the support as i needed there are lessons learnt from it and who knows i might just run one of my own in the near future. That is that stay tuned for the winners announcement next week in the mean time here are the featured post for this weeks Round Up from some top sources from around the web
(1) Using AuthorRank To Future-Proof Guest Posting There is a problem with guest blogging: SEOs have got hold of it. As with almost every link building method known to man, if there is a way to scale a process, SEOs will find it. Whilst there is nothing wrong with scalable methods per se, they are often irrevocably linked to a decrease in quality. Good SEOs will be able to maintain quality and use guest posts properly – as a means to build brand exposure and leverage new audiences, attracting qualified traffic as well as links – however, there will be plenty of SEOs who won’t.

(2) Content Marketing – Think Campaigns Not Just Links, Your Guide to TOFU Content Marketing is without doubt the most popular member of buzzword bingo at the moment. With updates like Panda and Penguin (easily track all this with SEOMoz’s Algorithm Tracker) and the devaluation of low quality links, the role of content in SEO has never been greater. Many of the large SEO agencies are doubling down on their efforts to sell themselves as content strategists, not just SEO consultants, and where the big agencies go, usually everyone else follows. With the next Google Penguin update (dependent on when this post is published, it may have already been released) touted to be “jarring and jolting” for a lot of webmasters, we can expect content marketing’s shine to get even greater.

(3) SEO Guest Post Pitches – The New Scurge of a Bloggers Existence Over the last 12 months I’ve noticed a real change in the type of ‘guest post’ pitches that hit the ProBlogger and dPS contact forms.While we still get some great pitches from passionate, knowledgeable bloggers who want to share their story and expertise with our readership (and grow their profile and drive some traffic in the process) increasingly the pitches are rolling in that are a complete waste of time (both for those submitting them, my team and me). The pitches come from SEO companies or from individuals and brands who are trawling for links.

(4) How We Build Links We deliver reliable, proven, white-hat link building. Here’s what that means.Looking for your link building superhero? Your search is over. Grow a Diverse, Organic Link Profile The web has plenty of junk links. Garbage content, spammy websites, and get-links-quick schemes. Some think that link building is doing just enough black-hat spam to get the search engines’ attention. We think differently. Any forceful, spammy, abusive link building campaign will eventually land your site in trouble. Google will find you out, and you will get blacklisted (or demoted just enough to lose all of your organic traffic)

(5) How To Schedule YouTube Video Uploads and Add A Custom Thumbnail There are some pros and cons to consider when uploading YouTube videos and scheduling them to go live on your channel at a later date. Just like the concept of scheduling Facebook posts or Tweets ahead of time, there are some major advantages. Here are just a few examples:
Buffering your content
Posting during optimal times for higher visibility
Keeping your followers engaged with your content
Taking a well deserved vacation while still maintaining your online presence

News From The Community

(6) Enemies Of The Internet

(7) Writing Great Headlines – 6 Routes To Success

(8) How To Protect Kids From Bullying Without Turning Them Into A Bully

(9) 10 Best iPhone Apps for Stay-at-Home Moms

(10) The Coolest Ways Colleges Are Using iPads This Year

That is all for this week Round Up feel free to share this post on your favorite Social networking website and also leave your thoughts on the post

0 thoughts on “Round Up Week 38”
  1. Hey Lawmacs,don’t get upset with the contest feedback.Its your first ever contest and i hope you have learned alot from the very first beginning.

    And about the round up week,i like the post on how to schedule you tube is the most useful post among them all.

  2. Hi Gary,
    I really learned new things from your round up here. I liked the posts regarding SEO and Content Marketing. It’s the first time I’ve read about TOFU (top of funnel) on content marketing. Also, glad to have other topics to read such as “the coolest ways colleges are using iPads”. Thanks for sharing this informative list of posts!

  3. I agree with you Aditya..This is the first ever contest of Lawmacs and I know he learned a lot here.We all learn our lessons and acumen is the most desireble teacher.I can’t wait to know your next contest!all the most desireble for you,Lawmacs!

  4. Hey, hope your next contest would be better and more exciting. Also, you’re right, few blogs contain relevant content so keep up the good work!

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