Round Up Week 34

This week we are all keeping a watchful eye on tropical storm Isaacs as it makes its way across the sea and here in america some of us especially me new here has never seen a hurricane in this place. However we still find time to blog and write my Sunday Post Round Up it is the spirit and addictive nature that i have that keeps me blogging and you my readers. Please visit essay writing service if you need and writing services This week will be  just four featured post as i will keep it short for you all. Hope all of you who lives within the hurricane region is taking all the neccsessary precaution where possible. Hope to see you next week.

(1) 4 Ways to Optimize Site Structure for a Solid Search Engine Ranking Strategy
There are so many areas of a website that are needed to be optimized when it’s aiming to rank better on search engines, seeing that search engines use hundreds of ranking factors to assess a site if it’s really worth displaying to searchers. Though a big portion of that usually comes down to how the site is well-structured for ease of use and accessibility for search crawlers.

(2) 8 Effective Tips to Make Your Blog More Interactive
Take a serious look at your blog. What do you find? Do you find an attractive page that encourages viewers to interact and continue reading, or do you find a cluttered page that is challenging to navigate? Creating an appealing, attractive and interactive blog can greatly improve your chances of long-term success.

(3) Choosing The Right Webhosting
Blogging is the trend these days, some blog for fun while others make a living from blogs.To start a blog you need a domain name and a hosting. Free webhosting has triggered the growth of blogs, those who are tight on budget can host their blogs/sites on free webhosts. However, the main disadvantage of using a free host is that it lacks safety and security and your site can be hacked anytime.

(4) Facebook Allows Brands to target posts by Gender and Age
Facebook is the most desired social networking websites on the global world. In the history of the internet there has not been any social networking website that can compete with Facebook. It was basically introduced as a social networking website. With the enhanced popularity that it has acquired in no time it produced enormous inclination for brands and companies to associate with this social networking website. Brands and companies have made their official pages and consumers leave their feedback which proves to be excessively beneficial for the business. Soon the business realized the power of the internet or basically the social media marketing.

That is Round Up for this week see you next week have a great time reading these post and sharing them with your friends and followers

0 thoughts on “Round Up Week 34”
  1. Blog should be interactive enough to make the readers glued to the blog.And it can be achieved by engaging with the readers and providing them useful information regarding what they actually wants.

  2. In regards to having an interactive blog, I have found that responding to every single comment you get will have people coming back for more.

    And if you respond with a question (have remember to have an option for subscription to comments), you can easily get a conversation going.

    Because of this simple tactic, I normally get 20-40 comments on every single blogpost.


    1. Hi Have you are perfectly right it is always good to respond to each and every comment on your blog after all that is the reason why we allow commenting in the first place and as you have mentioned you will increase the number of comments and the level of social trust. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  3. Optimizing site structure should not be overlooked as a vital part to help with developing SEO for your site, I agree that the site should be accessible for site crawlers to index your site in particular your navigation. Navigation should be as simple and compact as possible. We all want good search ranking position but the start is a well structured website.


    1. Site optimization is something we as bloggers should pay close attention to especially if we wants to get into Google and attract more visitors which we can then turn into potential customers.

  4. Good list of article. It is right that most of the people only think that only link building is the part of site optimization and they ignore onsite optimization but first step in optimization is onsite optimization.

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