Round Up Week 36


September 9, 2012 ,

This Round Up for yet another week last week saw four great post however this week we have some users submitted content that is worth reading. As Round up continues i would like to hear some suggestion from you the readers to help make it bigger and better and at the same time i would like to share with you a website that you can use to help generate income from your blog by writing reviews and getting paid the first of every month and they have a wonderful support team on hand to answer your queries. that website is link vehicle and you can earn a decent income from it.

(1)A Strategic Approach To Highly Profitable Niche Marketing
Niche marketing is often considered one of the easiest and most effective strategies for people looking to generate passive income online. Traditionally, niche marketing has mostly revolved around building what we call a “niche site”, a process where you first select a broad market, gradually drill down into a low competition niche keyword and subsequently build a monetized site specifically targeting a niche keyword with one or two pages of content.

(2)The Connection between Social Sharing and SEO
What have you noticed about our virtual world these days? Surely, you must have observed that billions of individuals are already turning to the Internet to obtain some (if not, plenty) of their needs. Most of the time, they search for the following:

No matter your domain’s niche or purpose, you need to apply particular strategies in order to be one of the first websites your target audience spots.

(3)7 Stunning Android Apps to Keep You Entertained Android Smartphones have become one of the most popular gadgets among the youth and after the iPhone and iPad is among the most used gadget in the world. The device provides its users enough entertainment and enjoyment that can keep them glued to their handsets for hours on end.

(4)The Official SkyDrive Android App Now Available for Free Download in Google Play
Microsoft’s official SkyDrive android app is now available for download. The SkyDrive Ver 1 is useful for those who are using SkyDrive to store their files and folders in the cloud and want to access it on the go on a mobile device. The app is already available for other popular mobile platforms iOS and Windows Phone. A desktop client app is also available.

(5) Cafe4tune – Ultimate Social Networking Experience in 2D and 3D Virtual Environments
Have you heard of Cafe4tune ? I guess not. Even I was unaware of the same till I came across the same just two days back. Cafe4tune is one of the most innovative social networking sites on the internet. The experience has been wonderful and its the reason why I feel like sharing it here with my blog readers..!

4 Steps to Motivate and Scale Your Blogging Program

In order to get my startup off the ground, blogging and guest blogging was one of my most effective tactics I used to build traffic. In fact, over the past 4 months, I have written about 100 guest posts for various social media and design blogs.

Read more:

Community Submitted News


(b)Inspirational Online Business Stories from the Blogging World

(c)Why I Left My Solo Gig to Form Copyblogger Media

(d) How Guest Posting Propelled One Site From 0 to 100,000 Customers

That is all for this weeks Round Up please feel free to share thes post on your favourite social bookmarking website. There are some very inspirational stories in this weeks line up.

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  1. Hi Gary,
    Nice roundup of posts! It’s great to know about great android apps and Cafe4Tune here in your list of posts.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This roundup has some great posts included in it.Specially the Android Apps and the cafe4tune one.I have an android phone and the apps specified by you are really great.

  3. I appreciate that you round-up the best articles on your site, and you’re right, many of these topics promise some great information. I don’t have a lot of time to read every week and it’s very helpful if topics that I would probably want to dig into are listed for me. I’m probably going to move around the site on my own too as well, but these are some great choices. I’m especially interested in The Connection between “Social Sharing and SEO,” since I want to learn more about social media marketing.

  4. Link Vehicle is a nice site for bloggers to earn by writing reviews. I liked the link on a new social networrking site Cafe4tune.

    Thanks once gaian Gary for adding my blog link to your Sunday Roundup 🙂

  5. I just desired to comment your we blog and say that I really enjoyed reading through your blog site publish appropriate here. It was really informative and I also digg the way you publish!

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