Round Up Week 29

Sunday post Round Up features some brilliant articles this week from the four corners of the web and i hope they will suit your needs. We also have some users contributed articles that features at the bottom of the post. Round Up as you know by now is a great way to gain Back links to your website and the best of all they are free and Seo friendly. I would request that you help to spread the word by tweeting this post and sharing the word.

(1) Triangle Offense to Create a Powerful Online Presence First, let’s talk about content. The foundation of a successful online marketing campaign is strongly based on its content marketing strategy. Thus, if you want to attract customers, clients and buyers, make sure that you have quality content that they would not only read, but share and spread around as well.
Awesome and relevant content also encourages other sites and web bloggers to link to you, which is a good thing, knowing that links to your pages are one of the major traffic drivers over the web.

(2)Post Penguin SEO Strategies – Learning from History Learning from the past algorithmic changes by Google can save your site from being wiped out because of the latest Google Penguin update. This is a serious algorithmic change which has almost the same impact when the Google Florida update was rolled out in 2003. I suspect that the Google Florida update was the very baseline of what Panda and Penguin algorithm is now, only that there are more robust filters was added in the recent updates since February 2011.

(3) Reputation Management for Individuals: Cleaning Up Your Online Image Online reputation management is big business, and it’s an enterprise that more and more businesses are taking seriously. Small businesses and Fortune 500 brands alike are investing big portions of their marketing bucks on reputation management services, eager for the opportunity to control how their brand is portrayed on the Web. Given the prevalence of online review sites like Yelp, this is hardly a big surprise.

(4)[Infographic] What Makes a “Perfect Blog Post”? Time to Find Out! – Is there such a thing as a “perfect” blog post? Derek Halpern seems to think so. Truth be told, his visual describing the ‘Perfect Blog Post‘ will give you some excellent insights on how to structure your content in a way that gets people engaged and ready to take action. Today, I’d like to break down this post archtype step-by-step, so you can see how to craft the “perfect” blog post.
The Perfect Blog Post [Graphic]
Before we begin, here is the visualization of the perfect blog post, brainstormed by Derek of SocialTriggers and designed by Alex of Kolakube:

(5) Microsoft gets Threatened with Antitrust Fines by EU over Browser Issue Microsoft got another threat from the European Commision on Tuesday. Over 28 million Windows 7 OS European users have complained that they could not choose between the Microsoft’s default Internet Explorer and other internet browsers, forcing them to use the former. Although Microsoft promptly registered an apology for what they claim was a technical error, they could be potentially facing yet another big fine.

Community Submitted Articles

What Your Babysitter Needs to Know

10 Uses for Baby Wipes Other than What They Were Intended For



10 Ways Nannies Can Use Technology to Communicate


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  1. The 4th article is what took the most of my attention. It is very important nowadays that what we write or post would be effective for our own purposes. It might be for revenue, marketing or even for call-to-action situations. It can even be to urge our readers to donate to charity, It would do a lot if we can learn how to write not only a perfect but an effective blog post.

  2. Building up the reputation of the company in the market is a tough challenge.A must read article,really helpful.

  3. I agree, content is the foundation to success of online business.Google loves content that goes viral Writing articles while keeping these points in mind shall direct spiders in going viral.

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