Round Up Week 40 The E-Book Thesis Update


October 7, 2012 , ,

A couple of days ago I release an E-book titled  Reputation Management  at a reasonable price of six dollars you can go ahead and grab a copy for yourself or recommend to your fellow bloggers. On another note you all know that this blogs runs on thesis and the long awaited thesis 2.0 is out but will take some time before I upgrade still playing around with it at the moment. This week we are looking at some brilliant post for the Round Up so I hope you enjoy them.  So remember to take a look at the E-Book and crab yourself a copy. You can read my interview over at

(1) Enterprise Link Building Strategies – MORCon 2012 I talked about link building strategies, principles and mindsets for enterprise-level campaigns 2 days ago at Mastering Online Rankings Conference, which was held at Vista Venice Resorts, Morong Bataan.The chance to converse and exchange ideas with new industry friends and certainly some of the greatest minds in our local Internet Marketing community (like Gary Viray and Rex Malvas, a real-life affiliate marketing genius) was gold! Anyway, here’s my deck from the event:

(2) Fun and Creative Ideas for a Blog Post I know that when I post a lot I often run out of good idea for new blog posts. I mean, there are only so many topics that you can think of when you write. One of the bad things about blogging though is that consistency is key to a successful blog. In order to get people to read your blog, follow your blog, ad like your posts, you must post frequently. It is also important to keep your readers if you are trying to make your blog profitable. With that in mind, I want to share with you some great ideas for blog posts.

(3) Google Dance, QDF, Tag Manager, Windows 8, Speedlink 39:2012Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. So, what does Panda+EMD+Penguin result to? Electronic Mass Destruction on search rankings? Actually, not quite, but close enough. In a little over a week, the so called “Google dance” strikes again. Google has confirmed that a Panda Update (not a refresh) was rolled out, immediately followed by the EMD (exact match domains filtering) and yesterday, a Penguin refresh.

(4) Google Street View Now Available on iPhone 5 When Apple removed the Google powered Maps app from iOS it also lost some of Google’s core features. It may have gained a new 3D mode, but for many people this has been a pale comparison to the usefulness of Google’s Street View. If you

(5) How to Create Reusable Thesis Skin Custom Templates in Version 2.0 – had a long night playing with the new Thesis 2.0, and just figure out some interesting stuff. so I am going to share with you the steps of creating a New Template. Our dump example: Let’s assume that you have a couple of email lists, and you are offering a couple of free ebooks for your subscribers, you will probably think of having a couple of “Thank You” pages so you can set a different “Thank You” message for each list. you We are going to use a dump example (a Thank You page) that you can create and use for greeting your new email subscribers and tell them to check their email.

Community Submitted News

(6) 10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Creating To-Do Lists


(8) 10 iPhone Apps for Busy, Working Moms

(9) Expert Advice on Starting a Successful Blog

That is it for this weeks Round Up please share and check out the New E-Book GRAB A COPY HERE

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  1. When i read that iPhone has removed Google maps i was quite shocked with their decision.And didn’t find the Apple Maps relevant.There is nothing like Google maps.

  2. EMD has made a blast at this time,some are affected by this and making their new strategy here but i think it is completely right to learn us something good and make internet world spam free by also about to make our blogging good.

  3. Congratulations Gary on your ebook! It’s also quite affordable as well. Thanks for sharing these links for good reading enjoyment. It’s great to know that the Google Street View is available in iPhone 5 and 10 of the best iphone apps for creating to-do lists. Thanks for sharing!

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