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September 2, 2010 , ,

Sharing the love without comment luv strange isn’t it? You might be wondering what the hell is he talking about is mad or is he condemning one of my favourite plug-in how can you do this? to answer that question yes you can share the love without comment luv and no i an not condemning your favourite plug in maybe you can say i am just been naughty taught provoking Oh.For sometime now i have been doing a series titled “Round Up” this is actually a post which i used to highlight articles written by other bloggers which i found very interesting and i share them here a bit of love sharing if you might.

Well lets get to the topic of discussion here Andy has invented a great plugin called comment luv and i strongly believe that this is a great tool one which you should have noticed that i used here and will recommend. Sharing the love as bloggers is something we all do and  the best part about comment luv is that after writing your comment on your favourite blog your latest post title is display for other commentators to see call it a free promotion if you wish. how can you share the luv without  comment luv? with Round up is the answer. if you go blog walking like i do although this can distract you from doing other important things you will notice that many other bloggers do this take Sourav  from Tech N Blogging for example he has one which he called TNB Weekend Blog Revisits.

Now lets face it rewarding our readers for their hard work and commitment to our blogs success is something i strongly believe in so highlighting their post is the least we can do, how you do it is totally up to you so tell me do you spread the luv without comment luv ? I would like to think that you all do and certainly for my readers they do in their own way.

Round Up for me is what i used to spread the love without using the comment luv so you see now things can be done in different form and i hope you get the point here its not about the plug-in it is about us as bloggers sort of Building Relationship spreading the love and supporting each other. i am no expert here but Comment luv is a great plug-in which helps foster Relationship building and encourages feedback and conversations. Now i asked you these question, do you believe in sharing the love and how do you do it ? in the mean time spread the love by re-tweeting this post after all caring is sharing.


40 thoughts on “Sharing The Love Without Comment Luv”
    1. That is so right Shabnam this is a series i planned on continuing i love it and i believe it is a great way of sharing love.

  1. Hi Gary,

    When I read the title of your post, I was a little concerned because I do love Comment Luv and thought you were getting rid of it. That just proves how important titles can be. 😉

    I also think your Round Up is an outstanding way to reward your fellow bloggers and at the same time, you are introducing your readers to some other excellent blogs. You know what they say; “what goes around, comes around”.

    For now I’ll just keep on sharing the love with Facebook, Retweets, Diggs and Stumbles. 🙂

    1. Sharing the love on Facebook Digg and Twitter is great Robert and you are brilliant with your support and you know what they say sharing is caring

  2. I’ve never actually done what Sourav on Tech N Blogging has done when it comes to rewarding your readers.
    It’s also a good way to get out of having to write a new blog post. I don’t think my blog would cope though because i don’t write everyday so the posts linking to others would begin to quickly fill up my blog.

    Good job and great post 😀

    1. Round is a way i use to highlight some fascinating post by my readers and when ever i go blog walking and find any post that are great and worth the share

  3. CommentLuv and KeywordLuv are good to use and very beneficial though. But Round up is very challenging to use. I must say that I enjoy using them!

    1. Thanks Dana for poping over to share your thoughs with my communty sharing the love with your fellow bloggers is important when networking and building relationship looking forward to see you again.

  4. hmm..bro. interesting post. Comment luv..I am seeing this on almost on all blogs. No doubt, it is truly one of the best ways to gain the much need traffic on your blogs. Now, sharing love without comment luv…I think it is possible if and only if you have some time to spare from your busy schedule and spend it in blog walking or you can also go with something like roundups. Both looks good to me. Roundup is much more preferred as you can simply include inks in your posts with small descriptions. This in turn generates a good amount of visit to the neighboring blogs. Truly a great way to spread love 🙂

    1. You are right Aswani rounds give you better chance with the link backs as your actual post tilte will be include along with the discription i am constantly looking at ways to improve my round ups watch this space.

  5. I also love roundup.Daily I got lots of good articles and I know my readers can’t find all of them.So,I would like share those links in my blog for my readers.I’ll start it very soon.

    1. Thanks for your comment if this is your firts visit i do hope you return to participate further your support and input id of value to the community here.

  6. Must admit I came into the post ready to argue. As a relatively new commentluv adherent I have the zeal of the newly converted on that topic.

    On the topic of roundups, I think they are great. I always try to do a Sunday Best of the Web where I include articles I like. Though some are from the “big boys” I always try to include most from sites I visit and have relationships with.

    1. Hi Steve feel free to argue here this are is for discussion and i guess what they say about writing catchy headlines is what i do here sometimes as bloggers i belive in been a bit provacative. Thanks for your support.

  7. Like Steve said in his comment I came here ready to argue, but as you said in your post, this was a provocative title, and it did the trick! Blogging in my opinion is all about spreading and sharing the love 🙂

    1. Firstly let me say thanks for your input here at we value your visit and contribution here any way i am heading over to your blog now the love just keeps spreading.

  8. Sounds interesting. Round up is beneficial for building the relationship and great for sharing it.

    Nice posting! 🙂

  9. Hey Lawmacs

    Great Post. Roundups are one of the best way to build relationship with other bloggers.
    I’ve done roundups post several times on my blog and it’s work awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post mate.

    1. Thanks Dev for your input here Round ups are a really good way of spreading love with our bloggers and readers highlighting other authors article is a way of showing appreciation to their hard work

  10. Oh! I missed this post Gary. I believe that round-ups are a great way to spread the love to fellow bloggers and a good way to make a blogging friend (we need friends…don’t we?). That’s why I had started the TnB Weekend Revisits and I will continue to do that. I also like the one you do.

    1. Thanks Sourav i really appreciate your support and your TnB weekend visits are a great way of sharing the love with your fellow bloggers.

  11. Honestly for me.. this is one of the way to share love between blogger. As we all know that The fuction commentluv plugin is really want to atract blogger came again to our website again and again. Because we produce something that they want which is the valuable links. And that is great.

  12. Hi, I was intrigued of your blog title. I thought you’re getting rid of Commentluv Anyway I do appreciate your ides of sharing love without Commentluv. I see it as another way of sharing love aside from using Commentlove. This is indeed an ideas that every bloggers must take into consideration.

  13. CommentLuv, ahh, the phenomena that is taking blogging by storm. I can’t say that I agree with everything you mentioned, but I can say that you’re doing your best to address the issue.

    There are many reasons to blog. Not all bloggers blog with the same motivation and it makes for a convoluted mess when “building relationships” on the web. For example, I don’t blog for the same reason you do – as is obvious by my keywordLuv.

    I wish all bloggers were as well-intentioned as you.

  14. For the first time i wrote the monthly traffic and revenue report in my blog last month. This time i should consider roundup as well 🙂

    Thanks for the great tip.

  15. What an excellent idea i will be adding this to my blog and hopefully i will get some well deserved viewers. It is very hard now to get alot of views with everyone using blogs. Hopefully i will stand out from the crowd with this luv app. Thankyou for sharing best of luck witht the blog.

  16. This is good. You can share love on different ways not just having commentLUV. Well, this post explained it thoroughly.

  17. Comment Luv is really great and deliver a juice link that is loved by all search engines.It increase the rank of the site and also very useful to make your site successful in organic searches.

  18. Its good to come across discussions as such. Everything is valuable here and I think we can all from simply reading discussions. Connecting with other bloggers is a good thing as we can appreciate the efforts of others.

  19. Easily, the article is actually topic on HTML I mean( html tools ) related issue. CommentLuv plugin also a best tool for wordpress.

    I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. 🙂
    Thanks guys.

  20. This is great pal and I had never ever seen this kind of post before,its getting me emotional. Great share I must say..Yes we can share the love …

  21. Comment luv is the best plugin which is liked by every search engine. I agree with all you written about plugin

  22. Every blogger has a tool kit of their favorite plug ins and other apps to help them run their blogs and make things easier and more effective. Most plug ins work for the Word Press platform, which is probably the most popular blog platform around.

    Plug ins basically add all sorts of functionality and power to your blogs and posts. There are plug ins to do just about anything you can imagine. For example, there are plug ins designed to add the proper keyword tags to each post your make, others which will help to optimize the title structure of each post, and all kinds of others.

    All bloggers should consider using at least some plug ins. They are great ways to help make your site more effective and easier to work with. Really, having a blog is all about building relationships with other people and using tools to help make the daily management easier will certainly allow you to focus more on this primary objective.

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