Round Up The Best Of Week 41

Round upThis is another week for some more great Round up from around the web that is worthy to be shared with you first of all I must mention that there is a great Analytics tool available for you to use and compliment your Google Analytics with real-time heat map tracking and many more feature you may want to check this blog post-Seevolution the Future of Analytics for move in-depth information.

There are ten posts for you to check out this week’s Sunday Post Round-Up and don’t forget to submit your post to check the feature here as this will help generate backlinks and exposure for your website at no cost to you. Last but not least please support this site by downloading a copy of my E-Book Reputation Management through Paypal.  Now here are this week’s feature articles.

Round Up

(1) Has Social Media Changed How We Write Web Copy? Here’s Why I Think So Before social media entered the stage a marketer’s job was two-fold: write a compelling landing page and drive traffic to that landing page. The internet has changed all of that. Not so much the internet, but social media, in particular networks like Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and YouTube–the most potent platforms for transmitting and spreading an idea. An idea that takes off is a meme. Often the most popular memes are silly and juvenile.

For example, a Reddit user named Trenton took the above photograph (six years after it was originally published), added some profane text, and then submitted it to the subreddit /r/Advice Animals.

(2) How to Earn Links by Building Brand Mind Share Mind share is an element that denotes how powerful a brand is to its market. It is commonly a result of highly effective promotions, which makes the brand really popular, making its target consumers very aware of the product/service/solution that the brand offers. As an objective for marketing campaigns, having a strong mind share is definitely vital these days as it can stretch a brand’s reach in several ways, such as:

(3) Some Less-Talked-About SEO Benefits You Love to Forget Bloggers have been putting time and effort into search engine optimization for quite some time because it means higher visibility. If you can make your way to the top of a Google SERP, more people will see your website, more people will click, and more people will convert. It’s almost like a domino effect of success, with SEO being that little push.

(4) How to Successfully Use Blogs for the Affiliate Marketing Campaigns A great approach to fully using your affiliate marketing plan is to utilize blogging. Currently, many individuals are aware of blogging and they have their blogs, therefore it is sensible to use blogging for internet affiliate marketing. This post will give you a few great tips about how to utilize your blogging activities to increase your affiliate marketing plan.

(5) What Is the Most Popular ERP Software These Days? Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a very popular solution for businesses of all types. There are hundreds of options available, including some that are very industry-specific and some that are geared towards general business needs. Due to the variability of ERP software and how it is used by different businesses, it is difficult to pin down one specific piece of software as the most popular.

Community Submitted News

(6) Engineering The Internet – InfoGraphics

(7) 12 Ways to Help Your Child Gain Confidence

(8) 10 iPhone Apps that Help Young Kids With Math

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  1. Third one article is one of the best article. I must favor you but I live in a country where paypal is not still introduced.

  2. Haven’t the facilities we have access to on -line improved dramatically, now there’s soooo much out there, with networks like Twitter, Reddit, 4chan and YouTube etc, to help with SEO. Life working on the internet gets better and better eh!

  3. Article #1 and #4 is much talked about now a days and one can take advantage of both blogs and social media sites to boost up their results in terms of SERPs and traffic both.

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