Round Up Week 32


August 12, 2012

The last two weeks we have seen some great athletes in the London Olympics with my country men maintaining is status as the worlds fastest men and the Jamaicans swept the two hundred events one two three great. Any way enough of the Olympics and let us concentrate on this weeks round Up and all the goodies lined up for my readers.There is a big talk go around about Digg is it alive or dead? How can you start a social networking website without a users profile? I am not surprise about Digg they lost it when they kick the small users up the butts and start playing for the big players any way much said read the post below about Digg.

(1) Improving Value and Volume in Link Building Quality vs. Quantity is one of the perennial questions that have been frequently asked in the link building game. Most of us already know that focusing all our efforts on quality will always win, though some of us are still hesitant, puzzled and anxious of some sort. Why?
Because, providing value, as a marketing objective has been very difficult to scale, particularly on agency and enterprise level. Given that value/quality can’t easily be replicated, won’t ever be generic, and most of all – it can’t be done in speed.

(2) Content Marketing: The Heart of Online Success I have long been a huge supporter of Content Marketing and feel it is something every single company should be using in one way or another.
Not only does it provide a number of benefits for your company, like social signals, feedback, and new customers, but it also forces you and your company to really look at variety of ways to effectively talk about your product or service.
The Infographic below details a number of benefits that participating in content marketing will bring you.

(3) I am Kevin Rose, Founder of Digg. Ask Me Anything… But I Won’t Answer! (YET) Digg is officially dead, well as of yesterday that is, and you can read a great article by Greg Finn about it called Dead On Arrival: New Curated Digg Launches Without User Profiles, History or Commenting.
On the same day, Kevin Rose decided to conduct one of the Reddit’s famous IAmA threads and even validated it with a twitter update.
It is speculation whether it was his last middle finger to Reddit, or if he just really doesn’t understand social media at all, but after 12 hours and over 1000 questions, the thread was removed when Kevin Rose never showed up to answer a single question.
In fact an hour or so after announcing his IAmA thread, he updated his Twitter account that he was on Alcatraz.

(4) Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On AT&T Galaxy Note Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery on AT&T Galaxy Note – it enables you to boot your device into recovery mode without using the physical buttons.Touch Recovery is helpful in flashing Custom ROMs to device.
The guide is only for AT&T Galaxy Note Model number SGH-I717 and is not compatible with any other Adroid device.To know the Model No. of device go to Settings >> About Phone.
We cannot be held responsible for loss of data or damage done to device while following the below mentioned instructions.

(5) SEO Copywriting: Wordsmith As a writer, we paint. We make sure that our words create visions in our reader’s minds. We play. We create art. Wordplay is one of a writer’s most important skills. In SEO Copywriting, that is tuned up a bit to Wordsmithing.
What’s the difference?
This entry is part of the SEO Copywriting Series from SEO School – where you can learn SEO that Works!
Wordplay is a form of projecting amusement, interest, skill and information all at the same time to your audience. Take that and throw in search engine optimization knowledge, keyword prominence, proximity and density, title tag optimization, etc… It’s a whole new ball game.

Community News


(7) Dead On Arrival: New Curated Digg Launches Without User Profiles, History or Commenting

(8) Why Paying Your Nanny Through Your Business Books is Illegal

That is all for this weeks Round Up feel free to comment retweet and like and faceBook have yourself a great week a head

0 thoughts on “Round Up Week 32”
  1. I am from INDIA and very happy to know this the Sushil Kumar from India has won the Gold Medal for Wrestling.He did very great job and totally complete his responsibilities.I am proud on that man.Thanks for putting this post as a discussion.

  2. Digg is dead? That’s sad to know. When sites as huge as Digg and attacked by spammers, they’ll never ever be able to come back alive again.

    Thanks for all these updates!

  3. Digg has buried itself into the pit by digging it by its Own. RIP Digg.

    Taking in mind the big giants in business works but ignoring the smaller ones cost you more.Thats what happened to Digg.

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