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September 1, 2010 , ,

I start by asking you do you believe in Bloggers Building Relationship?A few weeks back i read an article on famous bloggers titled Content is Not King Relationship is well you might have remember me featuring the article here in one of my Round Ups now lets take a look at building relationship. Yeah i heard thinking that i am getting intimate here well i am but only this time it is with blogging. Relationship is important in blogging however how do we do this you might ask? There are several ways of building relationship an we will look at a few of them and you can share with me the ways you go about building yours.

Social Networking sites are a big phenomenon today we all use them which bloggers hasn’t use them let me know well none that i am familiar with not saying there are a must. we can use the power of these social networking website to build our blogging relationship. How will i do this? i thought you would have figure it out by now anyway let me explain this you might not agree with me but we can disagree to agree here after all we are bloggers and sometimes we seems a bit controversial maybe it is just your style.

Facebook yes it has over a billion users and it is growing all the time get yourself a profile there it is worth make friends and get involved you would be amazed by what you can achieve from that site. Then comes Digg well not as it used to be since the change over lots of errors and some negativity from a site we loved so much however been active on digg can bring you some decent traffic and also stumbleupon another site that i used often with almost eleven million users just think of the potential for your blog.

Now there are some basics for building relationship which i believe is very important in order to gain trust and that is using a real picture for your profile image this to me will build your credibility and other bloggers will easily trust you.Building Relationship is very important to the success of our blog. Now do you believe in building relationship? content is still very important but having good relationship is equally important having said that good quality content and a strong relationship is the base of building a successful blog. so build your relationship but remember to support those that you build your relationship with if they post the least you can do is Retweet share their post. have you starting building your relationship yet?


33 thoughts on “Bloggers Building Relationship”
  1. If you want to achieve any level of success both online and offline, building relationships is one of the most important factors.

    I agree that social networking is a great way to build your relationships but more importantly is delivering and even over-delivering the content that your visitors, readers and subscribers are looking for.

    Another one of your thought provoking posts Gary. 🙂

    1. That is a great point Robert delivering great content is important and i believe this is an area i look at closely as we already know quality out lives quantity.

  2. I worry a bit about the effect of social sites simply because they seem to have taken over so many people’s social interaction with one another. I find that so many young and not so young people seem to have great difficulty ‘reading’ other people’s body language.

    Any people lover will attest to the fact that so much of our communication happens through our faces and our body posture, that many of these skills aren’t being learnt through online social media sites.

    The question to me is, what will be the eventual outcome?

    1. Nothing is wrong with building relationship online as long as you keep it at a managable level online relationship is very popular amongst bloggers today and this is what helps to drive our community.

  3. Nice post bro. I think yes, relationships do matter and blogging is not an exception. Infact success in blogging very much depends upon the way you maintain relationship with your fellow bloggers. Those who fail here, they fail forever. Maintaining a good relationship is absolutely necessary. To put it in other words, relationship is all about networking. Better networking leads to better results. And this could be anything say…comments, traffics, clicks, etc… and I guess we all desire for the same. To build a good relationship, one has to learn the art of networking. You need to be more social, need to be more understanding, need to be more broadminded. Blog commenting on a regular basis, social networking, live chatting, etc….are many ways to go ahead with your relationship building. It looks tough but it isn’t. I have tried same and it has helped me a lot.

    1. You are right Aswani i can give you credit for that building relationship online is of important and you can be a role model in this area thanks for your thoughtful comment

  4. Another great post from you bro :).Relationship is very important and for your online work too.

    It is very important to have a network of bloggers around you as you cannot succeed alone .

    1. Yes Shabnam you just echo some words by Hesham that blogging is not a one man’s game have a network of bloggers around you is very important for any online success.

  5. I also agree and I think, relationships do matter and blogging is not an exception. Infact success in blogging really much depends upon the way you maintain romantic relationship with your fellow bloggers. Those who fail here, they fail forever. Maintaining a very good romantic relationship is completely essential. To put it in other words, romantic relationship is all about networking. Far better networking leads to better results. And this could be anything say…comments, traffics, clicks, etc… and I guess we all desire for the exact same. To build a very good romantic relationship, one has to learn the art of networking. You should be more social, must be a lot more understanding, must be additional broadminded. Blog commenting on a normal basis, social networking, live chatting, etc….are quite a few methods to go ahead with your relationship building. It looks tough but it isn’t. I have tried very same and it has helped me a great deal.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment i do agree with you we must all learn the art of building relationship as bloggers this will ultimately leads to our online success

    1. You are very welcome and thanks for taking the time to contibute here hope we can build a very good relationship from now on.

  6. Building relationships through social networks is really a fastest way to share any kind of information. Because visitors are confirm through such relationships so one can divert a real traffic towards intended goal. thanks for such nice contribution.

    1. Your are most welcome and thanks for taking the time to contribute to the debate here useing the power of social networking to its fullest potential is one way of getting the message accross very quickly.

  7. Building relationships matters a lot in anything be it in offline or online field. From what I think, if you help people solving their problems,then people will surely start following you and your site.

    1. That is really a great point Bishwajeet helping others online is a great way of getting others to follow you this also helps to build credibility and trust. A very valid point you just made here

  8. Well blogger build a lot of relationship and readership among different users by using different social network sites like Facebook, twitter, stmble upon, digg etc.

    1. that is true but we must continue to build them as this is very important but we should not only build relationship we should also sustain them.

  9. Great post Gary as usual! Building relationships through social networks is very important today. It is my main goal right now. I have converted many of my affiliate promotion into sales through relationships.

    1. This is one of the best and fastest way of getting your voice accross the internet at an alaming rate Nicola i have learnt that and will continue to engage in online relationship building

    1. Thanks for your thouhtful comment this is what the post waas all about that we should help each other united we stand divided we fall.

  10. I’ve also read that post man, I even commented on that one before 🙂 And as for what I can remember with what I’ve said there, that not content and not relationship is king, it’s quality. Because with out having a quality content, you can never get the attention of other bloggers, and if you don’t have quality relationships with your community, your contents will have a lesser value as well, seeing as your community is the key in having your contents spread out and to be noticed by other people within your “friends'” networks 🙂


    1. Jason you give a detailed response here with which i can not disagree with you struck a cord with the word quality and i must say that forged both the content and the relationship perfectly.

  11. Short term I totally agree. Social networking, as well as good SEO practices can drive a lot of people to your doorstep. You can even do fairly well if that is all you have. You may find a lot of people that are loyal because they like YOU! But in the long run I still would argue that content IS still king.

    Social Networking is the Prince and SEO a very powerful Duke though. If neither the prince nor the duke help, you will never SEE the king! SO for early stages of your blogging career I would see where Social networking CAN be more important, but for long term success you need that content IMO.

    1. Very well said Steve i really admire the way you put the twist with your explanation this is the trade mark of a good writer

  12. Nice posting mate! Thanks for sharing it.
    Social Media have become the important factor for building relationships which helps to increase sales of affiliate as well as increases visibility of your products.

    Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Linkedin etc are major social sites for building the relationships.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. That is correct must of us harness the power of social networking sites to promote and eve drive the sales of our products.

  13. Building relationship is very important in all aspect of our life. I do believe this is innate to human being. This seems to agree that by nature man is a social being. The same is true to blogging. Building relationship is fundamental.

  14. Yes, it’s true. You really have to do something to connect well to your readers. Having a good relationship was important in all aspects, in any relationship, so we must better stand on this kind of principle no matter what. Especially when you are in the online field. People from around the globe will really not know you so it was truly a good idea to have a good relationship with them through blogging and some other networking sites. Once you gain their trust, it was not so hard for you to offer them something, which will benefit you, of course.

  15. This is the best information I have gotten all day. This would be a great feature to add to my blog. Thanks 🙂

  16. The magic of keeping relationship lies in the smart way of dealing people and communication too. you should have a style and way of your own to attract people to your blog coz building relation is always helpful to you if you are in to marketing! Always hold your horse and think before you talk. And reply to those who are comment ed on your post but how you comment also matters! I mean the language. So be careful in that too.

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