5 Link Building Tips

You probably know by now some methods of building links. Today, I will tell you how you should go about building these links. Now I know you don’t like introductions, These are some simple tips i am about to to share with you but i must warned you i am no expert just a simple blogger who shares some tips and idea with you so here we go:

1) Try To Forget That You Are Building Links

When you are building links, try to pretend you are not only in it for the actual link. Think like you’re there to contribute. This makes it much more likely for your comment to be accepted or for your forum post not to get deleted. In addition, you build reputation for being an expert. Best of all, this is extremely easy!

2) Quality Over Quantity

In SEO, quality is more important than quantity. This is especially true when building links. You can have 1000 low quality links, but 1 high quality link triumphs over them. It’s even easier to build a few high quality links than thousands of low quality ones. Just remember that when analyzing your back links don’t focus to much on the actual number of back links, rather how powerful they are.

3) Be Persuasive

If you build links using methods such as guest posting, you have to convince bloggers to let you link to your website. But how do you do this? There are many ways, but in my opinion, the best way to convince a blogger to link to you is to throw something in for them. Don’t pay them however, as this is the same as a paid link. Do a favour for them, if you have experience in SEO, consult them. Do anything that doesn’t involve money or really hard work, because if you have to do that, either your website has terrible content, or you are dealing with a terrible blogger.

4) Make Sure Your Site Is Worth Linking To

This tip builds off the previous one: is your website worth linking to?  Make your website worthy of linking. Think to yourself: Why would I link to my site? If you can’t find a reason, you may want to add some content to your site that is worth linking to and then try again.

5) Use Methods That Produce Quality Links

This tip builds off tip #2… Don’t waste your time building thousands of worthless links while you could just spend an hour on building one high quality link that overpowers them put together. You should use methods like guest posting and article marketing if you want to see your website become a success. These are just five link building tips for you to apply there are many more just be creative and as usual don’t forget to retweet or share this post on face book .

30 thoughts on “5 Link Building Tips”

  1. Avatar of Keith

    Great write up! We all know that linkbuilding is important, what most forget is that if your content id good enough, people will link to it "naturally". This is the best possible link to me. Quality over Quantity….

  2. Avatar of Shabnam Sultan

    Informative post Gary as usual 🙂 . Link buliding is very important for bloggers/ webmasters and one should have quality of links . Building link is not a one time thing you need to be persistent. This post will help newbies in blogging for building links.

  3. Avatar of Potty Putter

    I’ve always felt the best way to build links was to just engage with others in your area (such as commenting on their blogs & linking to them). People are usually more than happy to let you have your link as long as you’re adding something to the conversation.

  4. Avatar of Kai Lo

    I have done plenty of link building experiments in the past, and came to a conclusion that lower pagerank relevant links outweight nonrelevant high pagerank links. Pagerank is just a small factor to determine SERP placement.

  5. Avatar of Aswani

    First of all, please excuse me bro for being so late on this post. I thought it was an old post to which I had posted my comment. Just checked now..and came to know that its a new one. This is yet another very useful and informative post. Link building can get you the right traffic if done properly as explained in this post. I am not into it now, to be honest. As always as ever, I prefer link baiting as its more natural and fruitful in the long run. It really has helped me a lot in recent times and I want to stick to it forever.

  6. Avatar of Ching Ya

    Quality plays a big part and I agree that if we manage to ensure our post quality, that will be an effort worth investing in long term. I like #1, thinking how you can benefit whoever is reading the post can be very helpful; you won’t hesitate in bringing in value and that of course, including good posts from other sites.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  7. Avatar of Suresh Khanal

    Extremely impressive. The best tips I liked is "Forget that you are building links" this is the first requirement for any effective link building. Great!

  8. Avatar of element321

    Great post.

    I agree with you on this one. I have bloggers and other SEO consultants go out link junk sites as they can. I also include spam bots that are grabbing your keywords and trying to link to you even it doesn’t make sense in their niche. This kind thinking is annoying.

    Second. You can link to good sites and leave great comments, but no one will care about your site if you have no reason for others to visit your site.

  9. Avatar of Seo Relevant Links
    Seo Relevant Links

    Link building is an important factor for search engine optimization, try to focus on quality rather than quantity.

  10. Avatar of web design

    I found a great tips here. Thanks for your contribution for helping peoples looking for similar articles.

  11. Avatar of Cortul Intalnirii
    Cortul Intalnirii

    There are many other tips for someone who’s building links for a website. For example reading blogs through a Feed Reader, posting on forums and social networks.

    Also, you can do link building through passive means, like writing articles that attract visitors, or making competitions for those who write about you.

  12. Avatar of Nightlife Croatia
    Nightlife Croatia

    So what i am doing now is your advice under number 3. Be Persuasive. My first comment did not show up so I figured out that something is wrong. Well, this is my second try. I was wondering how somebody get quality link if he do not exchange links, so basically how to get someone to link to your page and you wont link to his? I know that answer could be content, but except that is there any other way?

  13. Avatar of dumazz

    I have no experience in SEO, I never attached the greater attention to this. What matters to me the joy of writing wartościwych content.

    Recently, however, I became interested in the subject associated with getting links. I’m still confused about this topic, but this entry brightened a bit about me. Thank you very much.

  14. Avatar of Ethan Jones

    Very impressive. Link buildings are really great strategy to get lots of traffic to your site, this most of the bloggers do and I probably have it. Thanks for this great useful tips.

  15. Avatar of acharya

    Nice article as usual,
    Link building is one of the most vital parts of building your site. Without backlinks to your site, no one will find that great content you shared.

  16. Avatar of Web Design India
    Web Design India

    Thanks for these 5 local link building tips, I would say there are many methods of link building and we should use almost of all of them so that our links would look natural to search engines.

  17. Avatar of Nicholas

    Interesting tips on link building! Quality is indeed better than quantity. It would be no use if a website has low PR and Alexa Rank. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Avatar of Veronica

    I do agree with all of your above tips, and I would like to add 1 additional tip as follow:
    Submit to RSS Directories – Not only does this build great links to your blog, but it also provides more “notice” to your blog which creates another flow of traffic. Submitting to RSS directories is a very important step when trying to promote and build backlinks to your blogs. Since everyone is using blog-based formats for their websites, this link building method should apply to just about everyone.

  19. Avatar of Himadri

    The first point that you have mentioned just grabbed my attention that “try to forget that you are building link”. This is very important. Because if this is in your mind you will become commercial and will not give your 100% . So, in that case your contribution will not be the best. The other tips are also helpful. Quality is very important rather than quantity.

  20. Avatar of Andrew

    Awesome ideas to build quality links.I know a little bit about quality links it likes 1 quality backlink = 100 low quality backlinks. Thanks for talking about quality back links.

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