Round Up Week 33


August 19, 2012

This another week for our sunday post special Round Up where i have an excellent list of articles awaiting you and i must take the time out to say thanks to all you who keep sending those lovely articles to me . That is what Round up is about sharing and thanks to the wonderful writers for submitting their guest post for review. I must say i am very greatful for the interest you showed and the effort you put into writing those articles your support is over whelming and i could not have asked for more.

(1)Things Our Mothers Accidentally Taught Us about Blogging

Mothers are great advisers. As we grow they teach us everything we need to know about the world. However for most of our mothers, the internet was not something they ever tried to teach us about. That does not mean that they did not give us some valuable lessons that will apply to the internet age though.

(2)Make More of Your Marketing
If you’re a one man or one woman show on the internet, you’re also a pretty tiny fish in a pretty large pond. The internet has afforded many people around the world the opportunity to become successful in several different ventures.

(3)5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Making Good Money With AdSense
Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. This week had some few interesting stories that I would like to share with you, in case you haven’t heard about them yet. Let’s start with Medium, the soon to be born “New Twitter”, a new publishing platform created by the founders of Twitter. According to […]

(4)Improving Value and Volume in Link Building
Quality vs. Quantity is one of the perennial questions that have been frequently asked in the link building game. Most of us already know that focusing all our efforts on quality will always win, though some of us are still hesitant, puzzled and anxious of some sort. Why?

(5)Google Analytics Advanced Segments
This week I’m aiming to spend 3 hours on 12 different free traffic generation techniques but before I do, I want to make sure I can track the results properly. And I’m going to do that by using Google Analytics Advanced Segments.

That is it for this weeks round Up please share tweet and like on your favourite social netwoking websites

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  1. Thanks for the list of articles. Mother are the best teachers of life. We start our learning from our mothers when our age is only few days.

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