Round Up Week 37

Would you believe that we are nine months into 2012 and everything is moving so fast here at lawmacs things are looking pretty good and there is an Android App for my blog just release and the site is gone mobile. There is App for everything so i though why not get one for my blog. With the release of the new I Phone 5 just around the corner i think it is time i design the App for my blog and i am in the process of getting one for the I Phone as by now we notice that smart phones are taking over from traditional computers.Keep your eyes open the lawmacs Android App will be available for download very soon. Here is the post for this weeks Round Up
lawmacs Android AppDownload lawmacs android App

(1)Why to Consider Linkbaiting for SEO? The term Linkbait is popular among SEO specialists for boosting their websites rankings & natural top rankings. But, it is not yet massively used by everyone. If you apply link baiting technique for your website, you cannot only enhance traffic to your site, but also able to increase its value on Google.

(2) How to Automate Link Building Link building is an outcome, as Ian Lurie shared on his MozCon presentation this year. That’s true, and I couldn’t agree more. You can even automate your link development efforts with that perception alone. To win in the link building game in the post-penguin era, you must know how to become a link magnet and should start mastering link baiting (no need for super viral content, just content that can potentially attract links). Since that’s where most natural links on the web come from.

(3)How to Avoid Site Changes that Ruin User Experience and Conversions How do you make general and SEO website changes without compromising your site’s user experience and ultimately the number of conversions made through the website? When you start to tinker with content and navigation elements to optimise pages, this can have a profound impact on visitor perception – for better or worse.

(4) How White is White Hat when it comes to Content?The issue concerning white, grey and black hat tactics have been up for debate ever since the inception of search engine optimisation. Where you stand on the issue essentially comes down to how you distinguish between all three terms, your own personal opinions, and the sector you work in within the industry.

(5)A Call For The End Of Social Media Buttons There’s no denying that social shares can help a website to perform well, but Sii Cockerill argues that there should be a better way, and that social buttons are a bane on website design and usability.
Once upon a time there were no phones. For a long while there were no mobile phones. Up until relatively recently there were no smart phones. And not so many years ago, there was life without Twitter. Do you remember that? I do… OK, well maybe not life without phones full stop, but the others, sure.

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(7) 10 iPhone Apps That Can Help With Homework –

(8) 8 Amazing Ways Google Glasses Will Change Education

(9) Jailbreak iOS 6 GM On A4 Devices Using Redsn0w 0.9.13dev4
(10) Different Ways to Enhance your Customer Base

That is Round Up for this week hope you enjoy these post and share them on your favourite social networking website and if you are interested in my App feel free to contact me at

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  1. Its really good to see all useful post at one place..its a great round up..i like to check out your roundup post again and would be better if you do it regularly..

  2. In first article writer has emphasis on the frequency and consistency of the posts that is requirement for good ranking of a site.

  3. Hi Gary,
    Very interesting and informative posts you have shared with us here! I really liked reading #4 “How White is White Hat when it comes to Content?” and I was really curious to read about #2 “How to Automate Link Building”. Thanks for sharing!

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