Round Up Week 35


September 2, 2012 , ,

This another of the round Up series, Would you believe that it is week 35 already the year is moving soo fast and my heart goes out to all those that were affected by hurricane Isaac and we do hope helps come them very quickly. I mus take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Shabnam for her support and also her new blog best android stuff wishing here every success. Well this week we will feature five top drawing post from around the web. I have a question for you guys have website owners been emailing you asking to remove link from their website? seems like a common trend to me.

(1) How to Maximize your Evergreen Content to Fuel Business Sales and Marketing
Content marketing is a marketing practice that has been recently embraced by a lot of online marketers, especially people in the SEO industry.Although the principle has existed for decades, continual changes in the online marketing landscape have substantiated the immense weight that Content Marketing can contribute to today’s businesses. Given that it allows small to large brands to be more competitive in their respective industries and this channel enables them to empower both sales and marketing efforts.

(2) Job Seekers: Beware These Social Media Traps
First impressions are everything, but sometimes they creep up on you. As a job candidate, 86% of potential employers will look at your social profiles — even if you don’t explicitly share those links. While Facebook red-cup duty is common practice for job seekers, you might be surprised to know that recruiters think poor spelling looks worse than drinking.

(3) Cloud Computing in Computer Vision Development
Recognizing tumours in X-ray images, being able to tell when a driver is about to fall asleep behind the wheel, detecting whether a wild mushroom is edible… People with the relevant education can do this by only having a quick look at the object, but for computers, this is a far more difficult task to perform. However, there are many cases in which it would be very useful for a computer to recognize images or objects accurately, and make decisions based thereupon. Supported by cloud computing, the applications are endless: computers would be able to detect health and safety risks, diagnose cancer at an early stage, and provide practical education, just to name a few examples.

(4) Youtube SEO
Youtube is the second largest search engine. A lot of people are doing SEO for Google – which usually ends up with Bing and Yahoo rankings following suit. What we fail to see is that Youtube SEO can gain you far more search traffic than Yahoo and Bing does. So if you’re not doing Youtube SEO, you’re missing out.

(5) Cut the Blogging Overwhelm by Asking These 3 Powerful Questions
You thought that blogging was a simple way to become rich and famous. You thought that a couple of hours per week on your blog would bring you success and fame – almost overnight.

Now, after blogging for a while, you know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your task list is now miles long and even the simplest tasks take forever to finish. You seem to be adding new tasks to your list everyday and you can’t get these tasks done, no matter how hard you work.

Community Submitted News

(a) 52 Killer Tricks for Your Kindle

(b) Power to the Online People

(c) 10 Ways Cartoons Help Kids Learn About Different Cultures

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  1. Youtube Seo sounds really interesting for me) 10% is a pretty good figure to avoid it.. But I didn’t pay great attention to it before. Now I need to find some more information to see a complete picture of it.

    1. Hi Shabnam!Your right.Social profile is very important.Thanks for this round up information Lawmacks!

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