Why Your Small Business Should be Using Social Media

Social MediaSocial media is one of the best marketing strategies in use today. There are several reasons for this, but it is something that a small business owner needs to be aware of. Countless corporations and major businesses have already unlocked the secrets to bigger business ventures through the use of social media outlets.

What Exactly Is Social Media?

Well, there are actually numerous ways that someone can define this term. However, most commonly this refers to sites like Facebook and MySpace that allow people to connect with one another over the internet. These networking sites work to provide instantaneous information over the server so that friends, family and acquaintances can stay informed about the day to day lives of individuals. This to the minute response has never been more active or more popular than it is today, which is why it is also ideal for things like marketing.

The Business In It

Your business would certainly not be the first to consider the possibility of using a site like Facebook to bring in more customers. In fact, there are thousands of companies, businesses and groups that have created profiles on these sites to spread the news about the company itself and what might be coming in the near future. Considering the millions and millions of users on this particular site alone, the amount of potential new customers is quite considerable.

Building Your Profile Page

A profile is the actual site that people will be able to visit to find out more information about your company, what you do, and the official link to your website. This needs to look as sharp as you can make it, as professional as possible. It is here that people will “like” your page, as this is the nomenclature for Facebook. The more “likes” that you have, the more popular your page will become and the more that will see it.

How You Get Likes

In order to boost this recognition of the profile page, companies have devised several systems to get buzz going. Promotions are a huge draw, as you can offer people entry into a give away or some gift certificate simply for liking your page. As earlier established, the more likes that you have the more popular your page will actually be.

Additionally, businesses are able to provide limited time offers to those that like the pages. For example, you might provide someone who likes your profile page a limited time offer coupon for a set amount of money off a new order or a percent off an upcoming purchase online in your store. The truth is, there are countless promotions that you can do to generate buzz, and even services that you can hire to send out these promotions to local users as opposed to national ones. This can drum up a lot of personal business in the town you are based out of as well.

Of course, these are just ideas until you put them into action. Social media sites are an incredible marketing tool, and you can look online to determine the best means of drawing in new people. These listed above are popular ways of bringing traffic to your profile page and to your website.
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0 thoughts on “Why Your Small Business Should be Using Social Media”
    1. but of, course, the trickiest part here would be getting those followers and fans in the first place. you really need to get them hooked to from the start.

  1. True, If you have a thousands of friends/Likes.. But you know to reach to that level you need to work continuously for more than 6 months without expecting any results. Don’t think that you will keep on updating your blog posts on social medias and you will have traffic.. NO it doesn’t work that ways, you need to build relations in social medias also, once you have them under your kitty you can create awareness of your products real fast!

    1. I meant that there are too many icons of the bookmarks. I know that it is good for SEO. But not for traffic.

  2. Good, My personal view about this issue is that We all internet marketers have to know that people want solutions to their problems.
    Another great post that I need to bookmark for future reference..it’s intresting and new.I found your post informative and thought provoking. I appreciate your tutorial!It sounds quite interesting what you wrote about feeds.

  3. Social media is crucial for the success of small businesses because they offer a huge amount of possible readers.. Posting at facebook or twitting can be seen by thousands of people, some of which will be interested and become permanent clients for you.

    1. Hi Rashmi,
      totally in your corner,
      social media is very good way to communicate with other.
      thanks for sharing great thoughts us.

  4. You have only highlighted the importance of Social Media for smaller businesses. But I think bigger businesses needs it more than smaller ones and we must not over look it at all.

  5. I always use social medias in every business that I will run in the internet and some campaign that I am running. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the best platform that I have been using.

  6. Currently social networks are very popular and useful in everyday life it is becoming like addiction in youngers, so for them it will be very useful for them to use this addiction to grow their business.

  7. Rightly described by you the importance of social media.This is the age of contacts for interaction between people to people through social platforms in the web. The tremendous popularity of using the social media networking could never have been realized before. In fact, social media have become an important tool of marketing in true sense of customer orientation. The bright future prospect of social networking is also proven with the fact that the technology is integrated in the mobile phones as well. Even Facebook is becoming an essential utility in this new, highly interconnected world, rather than an amusing “app”.

  8. Social Media is very important for building an image and keeping in touch with your customers. Also, there’s a whole demographic out there that limits its internet usage strictly to Facebook. If you want to reach them, you have to be there.

  9. Yes, you are correct that social media is one of the best marketing strategy for small business. It is one of the powerful technique and small business should opt for. I have been using social media sites such as facebook and twitter for long time and it really helped me a lot. Thanks for the share!!

  10. Hello I definitely adore your editorial and it is so excellent so I am goanna social media bookmark it. One thing to say the superb analysis this article has is greatly exceptional!!! No one goes that extra mile now days? Hats off to you! Also one more suggestion to you is that you should institute any Translator Application for your Global Users

  11. Hi there,

    Sanjib here. This article is self explanatory. When a business is called small business it needs a lot of support and good promotion. Therefore, taking the assistance of social media for your business is an advantage as the promotion won’t cost you a penny in most of the cases. This is a very option for small business.

    Thanks for the post,


  12. Yes, you are correct that social media is one of the best marketing strategy for small business. It is one of the powerful technique and small business should opt for. I have been using social media sites such as facebook and twitter for long time and it really helped me a lot. Thanks for the share!!

  13. Social Media is definitely a place where small businesses can start promoting and getting their customers. Not only that it’s for free, audience is readily available and that it will not be too difficult to get some traffic once you create a website.

  14. thanks for sharing this valuable info and advice very helpful and informative for me very cool post u have shared i truly enjoyed it.

  15. Socializing with other people through Social Networks is the key. We cannot rely in 100% on building likes of our fan page. We need to interact with people and make them interested about us. That will give maximum results.

  16. Either business is small or on large scale social media is so important for marketing. Social media sites like facebook and twitter gives complete description to their viewers as there are pages name profile. From that people can judge about product. So it’s a best way.

  17. Were you aware that a huge number of large businesses and major corporations are already starting to take advantage of social media? In fact, there are a number of excellent reasons to consider using sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, if you are not already.

    For starters, consider the incredible amount of traffic that these sites generate. Facebook has so many users alone that if it were a country it would be the fourth most populous nation on earth (and closing fast on the remaining three). This many eyeballs demands that businesses take notice.

    Another great reason to consider using social media is that you will have the opportunity to connect with your target audience, many times directly. Interact with them and provide them with all kinds of helpful and valuable content. It is a great platform to build trust with your prospects, customers and future customers.

    These sites are the future. They are becoming more and more popular all the time. Many users do not even need a computer to access them either, oftentimes a smartphone is enough. This makes it incredibly convenient for your audience.

  18. Social Networking Sites is the place where you can find targeted audience for all kind of businesses. So Nowadays, promoting a business through Social Networking sites is very effective and it influence better results for a business.

  19. Social media presence is needed to each and every small and medium size business this the fastest way to reach you target audience as well as people can easily understand about your products and brands. Here you just need to be in touch with your customer so that it will help you to make your brand popular.

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